New Pilates Wall Class

My avid readers know that I am a big pilates fan. Therefore I was eager to try the new PILATES WALL class at Studio PILATESwiss by Karolina Schmid in Zurich.

I have been training with Karolina for many years. Her studio is the oldest personal training pilates and yoga studio in Zurich. There are 20 people working with her to make it the success it is today and she is supported by an international advisory board of medical and specific experts. I even do my physiotherapy there and love the touch of Simone’s magic hands after an intense training session.

Karolina’s brand PILATESwiss of pilates and yoga is based on the visceral approach, created by her. Furthermore she teaches teachers to teach. Her intense PILATESwiss teacher training programs are completely bilingual in language course notes and exams. Personally speaking, I enjoy training with teachers as the classes are much more intense as you can imagine.

«Studio PILATESwiss is where your pilates teachers come to do PILATES

Being Canadian, service and access to your trainer, is Karolina’s unique selling point. In her 15 year of business her studio has never closed for a single day. You can train 365 day at any time of day or night, and she accompanies you to your holiday home, on your business trip, or on your family vacation.

Although Karolina does personal training only, she has developed a new so-called luxury light service in the way of wall classes, a novel blend of pilates, yoga and function fitness. The reason why I am also showing you this is that it is a perfect way to get into the pilates training, in terms of cost and convenience of bookings.

Key points:
Booking online only here.
Single entry CHF 42 / Pass of 10 classes CHF 400

In small groups of maximum 8 people, you climb the PILATES WALL in a 60 min session. An absolute sensation of price to service.

The PILATES WALL classes offer:
– PILATES REFORMER work on wheel carriages
– PILATES CADILLAC work in the way of wall springs
– You work with special apparatus like gynmastic rings, weight balls and the ballet barre.
– You climb the wall on yoga inversion straps and add asanas to flowing funcitonal sequences.
– You do inversions, central to the visceral approach to core muscle recruitment.

I usually train in a quartet session with three other participants on the reformer or cadillac. Therefore I asked Karolina, what is different from those quartets to the wall classes offered at PILATESwiss Studio?

«Aside from privates and duettes the beloved quartetts remain popular because a client enjoys the «right of way» onto to their reserved machine and time slot each week with their friends and never have to cue up on a waiting list. Business people or busy mums find this fabulous. In addition clients can use their quartett pass on any other quartett in our schedule as well space permitting on the classical studio machines topics like chair, cadillac, swing silks, or reformers.»

I think that the wall classes are a great way to get access to Karolina’s gorgeous top quality studio for a fraction of the cost of her personal training services.

If you are interested, check out her website PILATESwiss or give her a call under +41 78 891 03 17. The studio is located at Seefeldstrasse 225 in Zurich .

See you hopefully there. Summer is here and it is time to get back in shape…
My clothes in the photos are all by CASALL.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht

Don’t Turn into a Pudding this Festive Season

Stay slim at Christmas: here is an idea to stop you turning into a pudding this festive season.
X-mas may traditionally be seen as a time for overindulgence but my simple advice can help you prevent gaining pounds. Exercise is the single best way to keep your weight stable over this tempting period and here is what I like to suggest. Get a great new look for training, one that makes you feel good and that you like to look at in the mirror. Further down you can find two options that I got from CASALL. You will see that it can motivate you a lot and this easy little trick might help you to start the New Year in great shape without missing out on the cookie treats.

With Karolina Schmid in her studio where we shot these photos.

I love to do yoga and pilates. After years of ballet, I love these workouts to lengthen and strengthen the body. If you are living in the Zurich area, I recommend KAROLINA SCHMID‘s studio that offers high end pilates and yoga classes in private lessons or trainings in small groups.
Pilates Karolina Schmid – Seefeldstrasse 225, 8008 Zurich / Switzerland – Phone: +41 78 891 03 17

Get the look of training session 1: Mint green sports bra, side slit pants, and berry glam strap tank, all by CASALL.

Get the look of training session 2: Black spiral long sleeve top and matching tights, both by CASALL.

Working out and fashion belong together, don’t you think?! So no excuses, put on the right workout gear, feel great and enjoy this beautiful Christmas season!

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht

Strengthen Your Body with Pilates and Yoga

I get often asked how I am staying fit. And the answer is I love doing sports. After years of ballet, I am more in the mind-body wellness and adore pilates and yoga. Both workouts lengthen and strengthen the body. They both focus on breath, alignment, balance, strength, flexibility and are done barefoot. Some moves and poses even overlap.

Strengthening your core in pilates class will give you better balance in yoga; increasing your flexibility in yoga class will enable you to move deeper in pilates. Both sports are highly effective as they use your whole body and different muscle groups.

Yoga Wheel Training with Karolina Schmid

In Zurich I train with Karolina Schmid who runs a studio for high end pilates and yoga personal training, with private lessons or trainings in small groups. Her team of 10 people consists of physical therapists, midwives and personal trainers all working with the PILATESwiss® method for viszeral core that Karolina has developed herself. The Canadian born also offers teacher training so that PILATESwiss® is now globally represented. For more information, please visit the website.

Pilates Karolina Schmid – Seefeldstrasse 225, 8008 Zurich / Switzerland – Phone: +41 78 891 03 17

In all of the photos we took at Karolina’s studio, I wear CASALL clothes, a brand I truly like for their quality and design. For more than 30 years, the Swedish label has created high end training wear and equipment using for example innovative and sustainable bio polyamide fabrics. To find out more, you can visit the website HERE.

Working out and fashion belong together, don’t you think?! I like to look and feel great during my whole training session because IT MATTERS!

So excuses don’t burn calories, put on the right workout gear and see what happens…
and by the way I am not getting paid for this post – I show it because I am loving it!

LoL, Sandra




Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht
A huge thank you to my daughter for taking them!

Missoni x Mytheresa Activewear


Now available! The beautiful exclusive Missoni x Mytheresa capsule collection. Angela Missoni‘s classic signatures are freshened up just a touch, resulting in six styles, including tops, trousers and an amazing overall, that will give you an immediate confidence boost whether you’re out in the city or heading to the gym.

I am completely in love with those performance-boosting pieces! Working out in style has never been easier! Definitely something that keeps me motivated…

As part of the exclusive Missoni x Mytheresa activewear capsule collection, Jennifer Missoni offers us a complete yoga tutorial wearing the active-chic look. Namaste.


LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Mytheresa

My Look: Sporting Alexander Wang x H&M

Sandra Bauknecht at Yoga in Alexander Wang x H&M

At the Alexander Wang x H&M launch event last week in NYC, there was a huge pop-up store where we could buy the collection first hand before it will hit the stores worldwide on November 6, 2014. The photos of the night will be coming up shortly.

Alexander Wang‘s inspiration was sportswear that “could be translated to things you can use in other events or situations. That idea of sports at night came into my head.” This was the outfit I got myself at the pop-up store and I was curious to try its functionality right after I landed at my private yoga class. The pieces have absolutely convinced me, the breathable fabrics have great quality and deliver what they promise. I recommend getting your shopping list ready before hand as those items will be flying off the shelves.

My look: Breathable top and pants, beanie with logo, water bottle, towel and key chain with mini boxing gloves, all by Alexander Wang x H&M.

Sandra bauknecht in Alexander Wang x H&m at yoga

Sandra Bauknecht in Wang x Hm 20

Sandra Bauknecht in Wang x HM -yoga

Wang x H&M Water Bottle

Sandra bauknecht doing splits in wang x H&M

Details of Wang & H&M Outfit 1

Sandra Bauknecht in Wang x H&M 100

Sandra Bauknecht Warrior Pose

Sandra Bauknecht in Alexander Wang x HM - 20

Vasili Vlachos-Sandra bauknecht

If you are looking for a great yoga class in Zurich, try the Iyengar Yoga Center. Maya & Vasili Vlachos (pictured here with me) are the best ones in town. I have been training with them for many years.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht

A Great Workout for Mother and Daughter

Sandra Bauknecht - Pilates _ Shoot- Schweizer Illustrierte - Sandrascloset

Recently I was featured in Schweizer Illustrierte (N°44-2013) doing pilates with my little girl. Being a working mum, I love to incorporate my workout into the my daughter’s schedule from time to time. Karolina Schmid, who has been my pilates teacher in Zurich for many years, offers an amazing training concept, so-called Mom and Me Personal Training (of course Dads are welcome, too).

Sandra Bauknecht Pilates 3

You work in a group of four parents and four children. Instead of  bringing your kid to class and desperately killing time waiting for the it to finish, you enjoy some bonding moments with your little one while getting the perfect physically demanding workout. In Karolina’s very private and luxurious environment, I like to schedule my session with a top specially qualified trainer together with three other be-friended mums and their girls.

Pilates 1

The class is a mixure of yoga and pilates that takes both parent and child onto the mat and into the air. It combines athletic -acrobatics, pilates flying and uses each other’s weight to get a core and postural workout. Because it includes partner shiatsu and trust excercises it nurtures the bond between parent and child.

Pilates 2

Age groups are either 5-8 years or 9-13 years. It costs CHF 60.00 per parent and child team with a maximum of 4  teams per personal training session. Sessions are 60 min.

Pilates 6

Great news for my Swiss readers: This upcoming Saturday, November 8, 2013, there is an Open Day at Studio Karolina Schmid. The class starts at 5pm.

Pilates 7

If you like to become a teacher for this type of training, you will find more information under

Pilates 9

The clothes that I am wearing on the photos are all by Casall. The jewelry by Piaget.

Pilates 5b

Studio Karolina Schmid . Pilates & Yoga 
PMA certified Pilates Teacher
Seefeldstrasse 225 . 8008 Zürich . T +41 44 380 79 59 . M +41 78 891 03 17

Strike a pose!

LoL, Sandra

Sandra Bauknecht Pilates

Photos: Courtesy of Schweizer Illustrierte and © Sandra Bauknecht

New Year, New You


New Year, New You! Have you lived up to your new year’s resolution? I am sure that most of you have, after four weeks have passed, already forgotten about their good intentions. But time flies and summer is approaching fast. So better start now getting in shape.

How to get started:

1. Get a stylish outfit to exercise that makes you feel good so that you want to work out.

Two-tone cotton-jersey hooded topmesh-trimmed animal-print stretch tankiconrun mesh-trimmed animal-print stretch leggingsembossed yoga mat, all by Adidas by Stella McCartney and leather wedge sneakers by Pierre Hardy.


2. Find a sport or a studio that suits your personal needs best.

I try to work out at least 4-5 times a week when I am at home. When I am travelling, I exercise less in general. My favourite places in Zurich:
BALLET: Jeannette Steiner Ballettschule Küsnacht
PILATES: Karolina Schmid Pilates Personal Training
YOGA: Vasili Vlachos Iyengar Yoga Center


3. For toned thighs and skin, it is best to complement your workout with the right body care: Celluli Eraser by Biotherm.

This slimming gel works efficiently on two levels to visibly reduce cellulite from 14 days and deliver long-lasting results with the help of marine-derived active ingredients, red Coralline algae extract and pure caffeine, providing a double-effect against cellulite and fat formation. The formula’s refreshing frozen film texture gives skin a feeling of fresh vitality. Apply daily in circular movements on targeted areas. Available in Switzerland from February 2013 for CHF 58.00.

Purelosophy_drinks4. It goes without saying that a healthy lifestyle is essential to look your best.

Healthy nutrition helps you to maintain the natural balance and energy flow throughout our physical and mental body. Purelosophy drinks are designed to engage your senses, offering different blends of fresh natural fruit and gentle herbal tastes. A welcome change, a great and healthy treat.

Purelosophy is totally natural. The drinks are not carbonated, which is easier on digestion. Refined sweeteners are avoided that could lead to metabolic (“calorie counting”) and gastrointestinal disturbances. The sweetness comes naturally from fruit juices and fruit sugars. Purelosophy drinks are gently pasteurised to preserve taste and freshness for a long time.

Purelosophy is available online for CHF 3.00 (250 ml) and around the world, including famous places such as Confiserie Sprüngli Zürich, Badrutt’s Palace St.Moritz, Le Byblos St. Tropez, Shangri-La Paris, Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire Los Angeles and Mandarin Oriental Singapore, among many others.


5. Cleanse, purify, detox your body from time to time!

Women want to have a perfect body, and therefore maintain constant pursuit of all kinds of light. Detoxification is always a very effective process to eliminate all the negative effects on our body from the environment, such as industrial chemicals, pesticides, additives in our foods, secondary smoke, pollutants, or heavy metals. Nowadays, internal detoxification should be adopted to keep your body systems in pristine condition.

Christina van der Schaar, founder of Holistic Health in Zurich, helps you find simple ways to eliminate toxins from your body with different sorts of detox programs, short-term or long-term, from 24-hour juice fasting for a radiance boost to long-term nutrition counseling. During the program, she comes home to you and delivers you what you need on a daily basis. I have to admit that I have never done such a detox program but I feel that it is time. Holistic Health has convinced me and once I get started, I will journalize my experiences here.

To a New You and Me!

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of the brands

When Dermatology Meets Cosmetic


“The skin and the psyche have an undeniable influence on each other – the psyche affects the skin and vice versa.”

– Prof. Volker Steinkraus

Are you stressed out at the moment? We all know the feeling of running late and being constantly short of time. Daily pressures can easily upset our inner balance. Stress and an irregular lifestyle leave their mark – not just on the face. The way we feel is directly reflected by the skin and, conversely, the skin affects our feelings. If our skin appears lacklustre and stale, we don’t feel well in ourselves.
Meditation, breathing and yoga are all useful tools to help us rediscover our inner balance. To provide adequately for the body, it is important to inhale and exhale consciously. Five minutes in the morning, at noon and in the evening are enough to restore our inner balance. Or you could incorporate a simple yoga exercise such as the “tree” into your daily routine. I practise yoga on a regular base. It truly helps me in stressful times and I can even do it in a hotel room.

Yoga tree pose (see photo above)
Find a place where you can relax and won’t be disturbed.
Starting position: Standing straight, shift your weight onto one leg (standing leg). There should be hardly any weight at all on the other leg (free leg). Breathe in and out deeply ten times. Stretch your arms out to the sides and transfer your weight completely to the standing leg. Lift your free leg and rotate the knee as far as possible towards the outside, placing your foot on the inner thigh. The arms should be stretched upwards and slightly bent, with the palms and fingers of the hands pressed together. Tense the abdomen and hold the position for 15 seconds. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.

To take more care of your inner self, you can also create an individual skin care ritual using the beauty products described below. SBT Skin Biology Therapy is also designed for men.

CleansingOil_300dpi_ RGBCell Culture Face Cleansing | oil

Cell Culture Face Cleansing I oil is a gentle and natural cleanser, based on a combination of the finest oils. The skin is cleansed gently of dirt, makeup and impurities, while natural sebum excretion is reduced. Body and soul are in harmony and the skin regains its fresh radiance.

To cleanse, apply Cell Culture Face Cleansing I oil to dry skin and massage in gently. Then rinse with tepid water, which gives the oil a milky consistency. Finally, dry the face.
Cell Culture Face Cleansing I oil is available in retail outlets.
Recommended retail price: 150 ml EUR 34.00

CleansingToner_300dpi_RGBCell Culture Face Cleansing | toner

Cell Culture Face Cleansing I toner is an alcohol-free toner containing Cell Culture Phase and is ideal for preparing the skin to absorb moisturiser after cleansing. It removes superfluous cleansing products and provides long-term care for the skin, instantly giving it a wonderfully soft and well-hydrated feel.
Tip: Soak two cotton wool pads in Cell Culture Face Cleansing I toner and place on the eyelids for about 1 minute to draw inner strength for the day ahead. The toner is also available in a limited-edition spray bottle (available online only, while stocks last ), perfect for giving your skin a refreshing boost while on the go.
Apply with a cotton wool pad or use as a face splash.
Cell Culture Face Cleansing I toner is available in retail outlets.
Recommended retail price: 200 ml EUR 34.00

FaceCareMask_300dpi_RGBCell Culture Face Care | mask

Cell Culture Face Care I mask is an instantly moisturising, intensively nourishing cream-gel mask which supports and cares for dry skin of any age, soaking it with pure moisture and rich nutrients. The high concentration of Cell Culture Phase, collagen and panthenol provides dry and tired skin with the ideal basis to regain its radiant, smooth appearance.
Tip: Apply a thin layer of mask to the face before your yoga workout and treat yourself and your skin to a feeling of total well-being in just one exercise.
After cleansing or exfoliation, apply generously to face, neck and décolleté, massaging gently into the skin. For maximum relaxation, leave on for 10 minutes, then remove with a warm cloth. Then apply your usual skin care products.
Cell Culture Face Care I mask is available from retail outlets.
Recommended retail price: 75 ml EUR 69.00


For the story behind SBT and its founder Prof.Dr. Volker Steinkraus, I recommend to check out a previous post of mine by clicking here.

Here are some good news for my Zurich based readers: This week, Prof.Dr. Volker Steinkraus will come to Jelmoli on September 28, 2011 from 3-6pm. If you buy some SBT products, you will receive his new book for free. It is also your chance to get it signed and to talk to the distinguished expert about your own skin.

LoL, Sandra



I am a total yogini. I just love every bit of yoga. And while practising, I still like to look and feel good. Nike and Juicy Couture offer a great selection of yoga clothing along with some gorgeous accessories. Juicy Couture has some fun slogan tops that I truly adore and that work all day long.


In case you have not tried yoga yet, be brave and give it a chance. But be careful, it will depend very much on the teacher if you like it or not. So give several studios a chance. Believe me, it is worth it. Yoga can be a great workout and for all sportmaniacs, you can sweat a lot, too.
It will make your muscles nice, tight and long and will give your body a lot of flexibility while integrating the mind and your emotions.

In Los Angeles, I was very lucky to train with Steve Ross, the so-called Yogi to the Stars by Instyle, with his own show “Inhale” on the Oxygen network and retreat leader at Maha Yoga.

Steve with me after a training with no make-up and due to all the sweating with curly hair.

Steve with me after a training with no make-up and due to all the sweating with curly hair.


Conveying his message perfectly, he gave me a signed copy of his fabulous book “Happy Yoga”.

„Here’s the yogi truth: There’s nothing to worry about. You are whole, complete, perfect, beautiful, loving, and blissful, and you know everything there is to know.“ – Steve Ross

With this in mind, you will look fabulous each day!

Logo3In Zurich, I am also very happy to practice yoga on a regular basis with Vasili Vlachos, an amazing teacher of Greek origin that has received his essence of yoga while living and studying several years at the famous Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI) in Pune, India, the home to the living legend Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar (Guruji) himself.
Iyengar yoga uses props, such as wooden gadgets, belts, ropes, to achieve perfection in your asanas more easily. It has become my favourite way to practise.
If you are living in Zurich and are interested, please feel free to contact the Iyengar Yoga Center of  Maya & Vasili Vlachos.


LoL, Sandra