Don’t Turn into a Pudding this Festive Season

Stay slim at Christmas: here is an idea to stop you turning into a pudding this festive season.
X-mas may traditionally be seen as a time for overindulgence but my simple advice can help you prevent gaining pounds. Exercise is the single best way to keep your weight stable over this tempting period and here is what I like to suggest. Get a great new look for training, one that makes you feel good and that you like to look at in the mirror. Further down you can find two options that I got from CASALL. You will see that it can motivate you a lot and this easy little trick might help you to start the New Year in great shape without missing out on the cookie treats.

With Karolina Schmid in her studio where we shot these photos.

I love to do yoga and pilates. After years of ballet, I love these workouts to lengthen and strengthen the body. If you are living in the Zurich area, I recommend KAROLINA SCHMID‘s studio that offers high end pilates and yoga classes in private lessons or trainings in small groups.
Pilates Karolina Schmid – Seefeldstrasse 225, 8008 Zurich / Switzerland – Phone: +41 78 891 03 17

Get the look of training session 1: Mint green sports bra, side slit pants, and berry glam strap tank, all by CASALL.

Get the look of training session 2: Black spiral long sleeve top and matching tights, both by CASALL.

Working out and fashion belong together, don’t you think?! So no excuses, put on the right workout gear, feel great and enjoy this beautiful Christmas season!

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht

Strengthen Your Body with Pilates and Yoga

I get often asked how I am staying fit. And the answer is I love doing sports. After years of ballet, I am more in the mind-body wellness and adore pilates and yoga. Both workouts lengthen and strengthen the body. They both focus on breath, alignment, balance, strength, flexibility and are done barefoot. Some moves and poses even overlap.

Strengthening your core in pilates class will give you better balance in yoga; increasing your flexibility in yoga class will enable you to move deeper in pilates. Both sports are highly effective as they use your whole body and different muscle groups.

Yoga Wheel Training with Karolina Schmid

In Zurich I train with Karolina Schmid who runs a studio for high end pilates and yoga personal training, with private lessons or trainings in small groups. Her team of 10 people consists of physical therapists, midwives and personal trainers all working with the PILATESwiss® method for viszeral core that Karolina has developed herself. The Canadian born also offers teacher training so that PILATESwiss® is now globally represented. For more information, please visit the website.

Pilates Karolina Schmid – Seefeldstrasse 225, 8008 Zurich / Switzerland – Phone: +41 78 891 03 17

In all of the photos we took at Karolina’s studio, I wear CASALL clothes, a brand I truly like for their quality and design. For more than 30 years, the Swedish label has created high end training wear and equipment using for example innovative and sustainable bio polyamide fabrics. To find out more, you can visit the website HERE.

Working out and fashion belong together, don’t you think?! I like to look and feel great during my whole training session because IT MATTERS!

So excuses don’t burn calories, put on the right workout gear and see what happens…
and by the way I am not getting paid for this post – I show it because I am loving it!

LoL, Sandra




Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht
A huge thank you to my daughter for taking them!

A Great Workout for Mother and Daughter

Sandra Bauknecht - Pilates _ Shoot- Schweizer Illustrierte - Sandrascloset

Recently I was featured in Schweizer Illustrierte (N°44-2013) doing pilates with my little girl. Being a working mum, I love to incorporate my workout into the my daughter’s schedule from time to time. Karolina Schmid, who has been my pilates teacher in Zurich for many years, offers an amazing training concept, so-called Mom and Me Personal Training (of course Dads are welcome, too).

Sandra Bauknecht Pilates 3

You work in a group of four parents and four children. Instead of  bringing your kid to class and desperately killing time waiting for the it to finish, you enjoy some bonding moments with your little one while getting the perfect physically demanding workout. In Karolina’s very private and luxurious environment, I like to schedule my session with a top specially qualified trainer together with three other be-friended mums and their girls.

Pilates 1

The class is a mixure of yoga and pilates that takes both parent and child onto the mat and into the air. It combines athletic -acrobatics, pilates flying and uses each other’s weight to get a core and postural workout. Because it includes partner shiatsu and trust excercises it nurtures the bond between parent and child.

Pilates 2

Age groups are either 5-8 years or 9-13 years. It costs CHF 60.00 per parent and child team with a maximum of 4  teams per personal training session. Sessions are 60 min.

Pilates 6

Great news for my Swiss readers: This upcoming Saturday, November 8, 2013, there is an Open Day at Studio Karolina Schmid. The class starts at 5pm.

Pilates 7

If you like to become a teacher for this type of training, you will find more information under

Pilates 9

The clothes that I am wearing on the photos are all by Casall. The jewelry by Piaget.

Pilates 5b

Studio Karolina Schmid . Pilates & Yoga 
PMA certified Pilates Teacher
Seefeldstrasse 225 . 8008 Zürich . T +41 44 380 79 59 . M +41 78 891 03 17

Strike a pose!

LoL, Sandra

Sandra Bauknecht Pilates

Photos: Courtesy of Schweizer Illustrierte and © Sandra Bauknecht

On a Bike Tour in Guangxi Province

Sandra bauknecht_Bike Tour_China

Cycling amongst the countless lotus fields and green peaks of Guangxi province in Southern China, I experienced a beauty so unique it has inspired painters and poets for centuries. Passing the minority villages, I got up close and personal with people in their everyday lives. I even went with my bike on a river raft. This cycle adventure is rural China at its absolute best!

My look: Printed tee by Happiness is a 10$ Tee, sunglasses by Katie Grand ♥ HOGAN and pants by Casall.

LoL, Sandra

Lotus Field Bike Tour

Bike Tour-Chinese woman

Bike Tour Details Raft

Bike Tour-little girl

bike Tour Raft

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht