When Dermatology Meets Cosmetic


“The skin and the psyche have an undeniable influence on each other – the psyche affects the skin and vice versa.”

– Prof. Volker Steinkraus

Are you stressed out at the moment? We all know the feeling of running late and being constantly short of time. Daily pressures can easily upset our inner balance. Stress and an irregular lifestyle leave their mark – not just on the face. The way we feel is directly reflected by the skin and, conversely, the skin affects our feelings. If our skin appears lacklustre and stale, we don’t feel well in ourselves.
Meditation, breathing and yoga are all useful tools to help us rediscover our inner balance. To provide adequately for the body, it is important to inhale and exhale consciously. Five minutes in the morning, at noon and in the evening are enough to restore our inner balance. Or you could incorporate a simple yoga exercise such as the “tree” into your daily routine. I practise yoga on a regular base. It truly helps me in stressful times and I can even do it in a hotel room.

Yoga tree pose (see photo above)
Find a place where you can relax and won’t be disturbed.
Starting position: Standing straight, shift your weight onto one leg (standing leg). There should be hardly any weight at all on the other leg (free leg). Breathe in and out deeply ten times. Stretch your arms out to the sides and transfer your weight completely to the standing leg. Lift your free leg and rotate the knee as far as possible towards the outside, placing your foot on the inner thigh. The arms should be stretched upwards and slightly bent, with the palms and fingers of the hands pressed together. Tense the abdomen and hold the position for 15 seconds. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.

To take more care of your inner self, you can also create an individual skin care ritual using the beauty products described below. SBT Skin Biology Therapy is also designed for men.

CleansingOil_300dpi_ RGBCell Culture Face Cleansing | oil

Cell Culture Face Cleansing I oil is a gentle and natural cleanser, based on a combination of the finest oils. The skin is cleansed gently of dirt, makeup and impurities, while natural sebum excretion is reduced. Body and soul are in harmony and the skin regains its fresh radiance.

To cleanse, apply Cell Culture Face Cleansing I oil to dry skin and massage in gently. Then rinse with tepid water, which gives the oil a milky consistency. Finally, dry the face.
Cell Culture Face Cleansing I oil is available in retail outlets.
Recommended retail price: 150 ml EUR 34.00

CleansingToner_300dpi_RGBCell Culture Face Cleansing | toner

Cell Culture Face Cleansing I toner is an alcohol-free toner containing Cell Culture Phase and is ideal for preparing the skin to absorb moisturiser after cleansing. It removes superfluous cleansing products and provides long-term care for the skin, instantly giving it a wonderfully soft and well-hydrated feel.
Tip: Soak two cotton wool pads in Cell Culture Face Cleansing I toner and place on the eyelids for about 1 minute to draw inner strength for the day ahead. The toner is also available in a limited-edition spray bottle (available online only, while stocks last ), perfect for giving your skin a refreshing boost while on the go.
Apply with a cotton wool pad or use as a face splash.
Cell Culture Face Cleansing I toner is available in retail outlets.
Recommended retail price: 200 ml EUR 34.00

FaceCareMask_300dpi_RGBCell Culture Face Care | mask

Cell Culture Face Care I mask is an instantly moisturising, intensively nourishing cream-gel mask which supports and cares for dry skin of any age, soaking it with pure moisture and rich nutrients. The high concentration of Cell Culture Phase, collagen and panthenol provides dry and tired skin with the ideal basis to regain its radiant, smooth appearance.
Tip: Apply a thin layer of mask to the face before your yoga workout and treat yourself and your skin to a feeling of total well-being in just one exercise.
After cleansing or exfoliation, apply generously to face, neck and décolleté, massaging gently into the skin. For maximum relaxation, leave on for 10 minutes, then remove with a warm cloth. Then apply your usual skin care products.
Cell Culture Face Care I mask is available from retail outlets.
Recommended retail price: 75 ml EUR 69.00


For the story behind SBT and its founder Prof.Dr. Volker Steinkraus, I recommend to check out a previous post of mine by clicking here.

Here are some good news for my Zurich based readers: This week, Prof.Dr. Volker Steinkraus will come to Jelmoli on September 28, 2011 from 3-6pm. If you buy some SBT products, you will receive his new book for free. It is also your chance to get it signed and to talk to the distinguished expert about your own skin.

LoL, Sandra

How to Get a Perfect Uniform Skin Tone


Today a friend of mine asked me for advice how to get rid of her pigmentation disturbances without her budget going overboard. Many women suffer from endocrine disorders when they get older. The skin produces too much melanin in certain areas of the face.

Here is the solution: SBT Cell Culture Pigmentation Solution, a lightening cream for hyper pigmentation or pigmentation disturbances, 30 ml (CHF 100) which 
diminishes the production of melanin caused by exposure to sun and helps to lighten existing pigmentation. A UVB filter protects the skin from the rays that are primarily responsible for pigmentation spots. By supporting skin regeneration, a more uniform skin tone is targeted.
For at least 30 days, apply mornings and evenings after cleansing to affected areas. During this time, avoid direct sunlight! The effect is strengthened after three months of application.


Some more useful tips are:

– Use it before exposure to sun in order to reduce or minimize the pigmentation that usually takes place.

– Always use the product as a preventive measure in summer under sun protection; always use a high sun protection factor.

– Whenever you spend time in the sun, renounce to eating certain fruits and vegetables, such as Saint John’s Wort, citrus fruit, artichokes or celery.

– As a basic principle, do not wear perfume or perfumed care products if you plan to stay in the sun for extended periods of time.


Some interesting facts about SBT and the person behind:

S_c0782799c5Day after day, dermatologist and founder of the Dermatologikum Hamburg, Professor Dr. Volker Steinkraus, is confronted with a variety of questions about beautiful skin. 

His many years of intensive research work with skin cells led him to a spark of inspiration:
If you put isolated cells in pure water, they die. If you put them in a cell nutrient fluid similar to that found in the skin, they survive. Why, then, shouldn’t this vitally important cell nutrient fluid also be used in cosmetics? After all, it is the natural environment – the elixir of life – for cells and provides them with important nutrients around the clock.
SBT Skin Biology Therapy is the result of this logical consideration: the first care that is not based on water, but on a cell nutrient fluid very similar to the skin’s: the Cell Culture Phase.

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LoL, Sandra