The Top 20 Runway Trends for S/S 2021

Certainly, thanks to the ongoing pandemic, S/S 2021 was a season like no other. Therefore I also waited with this report. Most of the presentations were virtual or with not many guests. New York and London opted for predominantly digital showcases, while Milan and Paris held scaled-back showings with strict social distancing measures. I attended CHANEL in Paris for example but it felt very different from before with all the strict social distancing measures and masks.

What are the trends? The common denominator on the runways was a heartfelt 1990s vibe. Furthermore, the new working-from-home routine certainly had an effect on what designers were coming up with. Think barrettes, tracksuits and midriff flossing. Wide-leg trousers offer more comfort and capes deliver that coziness we have been experiencing lately.

In general, there is an urge for vibrant prints and uplifting colors. Stay tuned, I will soon tell you about the F/W 2021 trends, what to keep and what to get.

LoL, Sandra

Everyday pieces, from dresses to sleepwear, have been given a joyful spin by designers who are experimenting with bold, uplifting colors and prints.

S/S 2021 brings a twist to the logomania trend. Designers unveiled new fashion statements with collages, patchworks and neon effects. In any case, this modernity enjoys playing with all manner of styles and colors in fun streetwear looks.

Pantone announced Ultimate Gray and Illuminating in combination as the color of the year 2021. Two independent colors that come together to create an aspirational color pairing, conjoining deeper feelings of thoughtfulness with the optimistic promise of a sunshine filled day.

Candy tops the trends of the season. Sugary candy tones, from cherry to raspberry, bring a dash of rose-tinted energy to summer.

Besides candy hues, orange now also stands out in the trendiest girls’ wardrobes this season.

This summer has a weakness for cape detailing, which is perhaps the ultimate in sartorial fantasy – no one, after all is really requiring a cape, however desirable they might appear.

This year, tie-dye is the print that everyone loves for S/S 2021. It has become the pattern of the pandemic.

This summer, designers looked for monochrome magic, very reminiscent of Coco Chanel’s favorites.

 Skinny jeans and cigarette pant lovers: hear me out. Baggy trousers may not have the streamlining effect of your favoured slim-line silhouettes. But, they’re a bona fide trend for spring, and they’re showing their elegant side this season, taking over as your everyday trouser shape of choice.

With quintessential, luxurious materials and smooth lines, minimalism took on a 1990s look all in white.

Head to toe denim looks are still holding strong. One of my favorite trends.

The tracksuit was also treated to a 1990s vibe. Raw sportswear effects and tech materials teamed up with couture sophistication to play everything down. Who dares win, with track pants about town, day and night.

Envelopping the silhouette in a joyful style, the fishnet style is making a seasonal comeback with a decidedly 1990s aesthetic. It is graphic and minimalist, with raw yet chic flexibility, setting an ultra-contemporary pace.

Brace yourselves for S/S 2021’s most stomach-clenching trend: bralettes are stronger than ever with a ferocity last witnessed in the 1990s.

Midriff flossing can be loosely translating as a series of crisscrossing cords and wraparound details resembling dental floss (hence the name) that can emerge from skirts, from the aforementioned bralette, as well as souping up the middle region of a maxi dress, resistance is futile.

Thanks to the Netflix series «Bridgerton», we welcome the return of the corset. Those body-sculpting pieces will make your silhouette sing, given streetwise attitude. Consider it the very opposite of loungewear – and a chance to blow away the cobwebs of 2020.

Romantic bohemian styles are still all the rage. However, not an ounce of folklore was present, just sheer grace and long transparent dresses with shimmering movements. A true celebration of femininity.

A variation on a decidedly popular theme, fashion contiued to play with shoulders and sleeves. Here, puffy and gathered looks were once again injected with extravagant volumes.

A strong trend since F/W 2020: a silvery glow. The new wardrobe combines fresh energy and old classics resulting in a barrage of sequins, sexy mesh, and crystals ribbing.

The pandemic has been tough on all of us. Designers make us dream and invite us to indulge in a fashion fairytale with these tulle gowns.

Photos: Courtesy of the Brands

The Top 20 Runway Trends for F/W 2020

What are the trends for F/W 2020? The world has changed so much in the last months and we might not find all of the looks suitable for our current situation. I have waited such a long time with this report as I was quite nostalgic about it. Personally speaking, F/W 2020 might have been the last real fashion month as I used to know it. Due to the current pandemic, the S/S 2021 presentations were mostly virtual or with not many guests. I was in Milan and Paris but it felt very different from before.

Read on to see the most influential trends from the F/W 2020 runways and let’s dream of better times. Most of the looks are in stores now.

LoL, Sandra

The leitmotif of the season, strong shoulders are making their big comeback. Triangular shapes now reign supreme, for a truly on-point look.

With a season steeped in romantic influences, frills are enough to make any silhouette pretty.

The tasseled trim was given an elevated touch on the runway this season.

When it comes to equine-inspired fashion, we’re seeing less western, and more lady-like horse girls wearing sophisticated prints and equestrian caps.

Altogether, a vast and varied geometry of hypnotic checks makes a lasting impression and ticks all the boxes of a preppy season profile.

What the tailored shorts suit was for spring, the skirted version is for fall.

Collegiate sweaters, navy blazers, as well as stripes and checks, there’s a newfound appreciation for classic Americana style and the preppiness that comes with it.

Who says certain colors don’t go together? Certainly not the on-trend designers this season. The message is make it pop!

Dressing up like little girls that is what this trend is all about.

The ultra-sexy look, in every form possible, is holding up strong with exposed lingerie that simultaneously advocates luxurious seduction and a desire to reveal the unknown.

Black leather is making an unapologetic comeback. Think of of Keanu Reeves in The Matrix and go for your personal gothic, ’90s revival.

This fall, it is time to unleash your fetish side! Vinyl is the material that will keep you warm and others hot…

More than a trend… a recurrence. What’s new for winter? An all-over, utterly bourgeois allure.

Chic elegance with a folky twist, the bohemian attitude has been truly on the rise since many seasons.

Most fashion houses stopped using real fur, the only exception: shearling which was seen on many fall runways, preferably with a shaggy texture. Also available as fake fur.

Time to start practicing your victory rolls, because the ’40s are back.

Shine bright in silver. Opt for mesh, lamé, crystals or rhinestones.

Contemporary cutouts were revealed as the new way to wear the not-so-barely-there look at night.

Designers usher in a new twist on the bulbous silhouette, that we know from the ’80s.

The universally short-in-front, long-in-back is having a major moment in the form of dresses and gowns.

Photos: Courtesy of the Brands

Prada Talisman

It is possible that the earliest designed object was a talisman – an object believed to hold supernatural powers. Its intricate form would have exuded mystery, indicating the determined work of some atavistic clan. But what makes a pendant a talisman? It is only named such after it has performed its magic: its efficacy proves superiority over common objects; its potency suggests some higher purpose.

Handcrafted from silver, semi-precious stones, and natural materials, PRADA’s first jewelry collection plays on the relationship between primeval artifacts and the relentless progression of so-called civilization. The unisex line is made up of rarified elements, each uniquely coarse in shape, lined with fibers and locked into exquisitely refined silver moldings.

The jewelry is packaged in an elegant, satin-lined Saffiano box that reflects an inspiration of mystical entities found throughout history. The material contrasts give each piece distinct character and emphasize the way in which primitive forms have eternally shaped human consciousness.

A glinting crystal on a silver chain or clasped rope, exotic shells laced together with precious metal, wooden twigs clutched by animal deities; charms are catalysts only once their symbolism is deciphered. It is an object’s desirability—the perfect balance struck between nature and design—that truly gives it sacred energy. Even in mythology, a talisman’s strength is maintained as long as it is coveted.

Whether these elegant compositions of wood, shell, labradorite, amethyst, citrine quartz shingle, rock crystal, and wild animals in sculpted silver will indeed ward off evil, summon good will, or guarantee luck, depends in part on one’s trust in the power of symbols (then again, whether any artifact of style—a handbag, a ring, a label—can exude power depends on that exact same variable). Regardless, the Prada Talisman will reveal its true aura only once it has worked its magic.

I am completely in love. The beautiful collection is only available in the following stores worldwide:
Milano Montenapoleone Donna – Venezia Forte dei MarmiPorto Cervo
Munich ZurichSaint MoritzGeneva
Paris Faubourg – London Old Bond
New York Broadway – Los Angeles Beverly Hills
Saint Barth
Tokyo Aoyama – Hong Kong Alexandra House
Shanghai Plaza 66 – Singapore Paragon

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Prada

The Top 15 Runway Trends for S/S 2016

SS 2016 Most Important Trends

Here they are: the most important trends for the S/S 2016 season. Scroll through my forecast to see which styles will be on everyone’s shopping list next season. Let’s be honest, there is nothing really new, but that is the beauty of our century. Everything is possible!

LoL, Sandra

SS2016 Sweet Girls

Miu Miu – Gucci – Dries Van Noten

SS2016 Sleepwear

Balenciaga – Loewe – Alexander Wang


Dior – Fendi – Céline

SS2016 Off the shoulder

Sonia Rykiel – Proenza Schouler – Edun

SS2016 Romanticism

Alexander McQueen – Saint Laurent – Etro

SS2016 Tribal

Balmain – Prada – Valentino

SS2016 Jungle

Roberto Cavalli – Versace – Bottega Veneta

SS 2016 Tie-Dye

Narciso Rodriguez – Altuzarra – Paco Rabanne

SS 2016 Fine Lines

Salvatore Ferragamo – Stella McCartney – Tommy Hilfiger

SS2016 Stars and Stripes

Lacoste – Marc Jacobs – Max Mara

SS2016 Boyish Overalls

Louis Vuitton – Isabel Marant – Ralph Lauren Collection

SS 2016 Denim

Derek Lam – Chloé – Chanel

SS2016 Disco Sparkle

Lanvin – Vetements – Nina Ricci

SS 2016 Silver

Victoria Beckham – Tom Ford – Courrèges

SS2016 Transparency

Dolce & Gabbana – Emilio Pucci – Burberry Prorsum

Photos: Via

Trend Alert: Two-Tone for Nails and Lips

Two-Tone Lips and Nails

As promised last night when I showed you Chanel‘s limited edition “Les Twin-Sets” collection, here are the upcoming trends for your nails and lips.

Forget one colour, the hottest applications include two tonesKarl Lagerfeld evoked the idea of using two shades on one nail for his Chanel Haute Couture F/W 2012 show “New Vintage”, a combination of the vintage shade “Silver” with the existing one “May”.

2012-13 FW HC_24

Instead of doing a classic French manicure, the whole outline of the nail is painted in a lighter shade with “Silver” and “May” is used to cover both the center and the tip of the nail. “May” is the full nail polish shade, and “Silver” is the outline shade.

2012-13 FW HC_25

Lancôme is taking the same line and plays with the idea of flamboyant contrasts for nails and lips (see photos below):


Love Rose Manicure by Lancôme (shaded tones) Difficulty level ++

An understated and elegant daytime manicure. Begin by applying the lighter “Violette Coquette” shade to the nail’s lateral border. Holding the brush vertically and then flat, draw a “comma shape” which should become broader as you move to the inner side of the nail. Then apply the darker shade, “Midnight Rose”, over the rest of the nail.
Lancôme make-up artist tip: Always begin with the lighter shade.


Love Rose Manicure by Lancôme (contrasting shades) Difficulty level +++

This is the It-manicure, playing on contrasts between two on-trend shades: “Aquamarine” (blue) and “Rouge in Love” (red).
1) Apply a block of red all over the nail (2 coats for sufficient coverage).
2) Next, apply a coat of “Aquamarine” on top so that only a “comma shape” of red remains visible.

Another possibility for symmetry lovers: The stencil technique.
1) Take some ordinary scotch tape and cut out shapes to match the surface of the blue polish.
2) Then stick these “scotch stencils” to the nails of both hands.
3) Apply the red polish over each uncovered nail surface.
4) Complete an entire hand before peeling off the tape.
5) Then apply the blue varnish over the rest of the nail, following the curve of the red “comma shape”.


French Rose Manicure by Lancôme Difficulty level ++++

An evening manicure inspired by the rose, the mythical Lancôme emblem. Apply a drop of the darker “Bleu de Flore” polish to the base of the nail. Paint a neat crescent, paying particular attention to the outer borders, as if “framing” them with a rose petal. The brush should be held at an almost vertical angle. You now need to perfect the inner and outer borders using the branchwood stick wrapped in cotton wool. Next, apply “Rose Boudoir” to the centre of the nail to create a colour contrast, using the flat of the brush. To finish off, apply a top coat to achieve uniform shine. This will also allow you to even out the surface texture.


Colorful Manicure by Lancôme Difficulty level +

The playful manicure to reinterpret to your heart’s content with the Vernis in Love shades. Play with contrasts and shaded tones – for bang on trend nails! Apply alternate shades of pink and red polish as you go from nail to nail.


A gorgeous manicure deserves both time and attention to detail. Leaving your nails to the last minute before slipping into an evening dress is not to be advised!

Prepare your nails before you start applying polish.

1) Use a (supple) nail brush with some warm water and a branchwood stick to remove little skin tags around the nail and impurities as well as push back the cuticles. This will restore an attractive nail surface and shape.
2) Gently smooth nails with a nail file.
3) Apply the colourless protective base to form a screen between the nail’s keratin and the pigments in the polish. This optimises application and wear, whilst boosting shine.
4) If your nails are not symmetrical in shape, you can correct this by painting a regular “U” shape with the polish, leaving the lateral nail borders lacquer-free. Nail polish should never touch the skin. Generally speaking, it is better to apply 2 thin coats to each nail rather than one single thick coat.



“Effect 1” – Sensual & daring Difficulty level ++

A make-up look offering instant and deliriously daring allure. Generally speaking, make-up artists apply a lighter lipstick to the central part of the lower lip. Try creating a surprising effect by using a touch of darker colour (“Violette Coquette” for example) at the centre of your lips: all the better to attract more admiring glances…

1) Begin by applying the lighter shade such as “Midnight Rose” over your lips.
2) Dab “Violette Coquette” onto the central part of the lips with your finger to keep it natural. Or, for a more sophisticated look, use a lip brush to play up the contrast between the middle and the edges (making the lips look more open).
3) Repeat brush application of “Midnight Rose”, using the tip of the brush to define the lips without using a lip pencil. Starting at the corners, apply slightly beyond your natural lip line.

Tip for thin lips: If you want to add some volume, apply the colours the opposite way around (light in the middle and dark outside). For a ripe red fruit effect.

Result: A highly crafted look with intense colour. Shamelessly sexy.


“Effect 2” – Contrast & volume Difficulty level +

Playing with light and dark contrasts allows you to harmonise any difference between upper and lower lip volume. Apply the lighter shade to the lip that you want to make bigger.

1) Use the shade “Sequin d’Amour” on your upper lip.
2) Apply “Rouge Valentine” to your lower lip.
The lighter, more luminous shade on the top lip highlights your Cupid’s bow and lip sensuality, for a highly effect.

Top tip: Follow up with “Rouge Valentine” nail polish.
Coordinate with nude eyes, just a stroke of mascara and a relaxed hairstyle to contrast with the sophisticated lip look.


“Effect 3” – Shaded & bitten-lip look Difficulty level +++

Play with inverted colour shading for a “healthy glow” effect.

1) Start off by applying the “Violine Lamée” shade all over lips.
2) Use “Chocolat Mordoré” to create depth on the central part of the lower lip.
3) Then once again apply “Chocolat Mordoré”, tracing a border along the upper lip line to enhance its definition and accentuate the chocolate brown-deep purple harmony.
Instant healthy glow effect.


A brush is advisable to help you apply lipstick in a precise and even manner. A brush will also help avoid applying lipstick too heavily. Then blot with a handkerchief to remove any excess colour, leaving only the pigments behind (responsible for hold and colour).
To boost your lipstick’s hold, after applying the first coat, dust on a little loose powder before adding a final colour coat on top.

For thin lips: Define your lip contour 1mm out from its natural shape using a lip pencil in a shade as close as possible to your lipstick. Then apply your lipstick slightly beyond the natural outline. Try choosing high-shine or light and iridescent lipsticks, which will make your lips appear larger.
For full lips: Steer away from shine, pearly and/or iridescent effects and overly bold colours. Opt for a shade less vibrant than your natural lip colour and use a lip pencil in an equivalent colour. Use the pencil to define your lip line, tracing the inner border of
their natural shape.

Free your creative spirit and have fun!

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Chanel and Lancôme

Make Dad Smile on Father’s Day

Father's Day

Father’s Day is coming up. Make Dad smile with those fab ideas. Tiffany & Co.knows the importance of giving a great 
gift and it is time to spoil Dad with something he wouldn’t buy for himself. So why not treat him with some silver sparkle?

Make him the coolest guy on the block this year with a great pair of cuff links or give him a compass for your hiking weekend together.

Tiffany & co.

105542_in_lAnd if you are looking for an incredibly easy, priceless and quick gift, pamper your Dad and write up a  little book full of coupons that could include things like „A Day of Golf“, „Breakfast in Bed“ or a „Car Wash“.

Stamped with a playful ‘Daddy Cool’ motif, Symthson’s black leather-bound notebook would be a lovely choice.

so many ideas in one place, finding the perfect 
present has never been easier.

LoL, Sandra