Photo Shoot with Amedeo Turello

Amedeo Turello

AMEDEO TURELLO is one of the most renowed photographers in the world. Since 1999, he has dedicated himself to fashion photography and I have been admiring his work since then. Therefore you can surely imagine how honoured I felt to meet him during the St. Moritz Art Masters 2012. Born and raised in Italy, Amedeo graduated in Architecture from the Politecnico di Torino and in Fine Art from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. His involvement with photography grew from a natural love of the visual arts and from his strong background in sociology, history of art and design.

Through his lens, the charming Italian has revealed the individual personality of a wide range of celebrities, such as Naomi Campbell, Dolce & Gabbana and Roberto Cavalli. Amedeo was one of the first image makers to believe in Dita Von Teese as a fashion icon and it is largely thanks to him and his shooting “The Mistress and her Pupils” that she was launched in the fashion arena. Moreover, he was the author for the now iconic official photograph of HSH Prince Albert II and HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco (one of the most published pictures of the year, seen on Sandra’s Closet in May 2011).
Can you imagine how amazing it felt to be in front of his camera?!

Getting Ready

Amedeo is a true professional. He has a great team working with him who took care of my hair and the outfits. Rosanna Trinchese, Fashion and Creative Director of RENE’OLIVIER PRODUCTIONS had some S/S 2013 looks for me to wear.

The dark long dress in the first photos is by Lila Morency, the jewels are by Azhar.

The second look further down is a combination of Rosanna’s pieces and my own: Fringed top by Avaro Figliojewels by Azhar, and my structured tuxedo jacket by Balmain, stretch-leather leggings iconby Gucci and Tribtoo textured leather pumps iconby Yves Saint Laurent.

Photo Shoot with Amedeo Turello

All these photos of the shoot were just randomly taken. I am so excited to see Amedeo’s final result and of course, I will keep you posted the minute I have received it. In the meantime enjoy those “behind the scene shots”.

Amedeo Turello-Sandra Bauknecht2

Amedeo Turello-Sandra Bauknecht 6

Amedeo Turello-Sandra Bauknecht 7

Amedeo Turello-Sandra Bauknecht 10

Amedeo Turello-Sandra Bauknecht 13

Amedeo Turello-Sandra Bauknecht 25

Amedeo Turello-Sandra Bauknecht 30

Amedeo Turello-Sandra Bauknecht 32

Amedeo Turello-Sandra Bauknecht 33

Amedeo Turello-Sandra Bauknecht 34

Amedeo Turello-Sandra Bauknecht 35

Amedeo Turello-Sandra Bauknecht 37

Amedeo Turello-Sandra Bauknecht 38

Amedeo Turello-Sandra Bauknecht 39

Amedeo Turello-Sandra Bauknecht 42

Amedeo Turello-Sandra Bauknecht 43

Amedeo Turello-Sandra Bauknecht 44

Amedeo Turello-Sandra Bauknecht 50

Amedeo Turello-Sandra Bauknecht 51

Amedeo has a unique way of portraying the individual character. He is very passionate for his work, extremely concentrated and told me exactly what to do which I appreciated a lot. It was so much fun working with him.

There is a beautiful quote on his website which suits him very well: ” …to my father, who taught me to understand, appreciate and see the small, important things in life.”

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht, Photos of the first Collage: © Amedeo Turello

My Visit to the St. Moritz Art Masters 2012

Sandra Bauknecht-Art Masters 2012

Before leaving for Venice to interview Blake Lively, I spent two days in the mountains for the fifth edition of the St. Moritz Art Masters. So-called SAM has become an integral part of the annual art calendar, attracting many contemporary artists from all over the globe.

Pirelli Making of Steve McCurrySteve McCurry
The Pirelli Calendar 2013
Original making of image printed on Canvas

I was invited to the “Tribute to Photographers” event where I met some of the most distinctive photographers of the world, such as Albert Watson, Amedeo Turello, Steve McCurry, Matteo Basilé and many more. Each artist gave an introductory speech in the afternoon at the Posthaus before being honoured themselves during the “Tribute to Photography” evening at the Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains. This was very exciting for me because I had the honour to present Yossi Loloi with the award. More about the night to be posted soon.

Albert watson-Steve McCurryAt the Posthaus: Albert Watson and Steve McCurry

The next day, the two-day photo workshop “The Expression of Identity” started in which renowned photographers such as Jock Sturges, Steve McCurry and Amedeo Turello gave their insights on portraiture, figurative and fashion photography. It was such an amazing experience and I will be showing you so many photos during the next days.

Art Masters Workshop-Sandra Bauknecht

The most exciting part: Famous photographers, Steve McCurry and Amedeo Turello, did each a photo shoot with me which felt like a dream. Experiencing their individuality and visual expression of identity and style was photography in its most exquisite form of art.

Monty Shadow-Sandra Bauknecht

Monty Shadow, founder of the St. Moritz Art Masters, is a true visionary. We had tea at Badrutt’s Palace hotel together and I was deeply impressed when he showed me some of his work. He used to be a very successful photographer himself, shot a lot for the Playboy magazine and Anna Wintour started her career as his assistant.

Sandra Bauknecht-Art Masters 2

As Leica being one of the main sponsors, there was a photo booth inside the lobby of the Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains where you could have your photo taken.

My look: Structured tuxedo jacket by Balmainwool and silk-blend sweater iconand printed modal and silk-blend scarf, both by Stella McCartneystretch-leather leggings iconby Gucci and Tribtoo textured leather pumps iconby Yves Saint Laurent.

LoL, Sandra

Art Masters-Sandra Bauknecht-Leica

Art Masters -Sandra Bauknecht 3Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht, © Steve McCurry

Charlene Loves Two Alberts

Engagement Charlene

Charlene Wittstock, the future bride of Prince Albert, is known for her simple and classy elegance. The tall blonde has actually been a huge fan of Giorgio Armani’s work and she is said to tie the knot this July in a gown by Armani Privé.

Albert Kriemler, © Keystone

Albert Kriemler, © Keystone

But recently she has been seen more and more in Albert Kriemler’s designs for Akris that she even wore for her engagement (see photo above) and during the festivities for the British Royal wedding. As for me, the Swiss brand seems to be the perfect match for the future princess.

Charlene once said that she likes Akris so much because of its modern approach to fashion. I would sign that sentence. Albert Kriemler has a huge talent to dress women very classy witout ever looking old or too conservative.

I am truly wondering who will be designing Charlene’s bridal dress and I am actually pretty convinced that Albert Kriemler has settled the race. After having further enquiried, the house of Akris gave me the following statement: „The good relations between Charlene Wittstock and us have further strengthened.“ That sounds pretty promising, doesn’t it?

Please enjoy the photos of Charlene wearing Akris below:


Charlene Wittstock and Prince Albert de Monaco  during their Ireland visit – © Wire Images


Charlene during the day in a casual elegant outfit © Abaca Press


Charlene  & Prince Albert de Monaco during their Ireland visit – © Getty Images


Charlene Wittstock in a double-faced coat and dress by Akris, also in grey, and carrying the house’s Allegra ostrich clutch, British Royal Wedding April 29 2011


Charlene Wittstock in a dove-gray Akris dress in silk dupioni, British Royal Wedding Pre- Dinner April 28 2011
This gives me pretty much of an idea how she would look like in an Akris bridal gown, just amazing!

LoL, Sandra

Engagement Photo: © Amadeo Turello – Courtesy of Akris