tiff ringBesides their iconic little turquoise blue boxes, Tiffany & Co. have given us another reason to love them with the launch of a new microsite and mobile app called “What Makes Love True“, a triumphant social media splash!



It’s all about love and it plays to the hopeless romantic in all of us. This is one site you’ll want to book in a lot of time for browsing. There are heartwarming stories of true love from real-life couples, tales of happy-ever-after engagements, tips on maintaining a healthy but thrilling relationship, playlists for romantic moments and Tiffany’s most exotic picks for special locations in NYC (MET Roof Garden is a must). And if you aren’t already totally loved up with the site after all those features there’s also a a short film by Edward Burns all about love and couples in New York.

As for me, Tiffany’s site about love is love at first site!

LoL, Sandra