Style Portrait in Bolero Magazine


I am so excited. The new Bolero magazine is available now (unfortunately only for my Swiss readers) featuring a style portrait of me. Fashion director Sara Allerstorfer and photographer Gian Marco Castelberg were so lovely to work with. Below you can see some behind-the-scene shots taken by my daughter. You might recognize some pieces from previous posts! Have fun!


Outfit: Caramolengo Dress by Mary Katrantzou, oversized clutch bag by Miu Miu, ring by Chanel and cuff by Stella McCartney.



Outfit: Lace-insert dress by Antonio Berardi, patchwork coat and bag by Louis Vuitton, floppy hat by H&M.


A close-up of my personalised “Sac Louis” by Louis Vuitton.


Sara, Gian Marco and me in an overall by Stella McCartney checking the photos.


My beloved Chanel collection including very special pieces.


Outfit: Dress by Gucci, shoes by Yves Saint Laurent, clutch by Matthew Williamson, earrings by Chanel, ring by Dior Haute Joaillerie and watch by Roger Dubuis.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: A.Bauknecht, © Sandra Bauknecht

My Holy Grail of Fashion


It is Christmas time and the holy grail of fashion has finally arrived in my closet, my very own Louis Vuitton bag, especially made for me.
It comes in one of the most supple leathers I have ever touched.
Another cool thing is the interior leather patch that has my name stamped on it.

It looks very Marc Jacobs actually, a typical satchel with an exterior pocket.
There are zippered leather covers for the bag handels that can be unattached. The sides can be uncinched providing more space. My favourite part is that it has its own leather stuffing pillow.

It still seems too special for daily use. I think that I will just stare at this little treasure for a while and give it a holy display in my closet…. Love you, Marc!

LoL, Sandra