Plenty of Sparkle

Swarovski_2013_Campaign_Nick_Knight“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” could be easily changed to “Swarovskis are a girl’s best friend”. Those crystals sparkle, glitter and reflect the light just beautifully. This can be seen in perfection in the Austrian house’s new advertising campaign, created by Ronnie Cooke Newhouse, and photographed by award-winning British photographer Nick Knight.


It features Supermodel Candice Swanepoel in a variety of poses as an action woman – sleek, confident and accessorized with dazzling sporting gear made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS including a motorcycle helmet, dumb bells and skiing goggles. The radiance of Swanepoel’s beauty and her exquisitely crafted fantasy props is juxtaposed with Knight‘s stunning still lifes of lush freshly-cut garden roses, sprinkled with dewdrops of crystal stones.



Check out these cut behind the scenes shots of Swarovski’s global media campaign, that can be seen exclusively here on Sandra’s Closet. I am dying for this helmet.

Behind the Scenes_Swarovski 2013 Ad Campaign_courtesy of Swarovski_1

Behind the Scenes_Swarovski 2013 Ad Campaign_courtesy of Swarovski_2

Behind the Scenes_Swarovski 2013 Ad Campaign_courtesy of Swarovski_3

If you want to get your hands on some Swarovski sparkle, check out the newest summer collection TROPICAL PARADISE that will take you on an exotic journey.
Destination? Latin America!

Tropical_Paradise-Swarovski_Summer2013Creative Director Nathalie Colin explained, “I was strongly influenced by my travels in Brazil and Mexico, where I discovered intense creative energy and joie de vivre.” Signature Swarovski techniques such as Pointiage®, faceting, and the pavé setting, are evident throughout the collection along with an array of vibrant colors that conveys the festive spirit of Tropical Paradise. Turquoise tones symbolize the clear waters of the seas of Acapulco, beetles appear beside dragonflies and pink flamingos, all inspired by the diversity and exuberance of South America.

Texture_Big_Shape_NecklaceMy favourite piece: Texture Big Shape Necklace
Wouldn’t that be just the perfect statement necklace? It could be worn in a casual way over a grey sweatshirt or would be complementing an evening gown perfectly.

Swarovski_ShowroomDuring Paris Fashion week, I was able to browse through this beautiful collection at the stunning showroom, located at an inner courtyard on the famous Rue Sant Honoré. Enjoy those extraordinary pieces!

LoL, Sandra




Swarovski_Tropical_Paradise-1Photos: Courtesy of Swarovski and © Sandra Bauknecht
Campaign Photos: Swarovski 2013 Ad Campaign ©Nick Knight

Daphne Guinness for Roger Dubuis

Daphne Guinness for roger dubuis

Fashion icon Daphne Guinness has now joined the exclusive circle of friends of Roger Dubuis. To mark this new collaboration, the internationally renowned photographer Nick Knight captured the Anglo-Irish aristocrat wearing the Velvet models that were launched this year at the SIHH 2012 in January.


In this exceptional photo shoot produced, the watches are highlighted perfectly on her wrist as she wears wonderful creations from her personal vintage wardrobe. I am really keen to give you an exclusive preview of Nick Knight’s series of pictures and the film presenting the making of the photo shooting made with Daphne Guinness.


Daphne Guinness is the friend and muse of the most famous photographers, designers and art directors. It is as if fate decreed that this muse with a creative temperament should meet Roger Dubuis and should personify the watchmaker’s feminine collections that exercise a fascinating and daring appeal… just like her.


“Daphne is a superbly mysterious woman – you can never unravel her secrets. She is an ideal photo subject and I love working with her”, Nick Knight said after the session. “Her amazing creative spirit is a real inspiration”.


Christian, Daphne and meChristian Louboutin with Daphne Guinness to the right and me to the left

I was pretty fascinated by her temperament, when I met her at a gala hosted by Roger Dubuis in Monte Carlo last fall. As you know, I am a big fan of Roger Dubuis and am wearing the Lady Excalibur watch with great pleasure.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Roger Dubuis, © Nick Knight and © Sandra Bauknecht