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Pack EAU SENSUELLEOn September 3rd, a new olfactory chapter in Dior’s Poison saga will be opened: Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle, a floral variation on 1998’s Hypnotic Poison fronted by actress Monica Bellucci.
François Demachy, the nose behind this creation, gave one of my favourite aromatic components vanilla (belonging to the orchid family) the leading part. Those velvety soft petals surrounded by ingredients like jasmine, heliotrope, bitter almond, and caraway offer this new composition a lively frame and a more luminous heart without betraying the original scent. It is still warm, exotic and seductive.

Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle EdT Vapo 50ml CHF 95.-

Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle EdT Vapo 100ml CHF 132.-

Also new: Hypnotic Poison Déodorant parfumé CHF 56.-

The new Eau Sensuelle will work perfectly during the warmer season, Elixir for winter and the classic one in between.

As I am a perfume-junky, I am so happy about my new addition to my favourite poison.

As I am a perfume-junky, I am so happy about my new addition to my favourite poison collection.

The bottle has been revisited in a more translucent way but still deep red. I have found the making of them so beautiful that I want to share the photos with you.

LoL, Sandra

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An Exclusive Club of Beauties

Dior Frgrances

NATALIE PORTMANThis week, award-winning actress Natalie Portman was annonced as new face of Christian Dior Parfums. Although no specific mention of any particular perfume has been made yet. It is her first time to collaborate with a cosmetics brand.

She will join the very exclusive club of beautiful celebrities who have starred in the house`s different ad campaigns including Charlize Theron (J`Adore), Monica Bellucci (Hypnotic Poison), Eva Green (Midnight Poison), Elvis Presley`s granddaughter Riley Keough (Miss Dior Chérie), Sharon Stone (Capture Totale) and Sophie Marceau (Capture Total One Essential). I am a big fan of the radiant and fresh beauty who is a Harvard graduate with a degree in psychology! Natalie is a true icon of elegance and modernity along with Dior`s other faces.


I put some gorgeous outfits together for you. Find out which of those women symbolizes your style the most. Enjoy!

LoL, Sandra

Dior Miss Chérie

Hypnotic Poison

The Enchantress

The Goddess