My Look: Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace - Sandra Bauknecht

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound… how sweet the sweater. I love this bright blue piece from the special collaboration, PRINCESS GRACE, MORE THAN AN IMAGE, between Pringle of Scotland and Central Saint Martins. It is so perfect in combination with my new bag.

My look: Black double-breasted wool coat with gold bars by Givenchy, Grace sweater by Pringle of Scotland, stretch-leather leggings iconby Gucci, bleached denim scarf by Louis Vuitton, floral sunglasses by Dolce & Gabbana, Choupette wool hat by Karl Lagerfeld, fringed boots by Isabel Marant for H&M, Falda bag with grey calf hair by Rodtnes and ring by Piaget.

LoL, Sandra

Sandra Bauknecht - Grace 1

Rodtnes Bag New

Sandra Bauknecht in Pringle of Scotland

Sandra Bauknecht - Rodtnes Bag 2


Isabel Marant for H&M Boots

Sandra Bauknecht -Rodtnes Bag 3

Sandra Bauknecht Grace Sweater 4

Rodtnes Bag new 2

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht

Interview & Preview: Isabel Marant for H&M

Isabel Marant for H&M Cover Post

Last Thursday, I had the chance to preview the amazing collaboration between Isabel Marant and H&M in Paris and to interview the French designer before the launch party in the evening.


Creating wearable looks with attitude is her straightforward design credo, all with a Parisian allure. Picking up the most beloved and iconic pieces from her career, Marant has put together an eclectic wardrobe of must-have urban staples, a gorgeous mix of boho elegance and rock ‘n’ roll nonchalance.


Isabel Marant for H&M Look 1

Isabel Marant Showroom 1

Loose blouses, textured knits, tie-dye prints and skinny leather pants, the collection offers everything a contemporary woman needs.

Isabel Marant for H&M Look 2

Isabel Marant H&M Jacket Kopie

Isabel Marant for H&M 3

Isabel Marant H&M Boots Fringes Women

Accessories are boho accents. Footwear includes cone-heeled soft boots and a pair of Parisian high-heel pumps.

Sandra Bauknecht in Isabel Marant H&M Showroom

Isabel Marant for H&M Kids 1

The same goes for her awesome teen wardrobe which is a playful edit of its grown-up counterpart. Marant sees no real distinction between these two collections – it’s mostly a matter of sizes. I went crazy to shop for my daughter and you might spot us as twins on the street.


Kids Isabel Marant H&M

Isabel Marant H&M Kids Shoes

Isabel Marant for H&M Men

Isabel Marant has also imagined, for the very first time, a compact wardrobe for men, which is interspersed with the same careless vibe of womenswear. I love the motorbike leather trousers worn together with chunky knitwear.


Enjoy the little interview I did with Isabel Marant, who was by the way extremely charming and fun:

Sandra Bauknecht - Isabel Marant

Has it been a big challenge for you to design a low cost collection?
First of all, I wouldn’t call it a low cost collection. I was very honoured when H&M contacted me to do this project. If you look at previous collaborations H&M has done, the aim is not to do cheap garments but to create great ones. I am very impressed by the level and the quality that we have achieved for our collaboration. I was surprised that I had no limit and was able to design the clothes the way I wanted them. If you take for example the embroidered sweater, this was a big challenge to produce it in a mass market way but we made it happen.

Which one is your must-have piece of this collection?
They are all must-haves. It depends on your style.

Isabel Marant H&m Cover 1

Isabel Marant in three words?
Easy – Attitude – Cozy.

What is for you the notion of style?
For me, style is having a great attitude and to have attitude you have to be self-confident. And to be self-confident, you have to know who you are and believe in yourself.

Why do people want more effortless styling?
I think with everything what is happening today in our world, the way we are consuming, ecological matters, time has changed. When I started in the ’90s, we were into a fashion that was very bling, with logos everywhere. At this time, I was already successful commercially, but I was not on the high line. I was over this oversexy way of dressing. There were women that wanted to be stylish and be sexy without exaggerating. Now, we are reaching a certain time where people are more educated towards fashion, they are not impressed anymore by super-flashy garments.

Will you see more collaborations of you in the future?
No, I won’t do other collaborations. There is no other brand, where I can do a collection like I did with H&M. Probably, I will do a certain product, but I don’t want to multiply. I see this collaboration with H&M as a gift.

Thank you, Isabel!

The collection will hit the shelves worldwide on November 14, 2013. Stay tuned for an upcoming outfit post to find out which pieces I got for myself in Paris.

LoL, Sandra

Isabel Marant for H&M Showroom 3

Photos: Courtesy of H&M and © Sandra Bauknecht

Isabel Marant x H&M Launch Party in Paris

Cover Isabel Marant for H&M Launch Party in Paris - Sandra Bauknecht

Yesterday I flew to Paris to attend the launch event of the amazing collaboration between the Queen of Cool Isabel Marant and H&M.

January Jones-IsabelMarant-Freida PintoJanuary Jones, Isabel Marant and Freida Pinto

In the evening, the major Paris fashion party took place and I couldn’t have been more excited to join in the fun. Celebritites such as Audrey Tautou, January Jones, Freida Pinto, Alek Wek and Olga Kurylenko entered the red carpet and partied in a lively urban atmosphere catching Marant’s bohemian energy until late.

Ambiance Isabel Marant H&m 3

Ambiance Isabel Marant H&M 2

The ambiance was outstanding, being transported into a street slice of Paris, in the early 90s, the time when Isabel debuted her eponymous line: bars, night clubs, brasseries, neon signs, pizza shops, souvenir shops, epiceries, street vendors and people casually enjoying a stroll in the outdoors.

Roller H&M Isabel Marant

There was even a roller skating rink.

Isabel Marant HM party 18

“I design for everybody and am constantly inspired by the world I see around me, so it felt natural to have an urban setting as the backdrop of the event. And it had to be Paris, because the city is part of my DNA,” says Isabel Marant here with Olga Kurylenko.

Show Isabel Marant & H&M

Show Isabel Marant & H&m 6

Show Isabel Marant H&M 4

The collection was presented in a cinematic setting that mixed images, films and models. The minute the DJ played the sounds of La Boum I went straight to heaven, or let me say travelled back in time… “Dreams are my reality. The only kind of real fantasy…”

Ambiance 6 Isabel Marant & H&M

The live music performance by Grandmaster Melle Mel and Rappers Delight, originally of Sugarhill Gang, lifted the atmosphere of this bohemian style party even more.

Sandra Bauknecht- Freida PintoGorgeous Freida Pinto with me

For actress Freida Pinto was it the second H&M collaboration she attended and for her “it’s important to collaborate with designers who young girls aspire to, but it’s also for girls like me who love shopping at H&M – to make fashion that is not just beautiful and classy but also affordable.”

Isabel Marant & H&M Shop Event

Later at night, the pop-up store opened and we were able to shop the collection before it will officially hit the stores on November 14, 2013. Believe me, it felt like a war scenario…

Sandra Bauknecht attends the Isabel Marant for H&M Launch Party in Paris

During the day, I had already had the chance to explore the collection up close and to interview the charming French designer. A post about which pieces have to be on your shopping list will be coming up shortly.

It was THE party and I had an amazing time! During my ride home, I heard that the contract for the next collaboration had already been signed and that it will be something very special…

LoL, Sandra

Show Isabel Marant & H&M 8

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht

Isabel Marant for H&M

IsabelMarant for H&M

Today, I have some breaking fashion news for you: H&M‘s newest collaboration has been revealed. It is no other than ISABEL MARANT who will bring her French touch to the Swedish brand. With her effortless style, the French designer has created a widely influential and successful take on Paris chic. Mixing urban attitude, boho elegance and rock ‘n’ roll spirit, she delivers a genuine French allure. For H&M, Isabel Marant will create a wardrobe of must-have pieces inspired by her signature style. Available from November 14, 2013, in around 250 stores worldwide and online, the collection features clothing and accessories for women and teenagers. Isabel will also, for the first time, create a collection for men.

Isabel Marant for HM-logo

“I am flattered by this collaboration: H&M works with the best designers and this invitation is an exciting honour. I aim at creating something real, that women want to wear in their everyday lives, with a certain carelessness, which I think is very Parisian: you dress up, but do not pay too much attention and still look sexy. The collection is infused with this kind of easiness and attitude. Everything can be mixed following one’s own instincts: my take on fashion is all about personality” says Isabel Marant.



Born and raised in Paris, she started customising her own clothes while still at high school. A graduate of the famed Studio Berçot, Marant worked her way up the fashion system starting with a jewelry line, then adding knitwear, finally launching her eponymous collection in 1994. Today she runs an internationally successful fashion powerhouse with a string of boutiques worldwide. Her Parisian chic style, a mix of bohemia and masculine tailoring, grows in popularity season after season.

I am truly excited for this collaboration!

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of H&M and Isabel Marant