Isabel Marant for H&M Cover Post

Last Thursday, I had the chance to preview the amazing collaboration between Isabel Marant and H&M in Paris and to interview the French designer before the launch party in the evening.


Creating wearable looks with attitude is her straightforward design credo, all with a Parisian allure. Picking up the most beloved and iconic pieces from her career, Marant has put together an eclectic wardrobe of must-have urban staples, a gorgeous mix of boho elegance and rock ‘n’ roll nonchalance.


Isabel Marant for H&M Look 1

Isabel Marant Showroom 1

Loose blouses, textured knits, tie-dye prints and skinny leather pants, the collection offers everything a contemporary woman needs.

Isabel Marant for H&M Look 2

Isabel Marant H&M Jacket Kopie

Isabel Marant for H&M 3

Isabel Marant H&M Boots Fringes Women

Accessories are boho accents. Footwear includes cone-heeled soft boots and a pair of Parisian high-heel pumps.

Sandra Bauknecht in Isabel Marant H&M Showroom

Isabel Marant for H&M Kids 1

The same goes for her awesome teen wardrobe which is a playful edit of its grown-up counterpart. Marant sees no real distinction between these two collections – it’s mostly a matter of sizes. I went crazy to shop for my daughter and you might spot us as twins on the street.


Kids Isabel Marant H&M

Isabel Marant H&M Kids Shoes

Isabel Marant for H&M Men

Isabel Marant has also imagined, for the very first time, a compact wardrobe for men, which is interspersed with the same careless vibe of womenswear. I love the motorbike leather trousers worn together with chunky knitwear.


Enjoy the little interview I did with Isabel Marant, who was by the way extremely charming and fun:

Sandra Bauknecht - Isabel Marant

Has it been a big challenge for you to design a low cost collection?
First of all, I wouldn’t call it a low cost collection. I was very honoured when H&M contacted me to do this project. If you look at previous collaborations H&M has done, the aim is not to do cheap garments but to create great ones. I am very impressed by the level and the quality that we have achieved for our collaboration. I was surprised that I had no limit and was able to design the clothes the way I wanted them. If you take for example the embroidered sweater, this was a big challenge to produce it in a mass market way but we made it happen.

Which one is your must-have piece of this collection?
They are all must-haves. It depends on your style.

Isabel Marant H&m Cover 1

Isabel Marant in three words?
Easy – Attitude – Cozy.

What is for you the notion of style?
For me, style is having a great attitude and to have attitude you have to be self-confident. And to be self-confident, you have to know who you are and believe in yourself.

Why do people want more effortless styling?
I think with everything what is happening today in our world, the way we are consuming, ecological matters, time has changed. When I started in the ’90s, we were into a fashion that was very bling, with logos everywhere. At this time, I was already successful commercially, but I was not on the high line. I was over this oversexy way of dressing. There were women that wanted to be stylish and be sexy without exaggerating. Now, we are reaching a certain time where people are more educated towards fashion, they are not impressed anymore by super-flashy garments.

Will you see more collaborations of you in the future?
No, I won’t do other collaborations. There is no other brand, where I can do a collection like I did with H&M. Probably, I will do a certain product, but I don’t want to multiply. I see this collaboration with H&M as a gift.

Thank you, Isabel!

The collection will hit the shelves worldwide on November 14, 2013. Stay tuned for an upcoming outfit post to find out which pieces I got for myself in Paris.

LoL, Sandra

Isabel Marant for H&M Showroom 3

Photos: Courtesy of H&M and © Sandra Bauknecht