Grand Slam – Match Point for Vogue

Grand Slam

In honor of the U.S. Open, which begins today, American Vogue has commissioned custom-made tennis balls. Eleven designers and one tennis legend have turned the classic yellow piece into a new and glamorous realm. Which one is your favourite? Do you prefer pearls, rhinestones, spikes, lace, or Maria’s ruby-red pout?

Tennisball Borgo

My favourite? Eddie Borgo‘s cones and spikes might scare off the opponent. Players, proceed at your own risk.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Vogue, © John Manno

12 Days ’til Christmas – Lyst it!


Here is another great contest with Lyst and Neiman Marcus!

Every day from now until December 24th, Neiman Marcus will post a featured product as a collection on the NM Lyst page. Participants are asked to create a collection on their own Lyst user accounts that includes the featured product. From these collections, Neiman Marcus will select one collection that exhibits the most original and on-trend use of the featured product, and the winner will be awarded a $250 Neiman Marcus gift card via email. (The prize will be sent to the email address attached to the user’s Lyst account.) The winners will be announced the following day. There is no limit to the number of collections a user creates, and each user may enter all daily contests. No purchase required.

Please click here to participate!

If you are interested in my entry for today, just click here.

LoL, Sandra


Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces have been seen in abundance on the F/W 2010 runways and believe me those pieces make a great addition to your wardrobe as they can definitely turn on the wow factor. Wear a simple outfit and let your statement necklace do its job. It is supposed to make a statement! Do not be afraid to push fashion boundaries, there are so many different options to choose from. From ethnic inspired to boho chic, from chunky and bright to multi-strand pieces, all of them have serious longevity.

Stephanie Thonet

Stephanie Thonet

To find one that suits you should not be difficult, especially if you have a look at
Stephanie Thonet creates amazing statement necklaces that will put you immediately in the style spotlight. She achieves unusual designs and colour combinations by artfully mixing a large variety of beads and stones as nature provides; such as coral, wood, shells and freshwater pearls with semi-precious stones.
I am totally in love with her works that are still budget-friendly. Which of those stunning statement necklaces that will not diminsh your bank statement will be dangling down your sternum?

Have a look below at my favourites from her collection that also includes earrings, bracelets and elegant objects d`art. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact Stephanie Thonet.

LoL, Sandra


Necklaces between € 215.- - € 325.-

Necklaces between € 215.- and € 325.-


Red and white necklaces between € 75.- and € 165.-, coral necklace € 245.-

Red and white necklaces between € 75.- and € 165.-, coral necklace € 245.-



Moonstone necklace € 235.-

Moonstone necklace € 235.-


Faux-pearls and brooch necklace € 235.-

Faux-pearls necklace with brooch € 235.-


Mother of pearl, shell and flower necklace € 255.-

Mother of pearl, shells and flowers € 255.-


Necklace € 155.-

Necklace € 155.-

Trend F/W 2010: Cuff Me


Remember that I told you last year to get some cuffs and wide bracelets for this summer. If you followed my advice, it was definitely a good investment. The hype is not over yet and those pieces are going to remain absolute must-haves for the next season.


If you still need some or just cannot get enough, have a look at those gorgeous upcoming versions. I also spotted a lot of sleeveless tops and dresses on the runways.
Just perfect because like that your arm embellishments have a enough space to show.
My motto this winter: Cuff me!

LoL, Sandra

Accessory Report S/S 2010: Bracelets

S 2010

What you will definetely need for the summer are bangles or wide cuffs. I love it when those bracelets make that little sound while they dingle-dangle your beautiful sun-tanned arm up and down. This is soooo sexy! The wider versions might not be so loud soundwise, but they are certainly eyecatchers. I am completely in love with those amazing pieces for the next season. And you?

LoL, Sandra