Chanel N°19 Poudré

Chanel N°19

Being the last fragrant masterpiece from Gabrielle Chanel herself, Chanel N°19 entered the world of perfumery in 1970, created by Henry Roberts. The number 19 stands for the birthday of Gabrielle Chanel: August 19th. The year of its launch, she turned 87 and died only a few months later. The green fragrant trail with distinctive hints of iris has remained a bestseller among women all around the world.



CocoOne day, having ordered labels with the name “Coco” on them, she realized that it didn’t work for that fragrance. And so she called it “N°19”. Why N°19? Not long before her death, Coco explained why to her friend and confidante, Carmen Tessier.

“It is the day of my birthday, August 19. I was born under the sign of Leo – the lion. And I am just like the lion: I will bring out my claws to protect myself against being hurt. But believe me, it is har­der for me to lash out at someone than to have someone lash out at me.”

“So what do you think of this fragrance?” she asked, while spraying us with more. “Believe it or not but a man once stopped me in the street because of it. As I was leaving the Ritz, I felt someone touch my shoulder.

I turned around and saw a stranger. Before I could sharply brush off this intruder, he said, with an American accent: ‘Excuse me, I’m with two ladies who would like to know what perfume you are wearing.’

“I told him: ‘Why don’t you all follow me.’ And I took them to the CHANEL boutique, where – once we arrived – they realised who I was (…).”


This summer, a new chapter created by Jacques Pole, begins: Chanel N°19 presents itself as delicate as a cloud of powder combining iris with musky notes to give a surprising fresh aroma:

N°19 POUDRÉ 100ml avec reflet

“I wanted to underline the importance of iris at CHANEL, while giving a new facet to N°19,” revealed Jacques Polge. “The desire to rework the original accord with other, more contemporary, powdery notes, came naturally to me.”

And so it is that the latest generation of the most sophisticated, beautifully soft and light musks has joined the world of N°19. Although clearly less green, N°19 POUDRÉ diffuses an incisive freshness on first contact with a zesty sensation of Grasse neroli and mandarin. Then Iris pallida appears, clinging to the dry swirls of Haitian vetiver root, bringing hints of powder cases and lipstick wax, archetypes of noble femininity. Iris fully expresses itself, enveloped in comforting and vel­vety white musk. A light almond impression from tonka bean gives the musk an even cosier feel. And then there’s that irresistible sensation of a cloud of scent on the skin…

Grasse Neroli
Mandarin Orange

Jasmine Absolute
Iris Pallida

White Musk Notes
Haitian Vetiver
Tonka Bean

Available in Switzerland starting August 19th, 2011.
EAU DE PARFUM Vaporisateur 50ml, CHF 127
EAU DE PARFUM, Vaporisateur 100ml, CHF 183

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Chanel

It’s a Boy!

Boy Bag

This fall, you might hear ladies screaming with delight: „Oh, it’s a boy!“
But they won’t mean their babies, they will admire the season’s It-bag: The Boy Chanel.

Embodying the androgynous charm Coco Chanel was known for, the design is inspired by a hunting cartridge style that was originally carried by the famous lady herself.

“Chanel used men’s underwear to make dresses; she had this boyish attitude, in fact it is the very spirit of Chanel. She got it from Boy Capel, the great love of her life, which, incidentally, explains why the new bag is called the Boy Chanel.”

-Karl Lagerfeld


Available in a palette of red, lead green, grey, black and ivory, these calfskin clutches, purses and totes come in five different styles. The hardware has a unique look in distressed silver or bronze. They range from $2500 to $4300 and hit Chanel stores in September. Get yourselves on the waiting lists for this ground-breaking Chanel collection now!

Is androgyny the new femininity?

LoL, Sandra




Photos: Courtesy of Chanel

Beautiful and Sad – Dior F/W 2011

W 2011 -3

DiorCrewYesterday, despite all the horrible incidents that happened to the famous French fashion house during the last seven days, the Dior F/W 2011 show took place inside the tent situated in the gardens of the Musée Rodin – just without its designer John Galliano who got fired after his anti-Semitic assaults.

But before the models appeared on the catwalk, Dior CEO Sidney Toledano made a speech onstage about the values that Christian Dior has represented for more than six decades. With no word he mentioned John Galliano by name.

In the end of the défilé, the seamstresses and craftsmen who had been working for Galliano over the past 14 years showed up on stage and the audience cheered and clapped.
Isn’t it on one side such a sad ending for such a talented designer as Galliano is and on the other hand so unbelievable that it took an heinous act like that to finally thank the people in the ateliers for their amazing work!

W 2011

I have absolutely loved the collection, the rich colours, lush textures and the bohemian theme. Romantic and edgy, quintessential pillars of the Galliano woman. The buckled knee boots worn with a sweeping cashmere cloak, mmh, just love that! And our Swiss supermodel, Julia Sahner, looked so pretty in the long ruffled chiffon gown, blowing kisses.

W 2011-2

It was completely wrong and despicable what Galliano did but let’s see if he will have a comeback one day. People forget and time changes everything. Did you know that Coco Chanel experienced an exile from the fashion world for nine years after having been denunciated as a Nazi collaboratrice? I detest Galliano for his behaviour but I absolutely love his talent.

LoL, Sandra

Chanel’s Iconic 2.55 and 5 O`Clogs


After my last Tuesday post, I have received so many e-mails from you asking me about my XXL Chanel bag that I wore on one of the photos.

XXL2-55The very large version of Chanel`s iconic 2.55 bag was presented last F/W 2009/10 for the first time in black vernis leather and was spotted immediately on stylist Rachel Zoe. For S/S 2010 the oversized model has appeared once more in grey denim but only a very limited number was produced. I am totally in love with this bag. It gives me a this “Alice in Wonderland” feeling being so big compared to my stature.

The story behind the legendary bag that has always been en vogue is magical. The 2.55 takes its name from the month and year when it was launched by Coco Chanel: February 1955. Her idea was to create a shoulder bag to free up her hands. The traditional hand-held bags were simply no longer practical. Therefore her introduction of the chain strap revolutionized fashion of its time.

In 2005, in celebration of the 2.55`s 50th anniversary,  Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel`s designer since 1983) revived the bag exactly as Coco Chanel had made it and launched the Reissue. As a new member of the traditional Chanel 2.55 family, the updated version has got a turn clasp (Chanel term: Mademoiselle Lock) instead of the classic interlocking CC closure introduced in the `80s (Chanel term: Classic Flap) and a chain strap without the interwoven leather accent. Both variations are available each season in many different ways.

2.55 with Classic Flap

2.55 with Classic Flap


XXL 2.55 with Mademoiselle Lock

XXL 2.55 with Mademoiselle Lock








CIMG5090Interesting to know is that the bag arrives folded into the stores and can be packed like this for travelling which makes it very convenient (see photo to the left). It is said that Karl Lagerfeld found one of Coco`s previous 2.55 models on a shelf, squeezed together between some books. As the shape of the bag was still in perfect condition, he has adopted that idea for his relaunch.





In case those bags are appealing to you, go to the nearest Chanel store and have a look. If you are there, please do not miss out this summer`s It- shoes:
Chanel`s “5 O`clogs” (love that name) are the hottest ones of all.

To me, Coco Chanel deserves the Nobel Prize post mortem. We owe her the LBD (Little Black Dress), stretch materials, pants and the chain strap. By banishing the corsets, she has been the pioneer of modern wearable womenswear. Thanks, Coco!

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht and via missylovely