Five Niche Fragrances I Love

Fragrance is such an integral part of a beauty routine, it is often a reflection of our personalities and essentially an extension of ourselves. When choosing a signature scent, everyone wants to have one that is uniquely their own. Therefore I love these artistic and one-of-a-kind scent offerings below that you might never have heard of before but should totally get your noses on. They will leave a memorable trail that’ll linger in the air for you and others to enjoy. Whether it’s a soft and feminine rose or a deep or a seductive vanilla, find your ultimate signature scent that is uniquely you with these niche luxury fragrances. Here are five that I adore:


An ethereal, mystical and unisex fragrance inspired by the one essential, yet elusive element of life: air. Oriental, feminine, yet masculine with an incense accord.

Top notes: cardamom, pink pepper, grapefruit
Heart notesTurkish rose, geranium, cedarwood, patchouli
Base notes: incense, agarwood, sandalwood, oakmoss, labdanum, musks

50ml Eau de Parfum for CHF 372.00

Philly & Phill

New and reminiscent of my beloved Teint de Neige below, but more alive. The final touch of your look, giving you confidence and gets you ready to be admired for your unparalleled class and femininity. Powdery and sensual.

Top notes: hawthorn, aldehyde
Heart notes: rose, ylang-ylang
Base notes: benzoin, musk, vanilla

100ml Eau de Parfum for CHF 214.00

Lorenzo Villoresi

My all-time favorite, my signature scent. A soft, gentle, enveloping fragrance, recalling images and atmosphere of the belle-époque. Sweet and powdery.

Top notes: jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang, sweet, powdery and floral notes
Middle notes: tonka bean, jasmine, rose, sweet, powdery and floral notes
Base notes: jasmine, rose, heliotrope, musk, sweet, powdery and floral notes

100ml Eau de Parfum for CHF 170.00

Blend Oud Private Collection

A fragrance for the an independent and combative woman. The sweet base notes remind me of the kindness and delicacy that can still be found even in the most warlike woman. A truly yummy gourmand.

Top notes: bergamot, blood orange, lavender
Heart notes: jasmine, cinnamon, licorice
Base notes: musk, vanilla, caramel

60ml Eau de Parfum for CHF 185.00


The taste of life and the enthusiasm of an embrace will make you smile radiently. Gourmand and woody – an unbeatable combination. You will easily become addicted.

Top notes: bitter chocolate
Heart notes: bitter orange
Base notes: vanilla, tropical woods

100ml perfume for CHF 300.00

In Switzerland, all these fragrances are available at Perfumery Osswald.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of the Brands

Vaara – A Fragrance Fit for a Maharaja


Penhaligon‘s London‘s new fragrance VAARA was inspired by no other than the Royal House of Marwar-Jodphur in Rajasthan. The composition started life as the passion of His Highness Gaj Singh II who wanted to reflect his family’s deep love and connection with Jodhpur and to celebrate his granddaughter Vaara’s birthday. It offers a unique and beautiful glimpse into this aromatic world of the Maharaja. Perfumer Bertand Duchaufour’s journey to Jodhpur provided him with an abundance of inspiration for the fragrance and the end result, VAARA, cleverly captures the spirit of this fascinating part of India.

Vaara Bottle


Top notes: Quince, Rosewater, Carrot Seed, Coriander Seed, Saffron
Middle notes: Moroccan Rose Absolute, Bulgarian Rose Oil, Freesia, Indian Magnolia, Peony, Iris
Base notes: Honey, White Musk, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Benzoin Resin, Tonka Bean

In stores now as Eau de Parfum 50ml (CHF 180.00) and 100ml (CHF 250.00).

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Penhaligon’s London

Chanel Expands the Coco Noir Line

Coco Noir 1

One year ago, CHANEL COCO NOIR was launched, a beautiful modern and luminous oriental scent. Finally in addition to the 50ml and 100ml sizes, the Eau de Parfum will be available in a compact 35 ml flacon that can be slipped into your handbag. Fans of the sensual fragrance appreciate its seductive blend of bergamot, rose, geranium rose leaf, patchouli and tonka bean notes. To complete the range, luxury body care products featuring the scent will also be added in the end of this month. It is the perfect way to prolong the trail of scent on the skin – a bath ritual to indulge in for special moments where time stands still.

Chanel Coco Noir Range

EAU DE PARFUMVaporisateur 35 ml CHF 105.-
FOAMING SHOWER GEL Gel Moussant pour la Douche 200 ml CHF 60.-
MOISTURIZING BODY LOTIONEmulsion Hydratante pour le Corps 200 ml CHF 68.-

In Switzerland in stores in the end of August 2013.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Chanel

Tom Ford – Private Blend Atelier d’Orient

Atelier d'Orient-Tom FordTom Ford Private Blend Oriental Collection

Introducing TOM FORD’s latest fragrance innovation, the PRIVATE BLEND ATELIER D’ORIENT fragrance collection. Inspired by the sublime beauty, enigmatic sensuality and exquisite luxury of Asia, I would like to invite you to discover those four new must-haves for all fragrance junkies among you:

TF Atelier dOrient 1

SHANGHAI LILY – Opulent. Tantalizing. Elegant.
Shanghai Lily is an exotic floral scent that transports the senses into a world of rare and opulent ingredients from the historic silk road. Warm spices, elegant florals, and addictive notes of vanilla and frankincense create hazy reverie of glamour and temptation.

RIVE D’AMBRE – Ornate. Compelling. Warm.
Tom Ford’s newest take on the classic eau de cologne, Rive d’Ambre seduces with precious citrus fruits, that are regarded as a talisman of good fortune in Asia, illuminated by a warm and seductive, amber background.

TF Atelier dOrient 2

FLEUR DE CHINE – Dramatic. Smoldering. Seductive.
Fleur de Chine is an unequivocally romantic and haunting floral fragrance touched with a reverence for the great scents of the past. Precious Asian flowers, including Hualan flower and star magnolia, are arranged in a bouquet of rare beauty.

PLUM JAPONAIS – Delectable. Luscious. Sensual.
Plum Japonais reveals the extraordinary beauty of the Ume plum by juxtaposing it with a lush and unconventional mélange of exotic Asian ingredients. Rich and luxurious, it is a fragrance with irresistible complexity.


LoL, Sandra

Tom Ford-Private Blend Atelier d'Orient2

Photos: Courtesy of Tom Ford

Chanel Coco Noir

COCO NOIR_press release_04

Finally, I can tell you very exciting news for all fragrance aficionados and Chanel lovers among you: COCO NOIR is hereChanel’s newest fragrance. The famous French house didn’t want any information to go public before and journalists and bloggers had to sign a press embargo not to post the information earlier.

COCO NOIR is the third fragrance named after house founder Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, joining Coco (1984) and Coco Mademoiselle (2001). Created by Chanel’s master perfumer Jacques Polge, it represents Coco Chanel’s love of the “dazzle of black and Venice”.

Coco Noir by Chanel1936 – Gabrielle Chanel on Roussy Sert’s yatch in front of the Lido of Venice

Coco Noir

Jacques Polge on his creative process: “For Coco Noir, I thought of Coco and of Coco Mademoiselle too, because it’s also part of the history. I wanted to continue exploring an entire esthetic range of CHANEL perfumery, a range that distinguishes itself from the Florals, one that is illustrated by Bois-des-Iles and Cuir de Russie. I took it up with Coco. It’s what I like to call the CHANEL Coromandel culture, what you see and feel in her apartment. The night vision of the ‘Orient that starts and ends in Venice’ imposed itself upon me and that is where I wanted to go.”

COCO NOIR_press release_02

Top Notes: Grapefruit note and Calabrian Bergamot
Middle Notes: Essence and Absolute of Rose, Absolute of Jasmin, Narcissus Note and Rose Geranium Leaf
Base Notes: Brazilian and Venezuelan Tonka Bean, Indonesian Patchouli, New Caledonian Sandalwood, Bourbon Vanilla and White Musk

Available in 50 ml (CHF 146.-) and 100 ml (CHF 210.-). In Switzerland from August 20, 2012.

COCO NOIR has an “animal sensuality – a great nocturnal Baroque”. The perfect scent for the next season to finish off you opulent winter looks. If you like oriental fragrances, this will definitely be something for you.

LoL, Sandra

COCO NOIR_press release_01Photos: V.H. Grandpierre © All Rights Reserved / Courtesy of Vogue Paris, Courtesy of CHANEL – Julien Claessens et Thomas Deschamps

Dior Addict – A Scent Wardrobe

Dior Addict Fragrances

Dior introduces two new fragrance that belong to the house’s iconic Addict line of perfumes, dedicated to seduction, femininity and to style. “Having style, means having your own”, said Christian Dior.

Dior Addict is her perfume – her identity. She loves explosive colours – they represent her freedom. Oriental, fresh or floral, she has fun with all the Dior Addict fragrances.

The advertising campaign was shot by one of my favourite photographers, Tim Walker. The face is Daphne Groeneveld.


Dior Addict is a universe composed of three fragrances with contrasting scent compositions. Every shade of the palette asserts the audacious and complex personality of the Dior Addict woman. Which one are you? Or are you probably all three of them?


Dior Addict Eau Fraîche

Its scent signature? Bright and sharp, yet fresh and woody.
Its colour? A vivid, saturated, radiant pink for a sparkling cocktail.
Its flower? A radiant Freesia.
Its style? A swirling dress of transparent silk chiffon

Dior Addict Eau Sensuelle

Its scent signature? Floral and sensual, harmonious and luminous.
Its colour? A tender mauve.
Its flower? A velvety Rose.
Its style? An elegant, lilac coloured silky dress.

Dior Addict Eau de Parfum

Its scent signature? Oriental and modern, smooth and vibrant.
Its colour? The deep blue of a nocturne music score.
Its flower? The opulent Queen of the Night.
Its style? A low-cut black sheath dress in the finest organza.

Dior Addict 2

In stores from today (All prices are only for information and suggested retail prices).

20ml / CHF 66, 50ml / CHF 99, 100ml / CHF 140

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Dior

Grand Bazaar


Yesterday, I visited the Grand Bazaar (in Turkish, Kapali Carsi, meaning „Covered Market“) which is truly a whole new world. Made up of a maze of interconnecting vaulted passages, the Bazaar has its own banks, baths, mosques, cafés and restaurants, not to mention the thousands of shops, all glittery and fairy-lit in the absence of natural light. Since the rise of the mall, it is no longer the biggest shopping centre in the world, but it is definitely one of the oldest. You can browse through a sea of trinkets, jewelry, clothes, oriental decorations, fabrics, carpets and much more. I tried to capture some of my favourite impressions for you and hope that you will like them.

At the end of this post, you will see what I got to take a piece of Istanbul home with me. I am invited soon to a „1001 Nights“ themed party and this will be my costume…

LoL, Sandra


Grand Bazaar4






Grand Bazaar1

Harem 14

Harem 2

Harem 15

Harem 6Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht

The Art of Perfumery: Lorenzo Villoresi

Lorenzo Villoresi-1

Lorenzo Villoresi

Lorenzo Villoresi

As you might already know, I love perfume, especially extraordinary fragrances.
In the beginning of September, I was very lucky to visit one of the most outstanding perfumers worldwide in his studio overlooking the rooftops of Florence: Lorenzo Villoresi.

Me in front of the stunning view overlooking Florence

Me in Mr Villoresi's office

This view is truly inspiring, as well as his laboratory is where you are only guided by your senses. „I wanted to realize a dream. Spices and essences have always fascinated me. Perfumery became my passion and later on my profession“.

In the atelier in front of Villoresi's library of scents with over 2000 essences

In the atelier in front of Villoresi's library of scents with over 2000 essences.

His talent is not the fruit of specialised schools or master perfumers, but one which developed gradually thanks to his university studies in Biblical Philology and Ancient Philosophy, which in turn led him to travel extensively in the Middle East.

The experiences he gained there combined with the natural products  of his native Tuscany make his creations so special.

In 1990, he fulfilled his vision and founded his Maison of Perfume in an ancient palace in Via dei Bardi in Florence where he focuses on the great traditions of Florentine perfumery and the original methods which have been used in this craft for many years.

In 2006, he won as the first Italian and independent creator of fragrances, the prestigious Prix Coty, which can only be awarded once in a perfumer’s lifetime.

Lorenzo Villoresi-2

LorenzoVilloresi2Donna and Uomo were the names given to Lorenzo Villoresi’s first collection, after which he focused on the creation of monothematic fragrances which included his own personal interpretations of classic themes such as Musk, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Incenses, Spices, Vetiver and Wild LavenderThose classic fragrances come in the blue bottles.

The green packaging stands for the Olea Europaea collection that is based on olive-oil offering products for the body, bath and hair.

LorenzoVilloresi1His so-called fantasy fragrances currently draw inspiration from actual „olfactory visions“ which conjure up exotic and mystical worlds, moods and settings, including among others:

the suggestive Piper Nigrum (fresh, aromatic, spicy and peppery with reminiscences of oriental and arab markets),

the warm Alamut (rich, opulent and velvety flowers of a Thousand and One Nights, a sensual journey to the Orient),

and my absolut favourite, the sophisticated Teint de Neige, „the colour of snow“.

My Teint de Neige collection

My Teint de Neige collection

Teint de Neige consists of  powdery and sweet notes of jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang on a base of musk, Tonka beans and heliotrope. The  aroma is delicately permeated by the richness of the natural extracts of precious flowers, recalling the light, images and atmosphere of the belle-époque.

A whole range of products is available from shower gel to body cream, from scented candles to room fragrances featuring this wonderful scent.

Getting to know Villoresi during the process of creating your personalised fragrance.

Getting to know Villoresi during the process of creating your personalised fragrance.

If you have always dreamt of having your own custom-made fragrance, Lorenzo Villoresi’ s atelier would be the place to go. During your appointment, you are spending 2-3 hours approximately with the artist himself. Your „tailor-made“ fragrance is then the result of a direct exchange between you and him; desires, words and feelings are processed together and transformed into a perfume.
Villoresi becomes a sort of Demiurge who, through his intellectual capacity and technical skills, can translate the essence of an ambition, dream or adventure into a fragrant product.

At the end of your appointment the personalised fragrance will be consigned to you. The price starts from €3600.-.
You have different options to choose from. One could be for example that you get the following:

1 Perfume 30ml in a crystal bottel with sterling silver top and label
1 Perfume 30ml in a glass bottle
1 blown glass funnel
1 velvet pouch
1 Exclusive fragrance certificate
1 Eau de Toilette 100ml in an extra bottle, with silver plated top and label
1 Eau de Toilette 100ml in  a glass bottle

Villoresi describes his Haute Couture of the Senses like this: „ A perfume should provide a privileged insight into your own personal essence, a clue to your innermost thoughts and journeys of the soul; a door which can either be kept locked or left wide open, leading to opportunities, games and seduction.“
The genius could probably use a perfume rather than words to describe how he feels and also mentiones: „Perfumery is an unlimited world. In the creation of a scent it is possible to recall a feeling or a place, to move to an imaginary space or to invent new emotional dimensions“.

Lorenzo Villoresi-3

Lorenzo Villoresi also offers a wide range of wonderful home products from pot pourris and scented sachets to jars and dishes to exalt the beauty of your chosen fragranced leaves and woods. Scented candles are also available along with aromitizers and room fragrances with reed diffusers (launched last month).

Two new creations were introduced last year: the incense and perfumed crystals. Conceived from a deep knowledge and love for the Orient, they have been created for perfuming living spaces in a sophisticated way.


Interesting to know is that the term “perfume” comes from Per-Fumum: through smoke, referring to the sacred fumigations to offer thanks to the gods. The incense has always been linked to the world of perfume and can create a magical atmosphere in any room.

incenso bastoncino acceso


The maestro is recently in the process of building the Academy of the Art of Perfume, the world’s first interactive atelier, dedicated to essences and perfumes.

In the ancient family Palace in Via dei Bardi, Villoresi realizes his long-life dream: a centre, split on three floors with an internal garden, aromatic terraces and botanical trails, divided according different themes and study areas, where visitors can discover and delve into the ancient secrets of the art of perfumery and spice hunting.

DoorbellVillloresiThe “wunderkammer” is said to open next year. I cannot wait to go there on a journey to stimulate my inner senses and to indulge in one of my biggest passions: perfumes!

If you are interested, Lorenzo Villoresi products are available through his online shop and in Zurich at Perfumery Osswald.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Lorenzo Villoresi and © Sandra Bauknecht