Gucci Resort Exclusive Shoppers

In recent times, traveling has become something special. We are not taking it for granted anymore. Luxury is a way of life. This GUCCI knows very well, that is why the Italian brand has created a tote bag inspired by different summer hot spots in the world.

Crafted in the style of a retro postcard, each shopper is personalized with colors, trims and a leather tag unique to the location it represents. A bag as unique as the memories of that place and your way of showing where you have been besides your Instagram account. My mantra? Bags speaks louder than photos… haha!

Those shoppers are all exclusive editions, there are only a few pieces available of each model, which can only be purchased, of course, in the destination in which they are inspired. The exclusivity and uniqueness of each bag is aligned with its distinguished design, with beachy and somewhat vintage airs. Just a few models can be purchased on the GUCCI website along with some other limited edition ready-to-wear pieces and shoes as well as on NET-A-PORTER.

Cannes, Capri, Ibiza, Mykonos, Phuket, Miami, Rio de Janeiro, Hawaii, among others, GUCCI’s new tote bag travels the world, embodying the essence of different destinations; one of them, Saint Tropez where I have been spending part of my summer. This is the only model that doesn’t carry the main motif of the design, the name of the destination engraved in gold on leather in the center. The sales person at the GUCCI store in Saint-Tropez explained to me that they didn’t get permission of the city to use it. I found this one the most special beause of the exclusion and also because of the stunning color combination of pink and orange which I love.

Summer has been and always will be that invitation to enjoy the little things: enjoy the rays of the sun that become energy for our spirit or a breeze that refreshes our soul. Now you can carry a bag that was part of a summer that will hopefully always be worth remembering.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Gucci and © Sandra Bauknecht
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Chanel Ephemeral Boutique Saint Tropez


For the second year running CHANEL has taken up residence at La Mistralée Hotel, a two minute walk from the Place des Lices and the Old Port. From April through to October the sumptuous interior of this 19th century manor house has been transformed to create a contemporary décor. The Paris-Bombay and the S/S 2012 collection are displayed throughout the house, in the magnificent private gardens and by the swimming pool, juxtaposing the opulence of the house with modernity and boldness.


The spacious “white cube” (contemporary art gallery) drawing room – white walls and chevron parquet – is illuminated by the colours of the Paris-Bombay collection: tyrien rose, gold, and a host of rich and nuanced shimmering metallics. Sculptural monoliths surround the Ready-to-Wear collection and accessories. These minimalist volumes set off the dynamic contrasts: bronze, brass, white mirror and gold on the outside, set against candy pink, burgundy, petrol blue and parma grey inside.


Antique doors open for the walk to the fitting rooms, where each booth is swathed in sensual coppery quilting.

Beneath the glass roof of the conservatory bathed in light, the surroundings become even more summery, providing the perfect vibe for a Saint-Tropez lifestyle. There we discover a six meter-long bar in a metallic shade of champagne for a festoon of hues. We can enjoy perching upon an elegant stool, beneath a glistening beige arch, and try on the costume jewelry and accessories from the collection. A mirrored kiosk has been constructed in the garden as an inviting area in which to relax and to languish in the multi-coloured striped armchair.


Gaze towards the pool house covered with intense block colours, from chocolate, burgundy and taupe grey to Indian pink and mustard yellow. Transparent busts are suspended from the ceiling and appear to float. On display, here are the J12 watches set with diamonds or sapphires as well as the multi-coloured stones, pearls and diamonds from the fine jewelry collection.


An exclusive, limited edition beach bag has been created by CHANEL especially for its ephemeral boutique in Saint-Tropez. The bag comes complete with a reversible mat, woven straw on one side and towelling on the other and will be available end of June 2012. Stay tuned for a photo of the bag coming up soon on Sandra’s Closet.



From April 28th to October 7th 2012
10.00AM-1.30PM / 3.30PM-8.00PM (4.30PM-9.00PM in July and August)
1, avenue du Général Leclerc
83990 Saint-Tropez

What a beautiful store filled with precious must-haves! Happy holiday shopping!

LoL, Sandra





Birthday Bash

Foto Red

I dedicate this post to my family and wonderful friends! Yesterday was my birthday and as I am crazily busy at the moment, I had sadly no time to organize anything. What a bummer because I love being the birthday girl.

One of my best friends spoiled me with a surprise luncheon after our yoga class. You should have seen my face when my friends were waiting for me. I had truly no idea. They treated me with so many beautiful and fun gifts, among them a red wig. What do you think of me being a redhead?


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the most stylish present ever! This amazing coral-coloured Louis Vuitton Croisière 2012 bag that I was so keen on having.
Thank you girlfriends! You rock!

LV Bag


When I came home, some more surprises were waiting for me. One PR lady sent me this “Blogger Oscar” with the following engraving: “The best blogger in the world”. I love it!


And as the best gift of all comes from the heart, I would like to show you my daughter’s breakfast table decoration for me. Isn’t it so sweet?


Thank you all for making my day so special for me!

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht