Foto Red

I dedicate this post to my family and wonderful friends! Yesterday was my birthday and as I am crazily busy at the moment, I had sadly no time to organize anything. What a bummer because I love being the birthday girl.

One of my best friends spoiled me with a surprise luncheon after our yoga class. You should have seen my face when my friends were waiting for me. I had truly no idea. They treated me with so many beautiful and fun gifts, among them a red wig. What do you think of me being a redhead?


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the most stylish present ever! This amazing coral-coloured Louis Vuitton Croisière 2012 bag that I was so keen on having.
Thank you girlfriends! You rock!

LV Bag


When I came home, some more surprises were waiting for me. One PR lady sent me this “Blogger Oscar” with the following engraving: “The best blogger in the world”. I love it!


And as the best gift of all comes from the heart, I would like to show you my daughter’s breakfast table decoration for me. Isn’t it so sweet?


Thank you all for making my day so special for me!

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht