When I started my blog almost 8 years ago, I was one of the first ones and believe me I had to fight for my right to be on that media planet! Today, it is very interesting for me to observe how brands that were completely against digital media for a long time, go for it now. But let’s face it there was no choice. The next generations are coming and they have witnessed the birth and rapid evolution of the biggest social media networks of today. «Millennials» – a term you see thrown around with increasing regularity these days.

Millennials will soon have the greatest purchasing power of any demographic and their mindset is influencing how women of all ages shop,” says Jane Hertzmark Hudis, group president, who oversees six brands including Estée Lauder to Financial Times.

I am also seeing this evolution popping up in the beauty press releases I have been receiving from the various brands. Increasingly, renowned Houses are introducing new and completely distinctive product ranges targeted towards the millennials market (Remember this week’s post about the new Twilly d’Hermès fragrance?!).

What does that mean, though? Women in their early to late 20s focus less on anti-ageing but more on preventive care, natural ingredients, and the price point. Most products are multitasking because millennials tend to be time-sensitive and do not favor difficult regimes. For them, a beautiful and sophisticated packaging plays an important role, something that will look good on Instagram.

Here are some products that caught my attention. All of them work of course also for non millennials, so don’t be afraid! It is always good to know what is trending now… and to be curious!

CLINIQUE Pep-Start Double Bubble Purifying Mask
CHF 37.90 (50ml)

Clinique was one of the early pioneers targeting the younger generation. Now, the American beauty brand made a smart move by creating the Double Bubble Purifying Mask among the recent additions to their Pep-Start universe. Reenergize skin in just 2 minutes with this pink gel that transforms to blooming bubbles, leaving skin pepped, prepped and ready to party! The application is sensational, try it! You will understand what I mean…

WASO SHISEIDO Clear Mega Hydrating Cream
CHF 52.20 (50ml)

This skincare routine is designed for youthful skin. Building the skin’s resistance to stressors, this 24-hour moisturizing clear cream with whole carrot cells that hydrates and helps reduce the look of pores and prevent dryness. Unsurprisingly, this pot and the other products accompanying the range are all incredibly photogenic, featuring various pastel tones.

NUXE Rêve de Miel Gommage Gourmand Nourrissant Corps
CHF 26.50.- (175ml)

This deliciously nourishing body scrub for dry and sensitive skin not only smells heavenly, it works really good to get rid of impurities on the back or the upper arms. In Switzerland available from the end of September 2017.

ELIE SAAB Girl of Now
Eau de Parfum – 30ml : CHF 72.00 (30ml), CHF 106.00 (50ml) and CHF 137.00 (100ml)

«Cameras flash to capture her perfect look: definitely trendy, and yet so personal. She boldly grabs her girlfriends for some fun in front of the camera. One last selfie to immortalise this special moment and she’s already off, leaving a mysterious trail. Where is she going?»

For the first time, Elie Saab targets young women with this beautiful new floriental scent. The hashtags say it all: #girlofnowparties, #girlofnowtravels, #girlofnoweats, #girlofnowshops.

I have fallen in love with this fragrance from my first spritz because of its almond imprint. Combined with the designer’s olfactory signature the orange blossom – patchouli accord makes it irresistible.

Top NotesPear, Mandarin Orange, Pistachio
Middle Notes: Orange Blossom, White jasmine, Magnolia, Almond
Base NotesCashmeran, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Almond Milk

Happy Monday to all Girls of Now!

LoL, Sandra

Photo of products: © Sandra Bauknecht
All other photos: Courtesy of the Brands