Clarins Power of Nature

Today, I would like to introduce you to the new extra-firming range of Clarins. The reason for my trip to the Royal Monceau in Paris last month.

Clarins Multi-Régénérante has been the anti-age cream in France since 15 years with 1.9 million sold each year. You might ask what is the reason for changing such a bestselling product?

L1000432Dr. Lionel de Benetti with me

Dr. Lionel de Benetti, Clarins’ chief scientist, who has dedicated over 30 years to the brand’s development and who is probably the most charismatic scientist on earth with the capability to explain his research findings in a fun and easy-to-understand way has found new little molecules that helped him to reveal the links behind firmness.

So-called emilin-1 is a component of the elastic fibre which acts to keep the collagen fibres together. After 40, its release diminishes and the skin looses its firmness. Lionel de Benetti has found out, that organic lemon thyme extracts can help to augment the emilin-1 synthesis more than 50% and that green banana in combination with bocoa tree extracts preserve the connections between fibres and cells.

The result: The appearance of wrinkles is visibly reduced, facial contours are reshaped and features are younger-looking.

An immediate “lifting” effect. Oat sugars instantly smooth away fine lines, while hyaluronic acid replenishes skin. 
The texture is the most sensual that you can imagine, inspired by the most luxurious fabrics. It leaves the skin velvety-soft with a matte finish allowing for easy make-up application.

Clarins M-R Jour Banane

Multi-Régénérante Jour Crème lift anti-rides – Toutes peaux 50ml
(Extra-Firming Day – Wrinkle lifting cream – All skin types) 1.7 Oz.
CHF 109.-


Multi-Régénérante Jour Crème lift anti-rides – Spéciale peaux sèches 50ml
(Extra-Firming Day – Wrinkle lifting cream – Special for dry skin) 1.7 Oz.
CHF 109.-


Multi-Régénérante JourFluide lift anti-rides SPF 15 – Toutes peaux 50ml
(Extra-Firming Day – Wrinkle lifting lotion – All skin types) 1.7 Oz.
CHF 105.-

IMG_5510Me at the press conference in Paris trying out the new products.

Below you can find the ideal component to Extra-Firming day care:

Multi-Régénérante Night (Extra-Firming Night) tones the epidermis for firmer skin with a peptide coming from the stem cell research, so-called Survixyl IS™. It is similar to a protein in the skin and protects stem cells at the origin of epidermal renewal. Stimulen®, a combination of vitamin E and amino acids, reinforces this regenerating action by preserving Langerhans cells, “guardian” cells of the epidermis which defend skin against aggressions.

The result: Because it renews and defends itself better, your skin appears smoother and firmer. The appearance of wrinkles is reduced, facial contours reshaped and features are more defined.

A more even complexion is achieved through lotus extract which prevents the appearance of dark spots. Skin looks rested and radiant.

Calrins M-R Nuit Lotus

Multi-Régénérante NuitCrème raffermissante – Toutes peaux 50ml
(Extra-Firming Night – Rejuvenating cream – All skin types) 1.7 Oz.
CHF 116.-


Multi-Régénérante NuitCrème raffermissante – Spéciale peaux sèches 50ml
(Extra-Firming Night – Rejuvenating cream – Special for dry skin) 1.7 Oz.
CHF 116.-

Available end of January 2012.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Clarins, © Sandra Bauknecht