Stella Lace Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are so hot again and the material of the moment is definitely lace. So here is a stunning look by Stella McCartney combining both. The London designer is known for her true love for these all-in-ones and is including them in every collection. This one here comes in two different versions: One (above and on Victoria Beckham below) is made of sequined lace with embellished shoulders and a deeper neckline. It can even be made to measure. For further enquiries contact the London store: +44 (0)20 7518 3100.

The other model (below to the right) is a little more basic without the sequins and sharp cuts. You can order it at I like the idea of combining that beautiful jumpsuit with dark or olive green accessories.

Stella Lace Jumpsuit2

A little anecdote regarding the development of this lovely piece. Stella McCartney attended with her close friends Liv Tyler and Kate Hudson the Met Gala 2009 in New York.

She made this jumpsuit in her suite at the Carlyle a few hours before the party with her girlfriends who were all dressed in Stella`s designs. Obviously they all had a blast cutting the lace fabric and sticking it together.


Unfortunately the Daily Mail called Stella the worst dressed attendee wearing “Granny`s lace curtains” that night. To me, totally unfair. I think that she looked stunning. But nevertheless tastes differ. What do you think?

LoL, Sandra