Roses de Chloé Cover

In the beginning of July while I was travelling through China, Chloé unveiled at the Hôtel de Miramion in Paris the amazing new fragrance Roses de Chloé, a celebration of the flower of love in the heart of the city of lights. The rose was already a key ingredient of the fragrance signature, launched in 2008.

Roses de Chloé Bottle

Now, it has been reinterpreted, in the form of a Damascena rose essence. Reminiscent of a walk down the Parisian rose gardens, the sensual new scent includes bergamot, magnolia, white musk and amber.

In Switzerland available from August 22, 2013.

LoL, Sandra

Roses de Chloé 2

Roses de Chloé 3

Roses de Chloé 4

Roses de Chloé 5

Photos: Courtesy of Chloé (Coty Prestige)