Olivier Echaudemaison: Tokyo


OLIVIER ECHAUDEMAISON, Make-up Creative Director at Guerlain, is one of the most handsome, charming and entertaining men I have ever met in the industry. Since 2000, he constantly aims to reveal and accentuate feminine beauty with his most innovative creations. Olivier is constantly travelling around the world for his job. Among all destinations, he adores Tokyo and shares with us his favorite spots of the Japanese metropole.


Your favourite city?
After Paris, I love TOKYO: a city which is so modern with a great civilisation and culture.

Hotel Okura

Your favourite hotel?
Until the still on-going renovation, I loved the HOTEL OKURA. I hope they will keep its unique mood.
2 Chome-10-4 Toranomon, Minato, Tokyo 105-0001
Phone: +81 3-3582-0111


Your favourite restaurant?
I love small, traditional, non-trendy places. I went to TENICHI RESTAURANT last time and I really liked it. It is known for its superb, remarkably light tempura specialties.
1-1, Uchisaiwaicho 1-Chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8558
Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, Tower Bldg., LL1
Phone: +81-3-3503-1001

Your favourite bar or nightclub?
I less and less go to night-clubs; as for the bars, I prefer popular, informal cafés.


Your favourite sightseeing spot?
There are two places that really impress me in different ways: TSUKIJI MARKET and EDO-TOKYO MUSEUM (pictured).
Tskiji Market: 5 Chome-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo, Tokyo 104-0045
Edo-Tokyo Museum: 1 Chome-4-1 Yokoami, Sumida, Tokyo 130-0015 

TOKYO Imperial palace gardens

Your favourite park?
As I love trees, bonsais and flowers, I really enjoy walking around the IMPERIAL PALACE GARDENS KOKYO.
1-1 Chiyoda, Tokyo 100-8111


Your favourite shop?
ITOYA – an amazing stationery store. I also like big department stores with floors dedicated to porcelain.
〒104-0061 Tokyo, Chuo, Ginza, 2 Chome−7-15
Phone:+81 3-3561-8311

ISETAN – for the men fashion floors because they have a great selection!
〒160-0022 Tokyo, Shinjuku, 新宿3-14-1
Phone:+81 3-3352-1111
I also like the ‘bonsai‘ shops. But I couldn’t say any specific name because there are small stores in various areas.

Omas Founatin pen

Your must-have accessory?
My OMAS FOUNTAIN PEN with red ink, because people recognize my handwriting immediately.


The best soundtrack for this destination?
Today: DAVID BOWIE, but classic music relaxes after a duty day.


The best book to read while being on vacation there?
Nothing specific while being in Tokyo. I mostly read in the plane, during long flights. I never watch plane programs, I prefer to read, and on paper; novels or essays like “IN PRAISE OF SHADOWS” by Jun’ichiro Tanizaki. So “enlightening“…

Thank you, Olivier, for sharing your insider scoop on Tokyo with us.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Hiroaki Fukuda, © Omas, © Sandra Bauknecht and the different locations

Guerlain’s Legendary Address Reopened

A Legendary Address Guerlain

Yesterday I flew to Paris to celebrate the reopening of GUERLAINs legendary address68, avenue des Champs-Elysées, which will officially open its doors this Saturday. Since 1914, it had been the house of the family and also the first boutique with only 45m² until 2005.

Guerlain-Marino -Boillot-Martin KopiePeter Marino, Laurent Boillot (CEO Guerlain) and Guy Martin (Chef G68)

Today, it has become a temple of beauty with 1000m² on four floors, expressing the house’s DNA with an unbelievable atmosphere that has not forgotten its past. It is the biggest mono brand beauty store in the entire world. Peter Marino designed the store concept, displaying amazing pieces of art and giving the house’s history space. He encrusted marble into marble in a modern way and said that he relied on his wife for any advice on beauty.

Ceiling Guerlain G68

For Peter Marino, “perfume is something in the air, something that is not concrete, that travels through the atmosphere.” Therefore he came up for example with a ceiling installation in the entrance that he called “lost in fragrance”, a very flowing and captivating interior design.

Sandra Bauknecht-Natalia Vodianova

Yesterday with Guerlain’s famous face Natalia Vodianova

temple of Beauty Guerlian G68

A happy Sandra exploring Guerlain’s temple of beauty, filled with house’s iconic fragrances and makeup products.

Shop Guerlain G68

Ambiance Guerlain 2

Ambiance GUERLAIN G68 3

Private Shopping Guerlain G68

The store also has a private shopping room where you can indulge into the Haute Perfumery.


Here, you will find exceptional bottles, like for example the Queen Secret, a diamond encrusted bee that opens her wings to reveal the perfume you choose (€400.00 per piece) or a perfumed watch that combines the craftsmanship of watchmaking, jewelry and perfume making.

Treasures Guerlain G68

On display in the store are also some amazing vintage pieces.

Guerlain Paris-G68

Orchid Guerlain

An hommage to Guerlain’s iconic L’Orchidée Impériale line is this artwork by Marc Quinn.

Guerlain G68-Special editions

To celebrate the opening, different limited or special editions have been launched such as a face powder of which only 400 pieces will be available or L’Eau 68, created by Thierry Wasser, that weaves a thread between the past and the future. Its scent, floral and woody, plays off the contrast between warm and cool spices.

Moreover, you can find a silk scarf selection or perfumed gloves which are amazing and said to keep their scent for a very long time.

Sandra Bauknecht-Olivier Echaudemaison

The charming Olivier Echaudemaison, Creative Director of Guerlain, with me yesterday.

The Guerlain Spa

On the fourth floor, the amazing Guerlain spa is located. Nine rooms offer a relaxing and calming atmosphere with a very holistic approach. Every treatment is tailor-made for the customer. Different massage techniques from all over the world are combined to cater to the needs of the individual.

Spa Guerlain G68 Entrance

The waiting area has its own orchid garden and the entrance is just breathtaking.

g68 by Guy Martin

In the basement, you will find the G68 restaurant where one of the best French chefs Guy Martin is treating his exclusive clientele to sophisticated and luxurious food – French Haute Cuisine. Martin has worked closely with Guerlain’s in-house perfumer Thierry Wasser. Following the same approach to creativity, they invented food that is called like the fragrances, working with similar ingredients. Martin said: “You have to understand the brand. You have to work with the best qualities, looking for the right products. It is a cuisine of comfort, pleasure and travel.”

I am completely in love with their tea selection named after their iconic fragrances that is also available to buy.

Restaurant Entrance

Guerlain’s legendary address is a feast for your senses, where you can indulge in luxury and beauty like nowhere else.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht

Guerlain Terracotta Collection 2013


Are you dreaming of this healthy sun-kissed glow that we have been missing the last months? Would you like to give your complexion the taste of more exotic climes? Like Natalia Vodianova, who stars in Guerlain‘s newest ad campaign for the TERRACOTTA COLLECTION 2013, you can achieve this radiant look with the help of these amazing new products:


The cult bronzing powder: TERRACOTTA 4 SEASONS

One Terracotta product is sold somewhere in the world every 20 seconds. Often imitated but never equalled, its secret formula strikes a subtle balance between color and transparency, creating a flawless natural look that lasts all day. Thanks to its four different shades, you can customize your natural-looking glow.

Available in six different shades for CHF 94.00 each.


to create a three-week tan in three seconds

Beauty tip from Olivier Echaudemaison, Guerlain’s Creative Director

“Using the special Terracotta bronzing powder retractable brush, apply your Terracotta powder by tracing a figure “3” on each side of the fee: from the forehead down towards the cheeks, then down along the jaw line to the chin and down the neck. For the finishing touch, take a little more Terracotta powder with your brush and sweep it over the raised areas of the face, the places that catch the sun most – the forehead, nose, cheekbones and chin. The result is an instant glow.”


Glow-enhancing perfector: TERRACOTTA SKIN

Delivering the corrective coverage of a foundation with the sheerness of a Terracotta powder, this powdery cream allows for a flawless complexion in one step. The formula is composed of soft-focus elastic particles which reflect light in all directions making enlarged pores, fine lines and other imperfections less noticeable, giving a matt and velvety finish.

Available in three shades, Nude (new), Blondes and Brunettes for CHF 69.00 (30ml) each.


The secret to creating a sun-kissed glow: TERRACOTTA SUN SCRUB

Effective for all stages of tanning, this scrub not only prepares skin for tanning but helps it retain its sun-kissed look longer. The secret to its success lies in the formula, comprised of three different particles. Upon contact with water, those transform the oil-based gel into a body milk which helps to remove dead cells, massaging the skin and leaving it satin-smooth, the perfect condition for the perfect uniform sun-kissed glow.

Available for CHF 78.00 (150ml) – Limited Edition



Remarkable both for their ultra-penetrating texture, those products offer the illusion of an instant tan in only one hour that lasts four days, for a healthy glow that looks truer than life.

I especially adore Terracotta Jambes de Gazelle that is lightly scented with the fragrance of tiare flower, this tinted spray mist refreshes the legs and leaves them feeling relaxed. Drying instantly, it provides beautiful legs without any risk of clothing stain (great news) or product transfer, yet washes off with soap and water. Perfect for bare legs who haven’t seen the sun yet!

Terracotta Sunless is available for CHF 72.00 (150ml) – Limited Edition
Terracotta Jambe de Gazelle for CHF 78.00 (100ml)


The right sun protection: TERRACOTTA SUN – BLONDES SPF 30 & BRUNETTES SPF 15

This little tube is Guerlain’s most elegant sun protection product, working for face and body, it means you can travel light. Like a bodyguard on alert, it protects the skin from the sun’s rays and from polluting particles in the environment, chlorine, cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes, which helps to restore the skin’s glow and beauty.

Available for CHF 62.00 (110ml) – Limited Edition



This remarkable serum is your loyal ally in acquiring, deepening and prolonging a tan. Adding a few drops of this honey-coloured serum to your normal skincare product will instantly transform it into a tan booster. It stimulates the natural production of melanin and is enriched with a soothing complex to moisturize and soften the skin.

Available for CHF 72.00 (28ml) – Limited Edition

To come to a conclusion, I have tried all of those products and find them just amazing! Enjoy the beautiful sunshine!


LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Guerlain

Guerlain Christmas 2012 Make-up Look


Guerlain’s Christmas 2012 makeup collection was inspired by the brand’s fragrance Liu. It is Olivier Echaudemaison’s interpretation of the scent which was created in 1929 by Jacques Guerlain. Liu is a hymn to femininity and true love, which was inspired by the heroine of Turandot, Puccini’s opera. The story is about the young slave who chooses to commit suicide rather than reveal the name of her master with whom she is in love. The scent symbolized the power of secrets.


From scent to make-up, this bewitching journey transports us to the threshold of a fantastical and incredibly refined Asia. Golden mists, tapered eyes, a blood-red mouth… Beautifully enhanced by the opulence of the Orient, Guerlain’s modern heroine is Natalia Vodianova who stars once more in the house’s ad campaign.


LIU – Perfumed Shimmer Powder Face, Body and Hair

The magical light-as-air loose powder swathes the skin and hair in a silky halo with iridescent golden glints. The sensual universal shade softly illuminates the face, hair and exposed parts of the body from the curve of the shoulder to the top of the décolleté. A scintillating breath exudes luminous aldehydes, a sensual armful of roses and a caressing base of vanilla, iris and woody notes. CHF 112.-


LIU – Eye and Lip Calligraphy Palette

Another icon, the collector’s palette draws its inspiration from the art of calligraphy and Asian beauty rituals. Two fatal shades for the lips, carmine and blue-toned red, and three eyeshadows with an iridescent powder texture that plays on every tone of gold – bronze, copper and white. A matte black powder line that can be used wet or dry is the ultimate accessory for an unforgettable gaze. CHF 105.-


The Complexion Divas
Météorites Perles du Dragon (illuminating powder) and Météorites Wulong (pressed powder)

The legendary Météorites have been reinvented in two luxurious limited-edition versions. In the year of the dragon, they have been christened Perles du Dragon and Wulong – meaning “black dragon”. They pay tribute to this mythical animal, a symbol of the emperor of China, whose primary source of power lay in pearl, synonymous with happiness, wisdom and abundance. Perles du Dragon CHF  76.- and Wulong CHF 220.-


Écrin 4 Couleurs – Long-lasting Eyeshadows

This precious quartet, 500 Les Ombres Turandot, showcases a subtle monochrome palette for vibrnat and refined eye make-up. CHF 80.-


The Heroines’ Lipsticks: Shine Automatique – Hydrating Lip Shine

Available this fall in two colours: 700 Altoum, a gold adorned with tone-on-tone sparkle that is worn on bare lips or alternatively as a top coat and 760 Lou-Ling, an enchanting beautiful plum with a golden sparkle for an even more fiery effect. CHF 54.- each

Guerlain Christmas Look 2012-nail polishes

Nail Lacquers

Dare to display ultimate sophistication down to your fingertips with limited-edition nail polishes in the same jewel tones 03 Altoum, a gleaming gold for a precious glow, 04 Lou-Ling, a stunning plum for spellbinding nails. CHF 36.- each

Personally speaking, I adore this festive make-up collection very much. The packaging itself is so luxurious and beautiful that you will enjoy the products whenever you hold them in your hands as much as putting them on your face. In stores now.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Guerlain and © Sandra Bauknecht

Guerlain Parure de Lumière


Today I would like to introduce you to Guerlain‘s newest foundations: PARURE DE LUMIÈRE.

I know that with so many new products on the market, you might already be thinking: What should be so different about this one? It is the answer to a natural-looking, fresh, glowing and radiant complexion while moisturizing the skin. It truly works its magic.
As Olivier Echaudemaison, Guerlain’s Creative Director, describes it: “Light is the secret of radiance. The mysteries of radiance are finally coming to light…”.


The house of Guerlain has been enhancing beauty for over 180 years. In 2012, thanks to a marine spring water source, natural reserve, located at a depth of 22 meters, Guerlain uses luminescent water. The composition is also extremely rich in minerals and trace elements, particularly manganese and silica, which all together lead to a remarkable hydrating power. Together with the technology of light reflection pigments the skin achieves absolute radiance.

Parure de Lumière, the first light-creating alchemist foundation is available now in two different textures:

THE CREME: A rich gel-cream texture that is insolently light and fresh! SPF 20
CHF 78.-
THE FLUID: An unparalled fine quality… for satiny skin. SPF 25
CHF 75.-

The radiance steps by Guerlain:

Meteorites Perles

1. PREPARE the skin with Météorites Perles Primer. The complexion primer contains correcting and perfecting radiance pearls for a peach-skin effect. The complexion is matte and even, naturally enhanced before make-up is even applied.


2. EVEN OUT the skin with Parure de Lumière Fluid Foundation or Creme Foundation for an illuminated face.


3. CORRECT darkness and puffiness with the Precious Light Concealer.

Meterorites4. ILLUMINATE your complexion by using Météorites Perles Powder.


5. SCULPT the face with the help of Guerlain’s iconic Terracotta Powder for a natural effect. The long-lasting moisturising bronzing powder restores a healthy glow in just a few brush strokes.

Enjoy your new radiance!

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Guerlain

Guerlain Terra Azzura by Emilio Pucci


As you already know, I am a huge Emilio Pucci fan. So you might imagine my excitement when I heard about the Italian house’s collaboration with Guerlain. The limited edition make-up collection which is called TERRA AZZURA BY EMILIO PUCCI for GUERLAIN draws inspiration from Italy in summertime and offers everything you need for the perfect summer glow.


The collection consists of eleven products with accents of the Italian Riviera, created by Olivier Echaudemaison, Guerlain Creative Director, and Laudomia Pucci, Pucci Image Director.

For a previous interview that I did with the wonderful Laudomia Pucci, please click here.


Those two products above are my collection’s favourites:
The Terra Azzura powder is very versatile to use. For a natural effect, you apply just the bronzing shade all over the face. For a bronzed complexion, you blend the three blusher shades and sweep them along the top of the cheekbones to sculpt the face. 
The Khôl Kajal is another easy-to-use product. Applied solely along the inside of the lower eyelid, it underlines and enhances the eyes with a provocative depth. Worked in a thick line along the upper lashes, it adds modern sophistication and widens the eyes.

Below you can explore the delightfully sunny shades:

Pucci Palette

Terra Azzura
Bronzing Powder & Blush, CHF 103.-


Météorites Perles d’Azur
Illuminating Powder – Pure Radiance, CHF 76.-

Pucci Shadows

Ecrin 4 Couleurs
Long-Lasting Eyeshadows, Captivating Colours, N°13 Capri, CHF 80.-

Pucci Khol

Terracotta Khôl Kajal
N°02 Blu Acqua, CHF 48.50


Mascara Le 2 De Guerlain
Two Brush Mascara for 360° Lashes, N°14 Blu 2 Pucci, CHF 53.50

Pucci Gloss

Terracotta Gloss
Moisturising Gloss – Sheer & Shine Finish,
N°10 Porto Fino, N°11 Porto Ercole and N°12 Porto Azzuro, CHF 44.- each

Pucci Vernis

Terracotta Vernis
Nail Polish, N°02 Riviera and N°01 Paradisio, CHF 35.- each

The products will be available in a limited edition starting the 4th of May, 2012.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Guerlain/Emilio Pucci and © Sandra Bauknecht