Today I would like to introduce you to Guerlain‘s newest foundations: PARURE DE LUMIÈRE.

I know that with so many new products on the market, you might already be thinking: What should be so different about this one? It is the answer to a natural-looking, fresh, glowing and radiant complexion while moisturizing the skin. It truly works its magic.
As Olivier Echaudemaison, Guerlain’s Creative Director, describes it: “Light is the secret of radiance. The mysteries of radiance are finally coming to light…”.


The house of Guerlain has been enhancing beauty for over 180 years. In 2012, thanks to a marine spring water source, natural reserve, located at a depth of 22 meters, Guerlain uses luminescent water. The composition is also extremely rich in minerals and trace elements, particularly manganese and silica, which all together lead to a remarkable hydrating power. Together with the technology of light reflection pigments the skin achieves absolute radiance.

Parure de Lumière, the first light-creating alchemist foundation is available now in two different textures:

THE CREME: A rich gel-cream texture that is insolently light and fresh! SPF 20
CHF 78.-
THE FLUID: An unparalled fine quality… for satiny skin. SPF 25
CHF 75.-

The radiance steps by Guerlain:

Meteorites Perles

1. PREPARE the skin with Météorites Perles Primer. The complexion primer contains correcting and perfecting radiance pearls for a peach-skin effect. The complexion is matte and even, naturally enhanced before make-up is even applied.


2. EVEN OUT the skin with Parure de Lumière Fluid Foundation or Creme Foundation for an illuminated face.


3. CORRECT darkness and puffiness with the Precious Light Concealer.

Meterorites4. ILLUMINATE your complexion by using Météorites Perles Powder.


5. SCULPT the face with the help of Guerlain’s iconic Terracotta Powder for a natural effect. The long-lasting moisturising bronzing powder restores a healthy glow in just a few brush strokes.

Enjoy your new radiance!

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Guerlain