I Only Love Wild Roses

CARTIER launches right in time for Valentine’s Day three new three new fragrances dedicated to the queen of flowers. So many roses in perfume, but where is the daring? So many stories with rose water. Mathilde Laurent, Cartier’s perfumer, hates the archetype of the rose— an emblem of femininity withered before it blooms — and desires to give it back its true nature. «I only love wild roses», she says.

Avant-garde, she communicates its freedom in three acts. Cartier roses are neither meek nor submissive, they show their thorns with pride and dare to do anything!
Three perfumes, three strokes of rose take over the Maison’s High Perfumery:

for the Les Épures de Parfum Collection (a fully naked rose),
for Les Heures de Parfum (a punk rose),
for Les Heures Voyageuses (a shocking, androgynous rose in a tuxedo).

So, let us discover the rose… and above all, not cut it, so that it stays fresh, raw, lively, wild, acidic and daring. May it never wither.

Les Heures de Parfum Collection
No, this rose is not cute! It hates girly, baby doll, pastel pink or layettes. It is the pink that flushes the cheeks. It is blushing and bright, and this rose boasts only four letters: dare!
Fearless, it’s the hour of the exploding rose. An unprecedented pink, in touch with its time, with what is fresh and pop, as iconic as Warhol’s style…

Les Épures de Parfum Collection
We could devour it, now, raw, naked. A raw rose found in nature, bursting with life and essence that pulsates with freshness and permeates the nostrils.
No frills, just the pure and simple pleasure of a hyper-realistic rose that chooses to offer up her authentic, naked truth.

Les Heures Voyageuses Collection
This rose plays with gender, mixing the floral and the masculine, the rough with the smooth; a male rose. For women who flirt with contradiction and adore men’s fragrance.
Take a leap and plunge into the rugged and shadowy oud whilst wearing a dinner jacket with nothing underneath. Unstoppable.


LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Cartier
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Fragrance Trend: The Softness of a Rose


Here in Zurich, we have been anxiously awaiting for the flowers to bloom and the sun to shine. Finally, spring is here and you might be in the mood to look for a new scent. Roses are offering a modern twist on tradition and floral motifs have served as the main themes for some of the new fragrance launches .

Here are my three favourites highlighting the light and soft aspect of a rose, enhanced by feminine fruity notes. I hope that you will enjoy my mini-reviews for you.


EAU DE CARTIER Goutte de Rose

For Spring 2013, Cartier has launched a flanker to their best-selling Eau de Cartier from 2001, with the beautiful name Goutte de Rose. It is a bright and joyful fragrance, infused with the delicacy of a freshly picked garden rose, created by the French Maison’s in-house perfumer, Mathilde Laurent.

Top notes: Rose and yuzu
Middle notes: Violet, mulberry and litchi
Base notes: Cedarwood and lemon

Available as Eau de Toilette for CHF 65.00 (50ml), CHF 97.00 (100ml) and CHF 127.00 (200ml).



The French fashion house’s newest flanker retains the iconic chypre character and violet accord of the original Balenciaga fragrance rom 2010. By adding luminous floral and fruity accords, the fragrance goes in a beautiful refreshing direction.

Top notes: Blackberry
Middle notes: Patchouli, rose and violet
Base notes: Musk, cedar and cypress

Available as Eau de Toilette for CHF 115.00 (50ml) and CHF 139.00 (100ml).
In Switzerland exclusively at Marionnaud.


pureDKNY A Drop of Rose

I have been enjoying the third fragrance in the pureDKNY series, quite much. The emphasis is on including roses that have been grown and harvested with care in the Turkish Isparta Valley by supporting CARE, an organisation helping lift women around the world out of poverty. The bottle is 100% recycable and the packaging is biodegradable as well. This scent is more than a fragrance – a state of mind, a way of being.

Top notes: Blackcurrant and Turkish rose
Middle notes: Magnolia and verbena
Base notes: Cedar and vanilla

Available as Eau de Parfum for CHF 59.00 (30ml), CHF 89.00 (50ml) and CHF 123.00 (100ml).
Body Butter CHF 57.00 (200ml) and Body Wash CHF 45.00 (200ml).

Wouldn’t one of this fragrances be a lovely surprise for Mother’s Day?! For more rosy gift ideas, have a look at this post.

LoL, Sandra

Photo: © Sandra Bauknecht, Stills: Courtesy of the Brands