Easter Surprises

Today on Easter Saturday, I would love to spoil you to the fullest with the newest fragrance launches. From fruity florals to white musks, there’s a perfume pick for everyone. Forget chocolate, this year it’s all about beauty surprises for Easter. You can order all of these goodies online, spoil yourself during quarantine. Cheers to that!

LoL, Sandra

ELIE SAAB Le Parfum Essentiel
Eau de Parfum

Elie Saab welcomes a new interpretation of its signature perfume, Le Parfum, for the woman who truly values what’s essential. The white floral chypre fragrance comes with a dazzling effervescence of Mandarin combined with an enveloping Gardenia Accord and a sophisticated Cedary Note.

CHF 78.00 (30ml), CHF 115.00 (50ml), CHF 153.00 (100ml)

Eau de Parfum

This red carpet signature fragrance is crafted around a whirl of the most precious rose essences and natural ingredients, responsibly sourced all over the world. An ode to the rose, queen of love, queen of flowers and queen of perfumery – composed around six exceptional varieties of roses, among which some of the most extraordinary roses, such as Bulgarian rose oil, Turkish rose absolute and Centifolia rose absolute.

CHF 68.00 (30ml), CHF 102.00 (50ml), CHF 137.00 (100ml)


Enjoy this new fragrance gesture by Dior – a glass bottle topped with a delicate pearl for discreet and sensorial fragrance application. The magnetic, sensual Vanilla of Hypnotic Poison accompanies you anywhere, anytime.

CHF 55.00 (20ml)

Hair Mist

Perfuming the hair is a sensual, seductive gesture for mysterious and elusive femininity. This mist pays tribute to this fragrance ritual with an Almond-enriched formula, enveloping hair in a  veil of beauty. Generoulsy perfumed, hair unleashes the full intensity of Hypnotic Poison’s legendary Almond, Jasmine Sambac and Vanilla accords for a captivating and magnetic trail.

CHF 62.00 (40ml)

Gabrielle CHANEL Essence
Eau de Parfum

Inspired by the free and passionate woman who became Coco Chanel, this new essence is a more voluptuous, intensely feminine interpretation of the luminous floral fragrance. The striking square glass bottle is reimagined with bolder golden accents on the cap and label. Composed by In-House Perfumer Creator Olivier Polge, this deep and enveloping scent is an imaginary flower, faceted with Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Orange Blossom and the most captivating flower of all, Grasse Tuberose. Solar and voluptuous, the scent of a radiant woman.

CHF 95.00 (35ml), CHF 207.00 (150ml)

Fleur Musc NARCISO RODRIGUEZ for her
Eau de Toilette Florale

This new flanker of the iconic for her fragrance comes with the signature heart of Musc that bursts into a vibrant floralbouquet of spices and wood to create a sparkling scent. It reinterprets a woman’s sensuality with supreme confidence and passion. I really like its pink matte bottle.

CHF 102.60 (50ml)

Straight to Heaven BY KILIAN Extrême
Eau de Parfum Refillable Spray

To mark its tenth year anniversary, Kilian pushes two of its heritage scents to their olfactive extremes. Get an overdose of Vanilla and Rum in this very sophisticated scent. Addictive personalities, beware. Like any liquor taken straight, it hits fast, hard and leaves you wanting more. Skipping purgatory altogether, it heads straight to heaven as notes of Martinique Rum hit climax in high dose. The scent of burning rum gently rounds off into a smouldering sensuality of nutmeg essence. A woody amber trail remains, grounded by dark Patchouli and Dry Cedar Wood essence. Inciting the passions comes a lift of vanilla absolute from Madagascar. A beautiful unisex fragrance and definitely the Rolls-Royce among these perfumes.

CHF 335.00 (50ml)

MOËT & CHANDON Rosé Impérial brut

And last but not least cheers to Easter! Taste and smell go hand in hand and champagne is always a good idea! Rosé Imperial displays a pink color with amber highlights. Lively and intense, the bouquet exudes red fruits (wild strawberry, raspberry, cherry) with floral nuances of rose and a slight hint of pepper. On the palate, the wine shows a juicy intensity of berries (strawberry, raspberry, red currant) rounded out by the fleshiness and firmness of peach and the freshness of a subtle note of mint.

CHF 57.50 (75cl)

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of the Brands, © Sandra Bauknecht
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The Expression of Gabrielle Chanel

«I decided who I wanted to be, and that is who I am.» Gabrielle Chanel

The bold, independent character of Gabrielle Chanel would determine her fate and change the course of history. In 2017, CHANEL created a fragrance in her honor, a reflection of her extraordinary, determined and passionate spirit: GABRIELLE CHANEL. From the scent to the bottle—both firsts in the history of CHANEL—and the choice of name, it pays tribute to the woman she was before Coco Chanel.

This creation is an expression of Gabrielle in the radiant light of her personality laid bare. It illustrates the liberated woman who revolutionized an era with her visionary take on the world, fashion and beauty. Driven by an inner strength, she was an avant-garde inventor who changed the rules, broke with convention, and made her voice heard. This namesake fragrance is her aura. It personifies the freedom to be unique, to truly be one’s self.

In 2019, GABRIELLE CHANEL Eau de Parfum is reinvented with GABRIELLE CHANEL ESSENCE. Familiar but unlike no other, this new olfactory variation shows a more vibrant and opulent side. Inspired by the very essence of Gabrielle’s radiance, the fragrance shines with intensity, inviting all women reveal their true selves, to follow their instincts by expressing their freedom and speaking their mind. The voluptuous scent works its magic to reveal each individual identity. Solar, it heightens the dazzling charisma of the woman who wears it with warmth and luminosity.

Margot Robbie is the face of the campaign, for the previous post click HERE please.

«With GABRIELLE CHANEL ESSENCE, I wanted to cut to the essentials, to the heart of the fragrance, and reaffirm it with a more voluptuous trail
Olivier Polge, House of CHANEL Perfumer-Creator

This grand floral immediately produces a solar vibration on the skin and makes the woman who wears it shine. Its vibrant heart, stirred by the four white flowers revered by the House, «like a chorus in CHANEL fragrances», radiates throughout the composition. The essence of creaminess, Grasse tuberose plays a majestic role. Elegant and slender, opalescent white, the delicate star-shaped flower prevails as the most fragrant of the plant kingdom. Grown in Grasse exclusively for CHANEL and extracted using a process specific to the House, it is divested of its usual leather, waxy, green and animal facets.

Softened in such a way, it reveals a modern quality, as if smelled in the open field. The enigmatic scent, warm and opulent, is a natural expression of its petals’ velvety texture. The other flowers serve to transcend it: jasmine, the essence of intensity; ylang-ylang from the Comoros, the essence of radiance; and Tunisian orange blossom, the essence of freshness.

A fragrance is like a musical composition…

A matter of balance, the art of creation… To highlight this floral nectar, Olivier Polge, in cooperation with the CHANEL Laboratory of Fragrance Creation and Development, revisited the entire composition. The luminous and airy GABRIELLE CHANEL becomes solar and enveloping with the ESSENCE. He gave the top notes a softer whisper of citrus and added a tangy dash of red berries, and heightened the sensual, voluptuous trail with base notes of sandalwood, vanilla and white musk.

Available from August 31, 2019.

GABRIELLE CHANEL ESSENCE Vaporisateur 50 ml CHF 127.-
GABRIELLE CHANEL ESSENCE Vaporisateur 100 ml CHF 183.-

Furthermore, there will be two amazing additions to the original fragrance GABRIELLE CHANEL offering two new ways of perfuming: a Twist and Spray and a Hair Mist. Two new products to enrich a line that already features a Foaming Shower Gel, a Moisturizing Body Lotion and a Deodorant Spray. A fragrance ritual that prolongs the floral, luminous and solar trail of GABRIELLE CHANEL.

With its new travel-friendly design, GABRIELLE CHANEL Eau de Parfum is easy to slip into your purse and take with you wherever you go. Simple and intuitive to use, GABRIELLE CHANEL Twist and Spray gives you the freedom to wear fragrance at any time of day.

In a travel-friendly format you can slip into your purse, GABRIELLE CHANEL Hair Mist offers a new approach to perfuming. Spray directly on your hair or brush to scent your locks with the sunny, floral notes of the fragrance. Its new formula makes hair look smoother, softer and shinier, while intensifying the trail of GABRIELLE CHANEL.

Both also available from August 31, 2019.

GABRIELLE CHANEL Eau de Parfum Twist & Spray 3×20 ml CHF 151.-
GABRIELLE CHANEL Parfum Cheveux 40 ml CHF 70.-

LoL, Sandra