The Big Move

The past four weeks have been extremely intense for me. I would say it was probably the most intense time of my life so far. I moved out of the house I had lived in for 16 years and I didn’t do anything else for one month than packing boxes. Everybody in my friendship circle knows that I love doing everything by myself, especially when it comes to my beloved closet. So I wrapped every single piece in acid-free silk paper which is the least harmful for clothing.

During the past months, I had a severe moth and fur beetle problem in my old home which was built in 1896. Those insects hide very well in the old wood floors and moldings – it is almost impossible to fight them. The terminator treated the rooms, I had planted ichneumon wasps for over 10 weeks. Yet, they didn’t go away. Therefore, I had to check every item in order not to pack them.

During this one month, I had the moving company (I can absolutely recommend Hobi Transporte) come every week for two days to load parts. My new house is unfortunately not ready yet. The construction and refurbishment take much longer than expected.

My fiancé lives out of Switzerland which doesn’t make it any easier. However, I managed to get everything done and I am very proud of myself, even that I have to be now in an interim solution next door. Packing means venturing on a trip down memory lane. You find so many things that you might have forgotten about. I indulged in this ride, it made me cry sometimes or laugh. However, it was intense, yet very satisfying.

I am overly excited over the beginning of this new phase in my life. I am looking forward to the new home that we create by ourselves and that will be even more beautiful than my previous one. Every room will be dedicated to a designer.

I have never shown my home in all those years I have had my blog. Now that I moved out, I thought it is time for you to explore parts of it… The closet is missing. This I still keep for myself… one day, I will reveal it as well. Promised!

To new and beautiful ventures, quoting Paulo Coehlo: «If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © David Biedert Photography

LG Styler – A Dry Cleaner for Your Home

Here is an addition to your closet with which your life will never be quite the same without: the LG Styler. The new, slim-design system offers a convenient way to freshen up hard-to-maintain clothes that you bring in general to the dry cleaner (which costs a fortune… doesn’t it always feel as you have to buy your clothes back?!).

Have a look at what the LG Styler can do for you:


Revitalize your finest garments with the gentle power of steam. Just the press of a button will have your clothes looking fresh and ready to go when you are. It improves also smell of your clothes, a great feature for smokers, that are tired of running to the dry cleaner all the time. 


Easily sanitize fabrics and items that are difficult or impossible to wash using 100% water with no  chemical additives. (It is even verified to sterilize 99.9% of E.coli and S.epidermidis and has been tested for reduction in exposure to house dust mite allergen.)


Dry fragile garments without worrying about shrinkage or damage.


The LG Styler not only helps steams away wrinkles but can also create pant creases, as well as keep them crisp.

In Switzerland the LG Styler is available at for CHF 2999.- (instead of CHF 3999.-).

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of LG Styler and via The Coveteur

Greetings from Florence


Greetings from Florence! This is my wonderful view from my penthouse suite at my beloved J.K. Place hotel (Thank you for the upgrade by the way!). What looks so lovely today, looked quite different last night:


Yesterday, I had the worst day of travelling. I arrived at the Zurich airport around 11am for my flight to Florence which was supposed to leave around 12.50pm. Due to the terrible stormy weather conditions, my flight among many others got cancelled. When I finally flew around 7pm, I was asking myself the whole plane ride if I was insane to board this aircraft. We hit the remnants of the storm over the alps, bumpy would be a very soft word to describe what happened. I literally had the feeling that the plane would break in half and people were sitting in the emergency landing position! 
After the landing, the female pilot thanked us for having stayed with her. Questions is where could we have gone?!

I would have loved to show you the first party pictures from Firenze4Ever – 4th edition but unfortunately the party was over upon my very late arrival in Florence. So I ordered a very yummy room service and stayed in.




Below you can see some hints of my upcoming outfits here in Florence! Do you know the print?




I tend to pack too much… this time probably too many bags!

LoL, Sandra

IMG_6435Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht

A Dream Closet


Today I would like to show you the ultimate dream closet. Before moving to Switzerland, I lived for 2 years in the States. This was when I met my lovely friend Yoanna, the owner of this amazing house in the Chicago area. The former Miss Poland with an incredible taste built the mansion with her husband around 6 years ago. Her dressing room is not only enormous, but it also includes a wet bar, a sitting area and has the same wall colour like Ladurée in Paris. It is the perfect place to store all her designer pieces.

DSC_0058Yoanna with me





I guess you are wondering now how the rest of her home looks like. So I won`t withhold that from you. Please have a little tour and start dreaming. Probably you will find some inspirations for your own house. I am totally in love with her boudoir-style very feminine bathroom. Good luck convincing your husbands!

LoL, Sandra


A Dream House

France in IllionoisPhotos: © Sandra Bauknecht