Greetings from Florence! This is my wonderful view from my penthouse suite at my beloved J.K. Place hotel (Thank you for the upgrade by the way!). What looks so lovely today, looked quite different last night:


Yesterday, I had the worst day of travelling. I arrived at the Zurich airport around 11am for my flight to Florence which was supposed to leave around 12.50pm. Due to the terrible stormy weather conditions, my flight among many others got cancelled. When I finally flew around 7pm, I was asking myself the whole plane ride if I was insane to board this aircraft. We hit the remnants of the storm over the alps, bumpy would be a very soft word to describe what happened. I literally had the feeling that the plane would break in half and people were sitting in the emergency landing position! 
After the landing, the female pilot thanked us for having stayed with her. Questions is where could we have gone?!

I would have loved to show you the first party pictures from Firenze4Ever – 4th edition but unfortunately the party was over upon my very late arrival in Florence. So I ordered a very yummy room service and stayed in.




Below you can see some hints of my upcoming outfits here in Florence! Do you know the print?




I tend to pack too much… this time probably too many bags!

LoL, Sandra

IMG_6435Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht