What if believing in mysterious signs, keeping talismans close, or projecting your desires onto superstitions was a reliable way to ensure that luck is on your side? Gabrielle Chanel believed it wholeheartedly, shaping her destiny based on symbols that have since become iconic.

Lions, wheat, comets, camellias, numbers… Mademoiselle was as talented as she was superstitious, and she surrounded herself with objects and symbols. These talismans gave her the freedom to achieve her dreams; inspiration for the designs in her collections; strokes of genius that led to her most iconic signature styles; and the strength to embrace her destiny. With the LES SYMBOLES DE CHANEL collection, the CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio has reimagined 5 iconic symbols as precious highlighters. Le Lion, La Comète, Le Camélia, Les Perles, and Les Chaînes become 3 subtle and sophisticated shades: Warm Gold, Precious Coral, and Pearly White, offering sparkling shimmer designed to illuminate and enhance the complexion. And your future…

A symbol of strength

The animal representing Gabrielle Chanel’s zodiac sign is a mirror image of her radiant, untameable personality. It also recalls the Lion of Venice, an iconic city that fascinated Mademoiselle. The lion is a true inspiration, lending strength and pride to those who choose it.

A symbol of luck

“ I wanted to cover women in constellations ”, said Gabrielle Chanel in 1932, while presenting her first and only high jewelry collection, which is filled with celestial motifs. Superstitious, she put her faith in the stars and loved surrounding herself with comets. The comet gives off incandescent light, promising eternal luck to its owners.

A symbol of radiance

Gabrielle Chanel played with strings of pearls boldly and freely, wearing them close to or draped around her neck, during the day as well as in the evening, in the city and even at the beach. Pearls, which capture both warmth and light, illuminate the complexion and reveal the radiance of those who wear them.

A symbol of harmony

Typically worn by dandies on the lapels of their jackets, the camellia became Gabrielle Chanel’s emblem in 1913. It has been featured in many of her creations, where it continues to flourish, still today. Perfectly symmetrical, it never loses its leaves; it embodies steadfast beauty—harmonious and serene. An oasis of calm that soothes and provides peace of mind to those who treasure it.

A symbol of style

Gabrielle Chanel, an avant-gardist, broke with the rules of her era when she added a chain to her bags. Tucked into the lining of CHANEL jackets, chains are also the secret to creating their structure and ensuring that they fit perfectly. Symbolizing a unique style, chains reveal the allure of those who wear them proudly.

Maxi Poudre Illuminatrice
WARM GOLD: a champagne
PRECIOUS CORAL: a soft, satin coral
PEARLY WHITE: a sparkling white
Available for CHF 77.00 each.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © CHANEL
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