Over the past six months, the Gucci’s Facebook fanbase has more than doubled (almost 3 million by today) making the Italian fashion house the most “liked” luxury brand on Facebook.

Gucci has realized the importance of social media and has come up with some new and interesting ideas to spread the word and to advertise without a huge budget.

“Eye Want You” is the newest coup, a viral video Facebook application that allows users to share their moods with friends through customized video messages from Gucci models wearing the new eyewear from the Gucci eyeweb collection. Based on their own mood, visitors select a message to personalize with sunglasses of their choice and with their own “Eye Want You” message to the recipient. Once created, the video can be shared on Facebook friend’s walls or sent through as a private message.
What a smart move to advertise the eyewear!

LoL, Sandra