Total Styling Lab: Beautiful Colours

Beautiful Colours

Et voilà, here is my last look from LuisaViaRoma’s Firenze4Ever Total Styling Lab. “Beautiful Colours” is my favourite one. The hues are so amazing together and the lace insert dress by Antonio Berardi is definitely hot!

I love hats and this special edition by Borsalino & Delfina Delettrez is among my must-haves for F/W 2011 (it comes in many different colours).


Happy Shopping!

LoL, Sandra










IMG_7948Photos: Ilaria Gambri

Total Styling Lab: Venus in Fur


Here it is look N°2 from LuisaViaRoma’s Firenze4Ever Total Styling Lab, so-called “Venus in Fur”. Some might not be so delighted about winter’s must-have, but fur was one of the trend materials on the runways. A fur vest is a great investment piece, very versatile to wear.

The `60s inspired dress by Giambattista Valli has a fun detail. The attached cape can be worn as a hood. I especially like the neon-coloured little waist band.

Céline’ s box bag has definitely become a classic. For this outfit, I chose the leopard print version which I find very chic. To shop the look, just click on the highlighted text:


More from Florence to come…
LoL, Sandra





Venus3Photos: Ilaria Gambi

Total Styling Lab: Feather Girl

Feather GirlX

My dear readers, I still owe you all those photos from the LuisaViaRoma Firenze4Ever 3rd Edition Total Styling Lab with all the fab pieces from the upcoming F/W 2011 season.

Here is my first look I called „Feather Girl“ because of those amazing shoes, aren’t they divine? It is always a great investment to get a pair of statement shoes as they will make every outfit something special. The Bayswater Mulberry bag has also a beautiful feather print on the leather.

If you don’t have a vest yet, I truly recommend getting one, preferably with some fur embellishments. It is a must this winter! 
And last but not least the jumpsuit is definitely back! I know that it can be quite unpractical, you know what I mean… but nevertheless it is such a stylish piece of clothes that you should absolutely consider.

For shopping, just click on the highlighted description below:


By the way, isn’t the location on the terrasse overlooking Florence and the Duomo just wonderful? Makes me dream of those wonderful days…

LoL, Sandra






IMG_7876 2


IMG_5305Photos: Ilaria Gambi

Fashion Favourites for F/W 2011

Prada FW11_Adv Camp 01

Summer has officially just started, but when it comes to fashion, we are right in the middle of winter.
The F/W 2011 ad campaigns are popping up and one of the most talked about this season is Prada’s „fashion maximalism“. Shot by Steven Meisel, the photos show never-before-seen faces such as Frida Gustavsson, Ondria Hardin, Dorte Limkilde, Kelly Mittendorf, Antonia Wesseloh and Julia Zimmer.

Prada FW11__Adv Camp 02


One thing is for sure, same as the S/S 2011 banana prints, those trompe l’oeil boots in bright and exotic skins will be seen everywhere the next season and the `60s colour block shift dress will be on every fashionista’s shopping list.

W 2011

It wouldn’t be Miuccia Prada, if she didn’t surprise us once more. The face of her Miu Miu F/W 2011 ad campaign is 14-year-old actress Hailee Steinfeld who was photographed by Bruce Weber.

After nine seasons working with Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Miu Miu is going in a new direction, with this different and fresh campaign.

W 2011

Those glitter booties are sure to get even more buzz, they are to-die-for! Same as the oversized clutch bags, preferably in fur.

LoL, Sandra

My Interview with Laudomia Pucci


While being in Florence for LuisaViaRoma’s Firenze4Ever event, I was able to meet Laudomia Pucci, the daughter of Emilio Pucci who serves as deputy chairman and image director of her family’s fashion house.
(For further information on Pucci, I recommend a previous post. Just click here).

IMG_5447Laudomia with me

The charismatic lady was very delighted to see me in head-to-toe Pucci and answered all my questions enthusiastically. Please enjoy my little interview with her:


Laudomia, how was it to be the daughter of Emilio Pucci? Was he a strong character?

The more I go ahead in life, the more I think that those people in general to leave such a legacy behind them, they must have worked very hard and been very very strong.

I also worked with Hubert de Givenchy. That is of course a different kind of person but an esthete to the last tip of his finger. These people had a vision of everything, a culture to die for and a very very fascinating life.

When you think of my father, there was the war, the upbringing in America, a fashion career, his politcal career and his success as a skier. It was basically five lives in one. Of course, those people who survived and who had seen so much, they had to be special.

So to be the daughter of all of that was normal because that was my life. But the story is that he wanted me to work in his business. He adored women. So to have a little woman was the best thing that could have happened to him.


You are a mother yourself. How do you balance being a mum and a business woman?

I have three kids. A girl, a boy, a girl. I have just added my kids to my life. It was a fabulous accessory to have and it became much more of an accessory (laughs…). It just completed my life. I was a late mother and my children are just so precious for me.

pucci_then22Emilio Pucci

Was your father similar to you being a parent? How did your father prepare you to take over one day?

My father had me also quite late in life. It must have been totally alike. So for example, when we launched perfumes. I went back to research  how my father did perfumes and I remembered. He was in my room when I was sick at the age of four . He was in there mixing perfumes and asking me: “Laudomia,  do you like that or do you like this?”

He was always putting me in his vision. I think when you have children, you see yourself moving on. So he saw his fashion move on and that was the message I got. I started working with him in the early 80s when I just had graduated. In the late 80s when he was not feeling well, we decided let’s move on, let’s bring the company where he wants it to be. And that is what I have done. Basically for the past 25 years of my life.


You sold 67% of the company to LVMH in 2000. How do you feel today about your decision?

First of all, I would have never thought that I would have sold and it feels funny enough very much the same as before. The reason for this is more than the influence, there is a mutual respect. That is very very important.

When you are with a partner, when people see there is a point in what you are doing. When you both hardly object it. When you have the patience in life to make it happen. I realised after ten years of managing the company, that I didn’t have the creative talent of my father. I realised that very early. It became such a competitive business, such a difficult business, you couldn’t find talents and production facilities.

And to have that know-how behind you with LVMH now all around the world, is just fantastic. We have great designers. We have been able to open beautiful shops. We have been able to save so much.

pucci_now21Peter Dundas

You worked with many well-known designers like Christian Lacroix and Matthew Williamson in the past years. Today, the enchanted slumber seems completely over and Peter Dundas has taken Pucci back on a fast ride up to the top. How  do you see him?

Peter is a very different approach. All the designers I worked with, I am grateful to. I needed a lot of input, a lot of energy. But Peter is a different approach. He is a dream! Peter gives all his time, all his energy to the company.

He is good with the girls, with the fashion, with the company, with the feeling. When you see him, he is big, he is blonde, he is sexy, “the blonde beau”. He has got all that and he gives that image to the company. When you asked about my father before, my father had a total different energy, but  also the same strong energy. But one thing that I like a lot is seeing the difference now 50 years later between my father and Peter. My father would ask if I had gained weight and Peter just loves bodies.

It is all about the body looking sexy. Women, the moment you make them look sexy, they are smiling, they are happy. And that is our job! The buzz at the moment is amazing. Peter is happy, I am delighted. So it is not the influence, it is what everyone of us can bring in to make Pucci the most succesful.

Thank you Laudomia for taking your time!

It was such a pleasure to meet Laudomia in person and I was so happy to see this on the official Emilio Pucci Facebook page:



As you already know, I am a huge Pucci fan and love Peter’s designs. For F/W 2011, he has seeked inspirations from Tyrolea and hunting, a little like Romy Schneider in Sissy or Anna Karenina. The beautiful embellishments and the corset-style dresses are absolutely divine. He laid the emphasis on the bust and the outcome is a collection that will make every Bavarian jump up with joy. Be prepared to see me at the next Oktoberfest in those suede knickers with the matching jacket. Love, love, love!

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht and Pucci

Mary Katrantzou – Printcess Charming

Mary Katrantzou

It’s not the first time that I review the gorgeous Mary Katrantzou, who won last year’s Swiss Textile Award. To read the interview I did with her, please click here.

The Athens-born designer has always experimented with prints, inspired by the art of trompe l’oeil. Since the launch of her eponymous label in 2008, she has wowed the fashion world. Mary Katrantzou belongs to those breakout stars of the digital print revolution that has been sweeping London’s designers.

For S/S 2011, the collection she won the Swiss Textile Award with, she’d been looking at the highly stylized seventies photography of Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin when it occurred to her that the interiors in the pictures were just as important as the models.  So she decided “to put the room on the woman”. The outcome is a pop-neo-baroque collection that transforms the dresses into lamp shades for example. It must be hellishly difficult to put the placement print on the right spot of a skirt in order not to make you look clumsy. But the most watched UK talent knows her business well. I would highly recommend looking for a great piece from her S/S 2011 collection on sale now.

My favourite dress

This is my favourite dress from the S/S 2011 collection that I wore last night to an art dinner. The theme of the night was architecture and I thought that the print matched pretty well.


W 2011

For F/W 2011, Mary Katrantzou could invest her Swiss Textiles Award trophy money to create an outstanding collection inspired by the most luxurious collectibles in a house. There were dresses done in couture silhouettes that were formed from Fabergé eggs, Meissen porcelain, cloisonne enamel and Ming vases. Her muse was the Duchess of Windsor and her personal belongings. Each girl looked delicate in her dress, like as if you were to drop her she would shatter. A very strong collection!

I cannot wait for more Mary to come!

LoL, Sandra

Wies’n and Wasen – Oktoberfest Season


O’gzapft is! My German readers will know what I am talking about. In Stuttgart it is soon to be Wasen time and in Munich it is soon Oktoberfest season! Those traditional festivities require a stylish look emphasizing your Bavarian spirit.

BOSS Black is launching Mid July a capsule collection as part of F/W 2011 which will include two dirndls and five traditional costumes  for men. Available online at or in selected stores.

Enjoy your beer in style!

LoL, Sandra

HUGO BOSS_Dirndl_2_40229

Dress: Dirndl 2011 – 50214956 – 10151258 – 963 UVP: 499,00 €

HUGO BOSS_Dirndl_1_40226

Dress: Dirndl 2011 – 50214956 – 10151258 – 970 UVP: 499,00 €

BB_M_FW11MC_Wiesn _2_40783

Jacket: Colmont – 50211595 – 10147924 – 203 UVP: 349,00 €

Shirt: Ronny 16 – 50205480 – 10146452 – 212 UVP: 89,95 €

Leather Pants: Nevis – 50211592 – 10149563 – 240 UVP: 399,00 €

Neckwear: Bandana – 50211845 – 10149827 – 622 UVP: 129,95 €

Hat: Severinus – 50208771 – 10148761 – 001 UVP: 109,95 €

BB_M_FW11MC_Wiesn 1_40777

Jacket: Schorsch – 50211921 – 10118284 – 022 UVP: 449,00 €

Shirt: Fridl – 50211479 – 10149516 – 501 UVP: 119,95 €

Trousers: Stachus-W – 50211924 – 10139323 – 505 UVP: 119,95 €

Neckwear: Pocket Square – 50211822 – 10149811 – 531 UVP: 34,95 €

Neckwear: Oblong Scarf – 50211821 – 10149811 – 531 UVP: 119,95 €

Belt: Augustiner – 50212285 – 10150187 – 510 UVP: 99,95 €

BB_M_FW11MC_Wiesn _3_40789

Jacket: Hans – 50211923 – 10149663 – 240 UVP: 399,00 €

Shirt: Fridl – 50211479 – 10149516 – 610 UVP: 119,95 €

Trousers: Stachus-W – 50211815 – 10139322 – 202 UVP: 119,95 €

Neckwear: Pocket Square – 50211822 – 10149811 – 622 UVP: 34,95 €

Neckwear: Oblong Scarf – 50211821 – 10149811 – 622 UVP: 119,95 €

Belt: Augustiner – 50212285 – 10150187 – 610 UVP: 99,95 €

BB_M_FW11MC_Wiesn _4_40792

Jacket: Schorsch – 50211921 – 10118284 – 032 UVP: 449,00 €

Shirt: Fridl – 50211479 – 10149516 – 301 UVP: 119,95 €

Trousers: Stachus-W – 50211925 – 10141951 – 320 UVP: 119,95 €

Neckwear: Pocket Square – 50211822 – 10149811 – 801 UVP: 34,95 €

Neckwear: Oblong Scarf – 50211821 – 10149811 – 801 UVP: 119,95 €

Belt: Augustiner – 50212285 – 10150187 – 810 UVP: 99,95 €

BB_M_FW11MC_Wiesn _4_40797

Jacket: Sepp – 50211922 – 10141843 – 302 UVP: 349,00 €

Shirt: Fridl – 50211479 – 10149516 – 411 UVP: 119,95 €

Trousers: Stachus-W – 50211815 – 10139322 – 410 UVP: 119,95 €

Neckwear: Pocket Square – 50211822 – 10149811 – 692 UVP: 34,95 €

Neckwear: Oblong Scarf – 50211821 – 10149811 – 692 UVP: 119,95 €

Belt: Augustiner – 50212285 – 10150187 – 410 UVP: 99,95 €

BB_M_FW11MC_Wiesn 5

Shoe: Festor – 50211896 – 10130716 – 601 UVP: 429,00 €

F/W 2011: Suit Yourself!


After yesterday’s post, I have some very good news for the business women among you! For F/W 2011, it is all about work, the suit your fashion must-have. The designers were keeping an eye on the functionality while not neglecting the style. Many of them continued to pay homage to the `70s. There are many different looks to choose from, so it is your season for heavy shopping!

Cropped Fancy Pants

The cropped pants emerged on the runways as a welcome alternative to skirts. An easy-going and much more comfortable (especially when sitting down) look for the office which will surely find many fans.

Oversized Shoulders

Cocoon shapes, oversized shoulders, the volumes are changing for F/W 2011. The trendsetters among us will sport this trend immediately.
The designers explored new shapes and came up with the dropped shoulders. No worries, the runway looks are still more exaggerated. Once the jackets hit the shelves, they won’t be as oversized as seen at Stella McCartney for example.

Pre-fall 2011 Office

Slowly the Pre-fall 2011 collections are popping in, so if you don’t want to wait too long, start your shopping trip. June might be the best month to look. It is always such a wonderful feeling, when the new season starts. This time, there are many great outfts that will work for the office as well for the cocktail hour after.

So suit youself!

LoL, Sandra

A Closer View on Louis Vuitton F/W 2011


Last week, I was invited by Louis Vuitton to explore their F/W 2011 collection very closely. The event took place in Milan and because of  the beautiful sunshine the day started already wonderfully with a pittoresque flight over the Alps.


With his F/W 2011 collection for Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs explored the mysterious allure of fashion and fetish. „Fetish,“ said the designer, „has a positive side. It’s an inexplicable sort of concentration on or obsessing with something. I think that also means commitment and discipline.“

The result was a powerful collection that walked the fine line between modesty and provocation, reason and irrationality – an ambiguity evidenced by the juxtaposition of tightness of focus with richness of detail. For my show report, please click here.



First some looks from the runway. Strict silhouettes suggestive of corsets, mannish, military-style jackets and coats softened by ample drop shoulders and the main focus on tthe waist, reminiscent of Belle de Jour. Marc Jacobs toyed with the idea of French maids and their bourgeois mistresses.

Very importantly, the detail – evidence of an artisanal devotion to craft which, in the words of the show notes, is „the apotheosis of fetish“.

Those mask, shoe and glove motifs, for instance, were not printed, but painstakingly sewn in intricately cut sequins.







The collection’s ultimate and not-so-obscure object of desire was the iconic Lockit bag, created in 1958 and reinterpreted in a myriad guises: in shiny Monogram canvas or total-look shearling, in rubberized leather accented with glossy tape, in jewel shades of patent Monogram bouclette, and in nylon with resin handels.






The Lockit clutch comes with a handcuff which can make it literally inseparable from its weare and symbolizes a women’s attachment to her bag. Might be a good idea to secure your object of desire….






The show’s accessories had fun with the fetish theme. Standouts included officer’s caps in fluffy shearling and masks worn in the hair as neo-tiaras.




Shoes played with the girly charm of round-toe pumps accentuated by delicate bow straps and the fetish appeal of daring bondage straps on the collection’s leg-hugging boots. The shiny rubber boots will definitely be among my must-haves.







Louis Vuitton’s fashion jewelry offers beautiful pieces to finish off your winter looks perfectly. I am in love with the stingray embellished earrings.






Personalised items are bestsellers for Louis Vuitton so that it seems all natural to expand the possibilties.


For Louis Vuitton’s F/W 2011 men’s collection, the studio director Paul Helbers, under the artistic direction of Marc Jacobs, has explored the ultra simplified elegance of Amish style and instilled it with a hint of strangeness, inspired by David Lynch.

The predominantly black tone of this collection is lit with flashes of Motel red. The Amish mix and match tradition shows in details like detachable vests or jackets patched in stripes.







In case that you are wondering what to do with your older Louis Vuitton bags, why not put them together as an art and craft. The artist Billie Achilleos came up with some pretty amazing ideas.






If I have whetted your appetite, please take a look at those beautiful pieces that belong to the Pre-fall 2011 collection and will be in stores starting next month.
The new colours for the leo scarfs are so beautiful and those biker boots are my must-haves.

What an amazing collection, W.O.W.!

LoL, Sandra




Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht

Exciting News: The X – The Fittings


Finally, I can tell you my exciting news why I am Berlin at the moment. I arrived yesterday for the shoot of the X’ campaign for Closed.

‘The X’ ,also associated with Closed’s innovative pocket design, is an ongoing campaign – first launched one year ago – that celebrates individualism and variety, creativity and location. Ten innovators in ten cities around the world comprise the talent pool for this debut campaign. Now you can understand my excitement, I am one of them.

Today, the fittings took place. Here you can get a sneak preview of what is coming for F/W 2011. The looks are ultracool, having a certain edge, perfect for everyday life. Stay tuned for more to be posted soon and in the meantime enjoy those photos.

LoL, Sandra


The mood board


Let the fittting start...


The chinos -


...Closed's bestsellers.


What looks best? Nina Zywietz (Closed) with stylist Emilie Johansson


Italian actor Michele Venitucci


L.A. based Eileen Peters in a stunning denim overall.


Closed owner Gordon and Closed menswear designer Vito


A true prep? Yale Breslin from N.Y.


Claude Serieux from Paris


Which colour should the pants for Mark Wiesmayr have?


This baseball jacket looks so good on Carla Fuentes Fuertes.


My first look: A chunky striped cardigan worn with a lace top and red pants.


My second look: A dress with a sweater top and a leather skirt, awesome combo.


Me in action


... taking all those photos.


What are these guys watching?


...the royal wedding livestreamed.


Bon appétit!