Day 6: The Best Gift Comes from the Heart


“The best gift of all comes from the heart. It’s a song that you share or a smile that you start, it’s the love that you give… .” This is my daughter’s favourite Christmas song and I love the message. When it comes from the heart, every action becomes more beautiful.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money, it is more the time you invest to make somebody else happy. My friend Tine recently surprised me with this handmade cookie jar filled with glittering biscuits. Isn’t it the perfect gift for someone you love? All you need is some hot glue, cute ribbons, one or two flat Christmas ornaments and of course a canning jar. The decoration only depends on your individual tastes, have fun!

Speaking of love, today is my Dad’s 70th birthday! Happy Happy Birthday to the best father I could have wished for. I am blessed to you have you in my life.

LoL, Sandra

Cookies_topPhotos: © Sandra Bauknecht

Design Your Own Converse

Design Your Own Converse

Do you know that you can design your own Converse sneakers? Style your ultimate pair of Converse shoes with this fun online application, available on their homepage. This interactive designer can be pretty addictive. You can even personalize your creation. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

The only problem is that they don’t ship to Europe. I got mine sent to my hotel in Maui while I was there.
And here they are… living up to the recent neon trend.

LoL, Sandra

Personalized Converse-1


IMG_0777Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht

Must-have: The Veiled Beanie

The veiled Beanie

When my eyes spotted the net-trimmed ribbed knitted beanie icondesigned by Stephen Jones on the Jil Sander S/S 2012 runway last fall, I was asking myself why had nobody before come up with the idea to combine a casual beanie with the glamourous feel of a veil. The outcome is so outstanding. Needless to say, this veiled hat has been on every fashion lover’s shopping list and it made its way into my closet, too. As the Jil Sander version (available in blue and white) is pretty expensive, you might want to try doing it yourself.

What do you need?

A sloughy knitted beanie, French veil netting (Available at fabric stores. To order, please click here), sewing thread of a similiar colour, a sewing needle and a pair of scissors.

How to do it?

This is pretty easy and doesn’t require advanced sewing skills. Just attach the French veil netting inside of the turn-up of the beanie. Turn the it over and sew the bottom edge of the netting to the beanie with a single stitch to the middle point.

I attached the photos of my beanie below for you to see it more in detail!

Have fun sewing!

LoL, Sandra



IMG_2171Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht

Do-It-Yourself: The Slit Pants


Yesterday, I came across these photos and loved the idea! Search for an old pair of bell-bottom jeans in your closet and cut them open at the hem. Aren’t those slits divine? Ready for a shoe show? Those sparkling Chanel pumps are so glamourous!

Have fun!

LoL, Sandra

IMG_7955_FINALPhotos: © The Man Repeller

American Beauty

Balamin's Patriotic Moment

Balmain gives the iconic “Star-spangled Banner” a rebellious twist with burn holes and saftey pins. Those US-flag inspired pieces are on every cool girl’s summer wish list; they had been definitely on mine:

usa_sandra_bloggerin_zürichPhoto: © Tina Weiss / Blick am Abend

Emulate the luxe glam-rebel look and start shopping by clicking on the banner below.

If you don’t want to spend so much on a distressed top, I recommend DIY! Get an iron on transfer motif (special printable paper) and try burning some holes in the old tee. Add some saftey pins and off you go! It should work pretty well.

In case that you are living in Switzerland, Trois Pommes carries a large variety of Balmain’s patriotic must-haves. Check it out!

4th of July will be around the corner soon…my stars and stripes are ready and yours?

LoL, Sandra


Prada’s S/S 2011 Bags and an Idea

S 2011 Bags

110225X4The new S/S 2011 Prada bags are just pretty. Uma Thurman was recently spotted sporting her favourite woven model while leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles.


If you can’t decide which one is your prefered one, you might consider getting two. If you do, I have a great idea for you. Switch the straps to get a version that no one has. Here is what I did with my new bags:

Original bags

Original bags

...and after...

...and after...



Like this, you create a unique piece which will be hard to copy and you don’t need to buy anything new to do that. Look into your closet and start swapping! You will have a new bag in seconds!

If you are in the mood for shopping, visit the Prada store nearest to you.

LoL, Sandra

A Barbie World


Now the boys can relax and play a nice round of foosball, while the fairer sex is sure to be all over the game, too. The ultra-pink Barbie Foosball table definitely bridges the gap of gender quality.

From the imagination of young French designer Chloé Ruchon, a student at Decorative Arts School in Strausburg, comes this crazy creation. It was produced in partnership with Mattel and the Bonzini group, the worldwide leader of foosball tables.

In place of the standard aluminium figurines of soccer (or “football” in Europe) players are leggy-line-ups of Barbie dools, ready for action. Guys, don’t you dream of getting in the game with a bunch of girls in hot pants?

This super-glam spin on the game-room classic is limited to only 8 numered pieces. Bearing an asking price of $24.999.-, it is available for special order by contacting the FAO Schwarz NYC Flagship Store at + 1 (212) 644-9400 or by clicking here.


The Barbie Foosball Table belongs to Mattel’s limited “The Plastic Collection” of carefully curated Barbie items from around the world.
Enjoy some of the other stunning pieces (photos above):

Barbie’s Pop Art (first in series), $750.- 
2 Jonathan Adler 1959 Barbie mirror, $8800.-
3 Kitschy-cute rings made out of dolls’ shoes by jewelry designer Margaux Lange, $235.-
4 Barbie chair that references Starck’s Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck and Kartell, $650.-
5 Only 180 Commes des Garçons Barbies will be produced, each $350.-
Trenchcoat by Martin Grant, covered with little dolls kisses, $600.-
Barbie neon sign is built to order, $2500.-


Many designers have dressed the famous doll already. A real treat for the Barbie lovers and fashionistas! I am still not over my Barbie phase and would love to collect them all!



Therefore, I am dying to pay a visit to the first Barbie flagship store that has opened its doors this year in Shanghai. One thing is for sure, it captures the imagination not just of young girls, but of women of all ages.

Children can enjoy a walk on the runway in Barbie-esque clothes and learn how to sing and dance to the Barbie song. For adults there is a clothing line from Patricia Fields, the stylist behind Sex and the City, a café where you can enjoy Barbie-tinis and a day spa.


barbiecakeFor all Barbie lovers, a little idea for a great girly birthday cake. Just put a naked Barbie in the middle and make the frosting look like her dress. Easy with an amazing effect! Your daughter is going to love you for it…

Life in plastic seems fantastic!

LoL, Sandra

A LBD is Worth Its Salt


Yesterday evening at the premiere of “Salt” at Graumans Chinese Theatre in L.A., Angelina Jolie looked every bit Hollywood`s reigning queen. The spy thriller is due on 23rd of July in the US and one month later in the UK.

Photo: Courtesy of Asprey

Photo: Courtesy of Asprey

At her big night, the leading lady kept her look cool with a sexy black sequin tube dress by Emporio Armani, nude peep toes by Salvatore Ferragamo and just one piece of jewelry from her own collection that she had designed for luxury jewelers Asprey last year. The snake bracelet has been part of the very limited serpentine-inspired Protector Collection, with only 10 items of each design available and all proceeds going to the power couple`s charity.

But her best accessory might have been King Brad who appeared fur-free, meaning without his beard, looking a little like a young Robert Redford in his aviator sunglasses and Tom Ford suit. As I am a bag-addict, I immediately saw that the beautiful brunette showed up without one. So I was wondering what Brad might have been carrying in his pockets…

Angelina wore her favourite colour dress as in LBD (Little Black Dress). In fashionista circles, this is a must-have and the general consensus is a thumbs up! The sequins gave her classic look a sexy twist and the nude pumps worked perfectly with it.
In case you do not own a dress like that, please consider one. At the moment, there are a lot of beautiful ones available of which many are on sale. Here is my pre-selection:


If you prefer doing-it-yourself, I recommend a visit to the notions department. Sequin fabrics are not too expensive and used preferably for costumes. Just sew the material together and voilà there is your tube dress!

A sparkling LBD is a lifetime investment! Do it the Angelina way…

LoL, Sandra

Do-It-Yourself with Fendi

DIY Fendi

Are you tired of seeing your new bag hanging on other shoulders in the city? Would you love to have a designer bag in good quality just for yourself?
Fendi has the solution: The DIY Baguette Bag. The raffia (trend material this summer) bag in the iconic baguette shape comes in a pretty presentation box including a DIY embroidery kit with multicoloured threads, needles, thimbles and inspirations for your arts and crafts. I love the idea of creating an individual hand made piece and still having a brand accessory but I don`t agree with the price. Almost €800.- that I am doing most of the work myself is definitely too much.
Great concept – bad pricing!

LoL, Sandra

Rouge Coco

Rouge Coco

CIMG5020Chanel`s new lipstick Rouge Coco is based on Gabrielle Chanel`s first lipstick designs in the Fifties. It is replacing the exisiting Rouge Hydrabase and comes in 30 shades, each named after an influential time in Coco`s life like “Camelia” (a deep rose), “Paris” (a bright red) or my favourite colour Mademoiselle (a soft pink). I combine it with the lip pencil “Tulip” for a lighter look during the day and with the deeper tone “Griotte” for a nice pout at night. You can see the new bestselling shade in action on Vanessa Paradis who is the face of the campaign.

Peter Philipps (Chanel`s art director of make-up) made an interesting point as he has intended to bring the lipstick back into the lipgloss generation`s life. I am very happy with the new formula that provides softness along with the right amount of colour.

CIMG4992What I totally adore that you get a Chanel button with each lipstick`s purchase. You can collect or combine them with others. Pinned on a denim jacket, sweater or like I did on a black little bag, you have a trendy Eighties look with almost no money.


For my Zurich based readers, Jelmoli has some nice ones left. Hurry up!

LoL, Sandra