Ease Spa Zurich

Switzerland has a new beauty oasis, a very urban one: ease DESIGN SPA. A paradise in the city with a vibrant vibe, located in Zurich-West on the first floor of Puls 5. Of course, it doesn’t have this typical zen ambiance but that is on purpose. I enjoyed the facial treatment to funky music in a relaxing ambiance created by award-winning interior designers Dyer-Smith Frey very much.

The highly qualified team offers top quality service and a bundle of experience along with the comfort of a spa in the city.



ease Spa 10

Ease DESIGN SPA works with SALIN de BIOSEL from Italy. All products and treatments have been designed to be personalised “à la carte”. How does this work? By adding precious components aimed to solve your specific beauty problem, like a unique cosmetic recipe, you enjoy a treatment made exclusively to suit your skin needs.


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Everything at ease DESIGN SPA is easy, even the online booking service. I hope that you will feel as much at ease as I did.

LoL, Sandra

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Photos: Courtesy of Ease Spa and © Sandra Bauknecht