You think that being fashionable means having headphones with no wires attached is enough. Then you are mistaken. And if you’re still using the standard Apple case for your earbuds, you’re living your life wrong.

CHANEL offers new solutions that every fashionista will be dying to own as their tech accessories double as luxurious neckpieces.

CHANEL AirPods pearl necklace

First of all, let me introduce you to the AirPods necklace which is not only stylish, but also extremely practical. Coming in different versions, from a pearl choker to a sautoir style reminiscent of glasses holders, it allows you to slot your buds directly into the special clasps.

CHANEL sautoir AirPods necklace

Good news is that also looks great worn without the buds. A great investment piece for many years to come, no matter if Apple changes the size of the AirPods again.

CHANEL pearl necklace with chain and AirPods case

The French Maison has also made a number of AirPod case accessories – including a chain belt and necklaces worn around cross body – that will take your outfit to the next level. Needless to say, I couldn’t resist…

LoL, Sandra

CHANEL AirPods case in white caviar leather

Photos: ©CHANEL, © Sandra Bauknecht / David Biedert Photography