Well-known motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha and luxury fashion house Hermés have joined forces to produce the very unique concept bike named VMAX. With its four-cylinder engine and brushed metalwork, the VMAX is the very epitome of the muscle bike. Now the 180-year old French company, with its origine in equestrian saddle making, has returned to its roots and adorned the fabulous motorbike with the finest leather materials, covering everything from the headlight cover to the exhaust pipe.The idea was, according to Yamaha and Hermès, to “reinforce the sculptural lines of this unique object and underline its emotional power.”


So how do you go about buying one, assuming you’ve got the cash? It’s a goddamn beautiful bike. You can order the VMAX 1700 for 44500€TTC with Yamaha. The delivery is expected 1 to 4 months after having placed the order. On request, Hermès can add their flair.

For my Zurich based readers, good news, the bike is at the moment on display in the Hermès shop, Bahnhofstr.28A.

LoL, Sandra