Ladies, it is official, there is a shoe heaven on earth, located at London’s department store SelfridgesThe world’s largest shoe department opens its doors officially today.
Designed by world class architect Jamie Forbet, it is bigger than the huge ground floor of London’s Tate Modern.

Here some of the unbelievable facts:

-55000 shoes in stock at any one time

-4000 shoes on display

-150 international brands

-6 unique shoe galleries

-11 beautiful boutiques

-1 hanging garden

-1 restaurant located in between (hubby parking space)


A special preview party was held last week for an exclusive crowd to peruse the new space. Look at all those sweet treats in shoe shapes, so adorable!



Selfridges’ Director of Accessories Sebastian Manes describes it perfectly: „Imagine you are in a gallery. From the entrance you see a succession of doorways, and at the end a huge window flooding the space with daylight. Your journey begins at the front, with shoes from the best of the high street. Slowly you begin to travel through different galleries until you reach the end – the couture designer gallery, flanked by Chanel and Louboutin, and a vision of Eden – the new suspended garden at Selfridges. Shoe heaven!”


Unfortunately, they do not sell a lot of their brands online yet. So you will have to go on a little shopping trip to the British capital.
But here comes the best: You can say that you went through all the galleries. Imagine how impressed your art loving and intellectual girlfriends will be!

LoL, Sandra