The new meaning of French is bright and colourful. Chanel has started the trend with their recent Noir et Or twist on French manicure and YSL is taking the new hype even a little further with Rock and Baroque, the French house’s make-up collection for fall 2010.

Four different colour combinations are available to achieve the modern look on your nails: Belle de Jour (blue and turquoise), Riche Gauche (orange and pink), Belle de Nuit (gold and purple) and Y-Cone (the classic French combo).

CIMG6797As they were out in the US already, I got my hands on them. I can tell you, it was love at first brushstroke. The brushes are bevelled which makes the varnishing of the nails a lot easier.

CIMG6798Supposed to be released in Switzerland in the next week or two. The whole collection is really beautiful, so please check it out.
And if you cannot wait, experiment with the nail polishes you have at home. Enjoy!

LoL, Sandra