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Last week, I met Perry Oosting, President of Vertu. During the lovely press dinner, I have learnt a lot about the phone that is truly more than just a phone. I have to admit that I was pretty impressed.
I am familiar with the concierge service you get once you own an American Express Centurion Card but that something like this exists also when buying a phone, I didn’t know.

IMG_6447Perry Oosting (Photo: © Sandra Bauknecht)

„Vertu was born from a simple question: why would someone not wish to enjoy the same quality in their mobile phone as they did in their grand complication watch, fountain pen, luxury car or any other premium product? Luxury experience and enrichment was foremost in the minds of that team; every customer touch point was to be attended to and the experience was to be something truly special. What came of this was something that has become Vertu’s unique differentiator, and something for which it has become renowned: a dedicated concierge service, available at the touch of a button. This service grew into something much more: a full suite of luxury services, partnerships, benefits and opportunities, channeling relevant, tailored information, sourced independently by Vertu for its customers. The luxury of time really is something precious, and for the Vertu user, these dedicated services that are delivered to the phone help them to maintain a life that is beautifully arranged.“

– Perry Oosting, President of Vertu

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Signature Red Gold: 34.000 €

Here are some of the other lifestyle services offered by Vertu:

Vertu City Brief which is a highly curated and independent global digest of information covering more than 200 cities and destinations worldwide.

Vertu Select that delivers original articles selected to inspire, inform and entertain based on a user‟s region, preferences and passions.

Vertu Remote Assist that is currently available with Constellation Quest. Vertu Remote Assist is dedicated to providing technical assistance 24 hours a day and is a unique offering in the mobile phone market. which was introduced with the launch of Constellation Quest in October 2010. is a service that provides the user with a Vertu email account and effortless harmonisation of the device‟s lifestyle and business tools.

Those very luxurious fashionable mobile phones can be embellished with diamonds, made of pure gold depending on your budget. One thing is for sure, those lifestyle services coming with the Vertu will help you live your life beautifully arranged. For further information, please visit their website.
Stay tuned for Vertu’s new smartphone launch this fall.

LoL, Sandra

Constellation Quest: 7.700€

Constellation Quest: 7.700€