Duuya – Avantgarde Couture

While shopping on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, I came across a very interesting store called Duuya. I browsed through the subtle, very versatile avantgarde couture and asked the lady in the store about this beautiful collection. It turned out to be Jaga Buyan, the designer herself.

Famous model Devon Aoki in an outfit by Duuya

Famous model Devon Aoki in an outfit by Duuya

Born in Mongolia, she took her chance in 1999 and came to the US to fulfill the “American Dream”. Learning English quickly, Jaga began working in retail boutiques before launching her own clothing line and opening her shop on trendy Melrose Avenue in 2004.

Her courage paid off. Today, her unique signature distressed silk designs and perfect tailored pieces are sold in various stores in the US and internationally, and sometimes even seen on the red carpet in Hollywood.

Below you will find a preview of the upcoming S/S 2011 collection. If you are interested, feel free to contact Jaga at + 1 323 658 8481 (e-mail: ).

LoL, Sandra


Ready for Spring

Stella's fabulous Resort Collection

After my Fashion’s Night Out in London, I had another little treat on Thursday. Stella McCartney closed her boutique on Bruton Street in the afternoon to host a small special event for her girlfriends. I was so lucky to be there as well.
The presentation of her fabulous Resort 2011 collection was an eye candy. Gorgeous flower prints reminding me of the works by the Belgian painter and botanist Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1759-1840) who was called the “Raphael of flowers” evoked a longing for spring. Stella made the prints look as fresh as when first painted.

Slightly clashing pinks, clean whites and vibrant blues gave this collection a fresh and vigorous feeling.  The world’s most famous vegetarian designer who has built an empire on fur-and leather-free products knows her business. Without sacrificing sexiness for sustainability, she mixed elements of the sixties and nineties. The lace fabric with a three-d effect was to die for. I marked my choice with the little hearts.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact the London store at .
Stella Resort 2

Stella Resort 3

Stella Resort 4

In case you are not ready for spring yet, have a look at this stunning winter look that is available now. I am in love with the graphic well-tailored cuts.
By the way, Stella told me that there are no umbrellas this season, it is all about hats for her. Awesome, I am so on for this!

Stella Take it Easy

CIMG7260Before leaving my best shopping experience ever, Stella signed my Fashion’s Night Out T-shirt.
I will frame it now.

LoL, Sandra