While shopping on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, I came across a very interesting store called Duuya. I browsed through the subtle, very versatile avantgarde couture and asked the lady in the store about this beautiful collection. It turned out to be Jaga Buyan, the designer herself.

Famous model Devon Aoki in an outfit by Duuya

Famous model Devon Aoki in an outfit by Duuya

Born in Mongolia, she took her chance in 1999 and came to the US to fulfill the “American Dream”. Learning English quickly, Jaga began working in retail boutiques before launching her own clothing line and opening her shop on trendy Melrose Avenue in 2004.

Her courage paid off. Today, her unique signature distressed silk designs and perfect tailored pieces are sold in various stores in the US and internationally, and sometimes even seen on the red carpet in Hollywood.

Below you will find a preview of the upcoming S/S 2011 collection. If you are interested, feel free to contact Jaga at + 1 323 658 8481 (e-mail: ).

LoL, Sandra