CHANEL Nail Polish – Show Your True Colors

In spring 2023, the House of CHANEL is making it loud and clear: color has flair—the flair of the person wearing it. With the latest edition of its 24-hue LE VERNIS range, which includes 17 new nail polish shades, CHANEL has issued a creative manifesto that puts the spotlight on color as a way to satisfy every desire.

This season, the CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio has proven that it has creativity at its fingertips; in revisiting the LE VERNIS line, it has designed a rich, expressive collection that matches every mood and every emotion.

It was envisioned as a language, conceived to reflect a style, like the detail that makes all the difference in a look. CHANEL explored the subtlest hues in its color vocabulary to form the new palette, whose 24 shades range from vibrant to mysterious, giving every personality and every creative spirit a voice.

Because wearing fiery red, light pink, or khaki gray nails means stating exactly who you are at this very moment. Uncompromisingly. Unapologetically.

For this collection centered on five main color families, CHANEL, a master of emotion-conveying and sensation-provoking color, has given each nail polish its own character traits.

COLORS THAT ENERGIZE. Radiant shades that can boost your energy in a snap: a fiery red, a vibrant fuchsia pink and a bright coral, an intense plum.
COLORS THAT SOOTHE, that comfort. Soft neutrals that inspire calm and serenity: a light pink, a latte-colored beige.
COLORS THAT BRING JOY. Fresh, light, and optimistic hues that encourage playfulness and mischief: a cloud blue, a fresh lilac, a zesty yellow.
COLORS THAT DISRUPT, that break the rules in order to establish their own. Subtly dimmed and muted shades that do not fit the mold. In between two worlds, in between two shades: from pink-infused terracotta to androgynous gray with khaki accents.
COLORS THAT PROVIDE STRENGTH, designed to be worn as a manifesto: three assertive and alluring shades of red.
And finally, the finishing touch, a hint of luxury: a festive antique gold shade that rounds out the palette.

So, in this very moment, who are you? What story do you wish to share? The story of a whim, a crush, a case of the blues, a wake-up call… This May, be EMOTIONAIL.
Iconic, like latte-colored Légende beige. Calm, like moonlit Insomniaque white. Surprising, like tangy Ovni yellow. Rebellious, like bluish Pirate red. Now, it is your turn. Your turn to create. Your turn to dream up vibrant and lively color combinations and, for a limited time, adorn nails with House emblems. To design looks that are graphic, artistic—iconic, even.

FAUSSAIRE: a rosy beige
PREMIÈRE DAME: a bright coral pink
MUSE: a cloud blue
OVNI: a tangy yellow
DUELLISTE: a khaki gray
SORCIÈRE: a mauve
OISEAU DE NUIT: an aubergine
INCENDIAIRE: a red-orange
POMPIER: a raspberry red
PHÉNIX: a gold
LÉGENDE: a latte-colored beige
BALLERINA: a light pink
PASSE MURAILLE: a brownish rosewood
FABULISTE: a terracotta
FUGUEUSE: a deep blue
CAVALIER SEUL: a sage green
ACTIVISTE: a deep plum
DIVA: a fuchsia pink
PIRATE: a bluish red
ROUGE NOIR: a rouge noir
Each CHF 37.00

Limited-edition SET LE VERNIS, for creating unique manicures
LE VERNIS Incendiaire
LE VERNIS Insomniaque
NAIL DESIGN : One sheet of 45 iconic nail sticker designs in black + one sheet of 45 iconic nail sticker designs in white.
CHF 111.00

In stores Mid May.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © CHANEL #BeEmotioNail #CHANELMakeUp #CHANELNails #CHANELBeauty
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Beautiful Hands

Beautiful hands are the result of great care. I haven’t been a day without nail polish since a very long time. My favorite manicurists in Zurich is Carmen at Medical Garage and Megan at GG Cosmetics. They are mother and daughter, and I promise you will be in very good hands.

In terms of nourishment, I love this new hand cream from SHISEIDO’s best-selling ULTIMUNE collection. It is bursting with natural vitality that moisturizes and protects — courtesy of Multi-Defense Shield — for smoother, more beautiful skin. I love its quick-absorbing non-sticky texture, lasting smoothness, and relaxing floral scent in an easy to carry tube. In Switzerland available for CHF 32.00 (75ml).


LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht – @shiseido #Ultimume
DISCLOSURE: We may earn commission from links on this page, but I only recommend products I love. Promise!

OPI Mexico City Collection

Experience the eclectic colors of the world’s most thriving art scene – Mexico City – with OPI’s Spring 2020 Collection. The 12 new nail polish shades draw inspiration from by the city’s vibrant art and fashion scenes, jet-set appeal with trendy locales and award-winning cuisine, and exploration of individual self-expression. See what Mexico City has for your spring look and try on some hot and spicy style with the latest collection from OPI.

The collection will be available from Mid February 2020 in Nail Lacquer (CHF 19.90), Infinite Shine (CHF 24.90) and in GelColor at your manicurist. For more information where to find OPI in Switzerland, click here please.

Top: Telenovela Me About It – Hue Is The Artist? – Mariachi Makes My Day and Mi Casa Es Blue Casa  
MiddleMy Chihuahua Doesn’t Bite Anymore – Viva Opi! – Coral-ing Your Spirit Animal and Mural Mural On The Wall
BelowMexico City Move-Mint – Verde Nice To Meet You – Dont Tell A Sol and  Suzi’s Slinging Mezcal 

Pro tips on longer lasting manicure
•Push cuticles and clean nail beds with alcohol before base coat application
•Always apply some nail polish at the edge of your nails to prevent chipping on tip of your nails

1. Apply OPI Base Coat
Apply OPI Natural Nail Base Coat to the nail surface, increase lacquer adhesion and prevent discoloration.

2. Apply OPI Color
Apply two coats of Nail Lacquer color of choice (I love «Suzi’s Slinging Mezcal» from the Mexico City Collection!), first stroking down the middle of nail and then on each side for complete coverage.

3. Apply OPI Top Coat
Shake OPI Top Coat thoroughly, then apply one coat to each nail to provide a beautiful shiny finish & extended life to your manicure.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © OPI and © Sandra Bauknecht

Christian Dior Milky Dots Manicure Kit

Dior-Milky-Dots-Summer-2016-Collection-1Dior Milky Dots

Christian Dior himself praised the timeless aura of polka dots: “they offer charm, elegance, relaxation and are always casual.

Joyous, elegant and timeless, polka dots are at the heart of DIOR‘s summer make-up collection with  confetti-strewn nails that are an invitation to dive into a fantasy-filled world.


Step 1: apply a coat of polish
Step 2: dip the Dotting Tool into the second polish in the set
Step 3: dab polka dots onto the base coat



Pastilles: an azure blue punctuated with nude beige

Confettis: a bold melon heightened with cherry red

Plumetis: a petal pink dotted with lavender mauve

DIOR Vernis with «dotting tool» (one shot) is available now for CHF 44.50.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Dior

The World’s Fastest Manicure


Alexa Chung is a fan and we are, too. Here is the fastest manicure. Painting your nails will never be the same again with NAILS INC’s ‘Spray Can’ polish. Designed to be as quick and easy as applying perfume, it goes on by simply misting over fingertips to achieve a super smooth finish. You have to use a base coat and can wash the excess away with warm soapy water after spraying. Or use a cleansing wipe when on the go. You will be left with a perfectly applied manicure. We will never have to go all chipped and half-painted again!


«Porchester Square» is the perfect nude shade to match any look.

To shop NAILS INC Spray Can Nail Polishes, please click here.

LoL, Sandra


Photos: Courtesy of NAILS INC