The Great Wall and Ming Tombs

Great Wall and Ming Tombs

The Great Wall and the Imperial Tombs of the Ming Dynasty are both considered as having outstanding universal value by UNESCO and are therefore on the World Heritage List. I visited them today and truly enjoyed this sightseeing. The only negative aspect was the weather. However, after a bit of pouring rain and dense fog in the beginning of my tour that made it difficult to see anything at all, I was lucky that the sky opened up a little bit so that I could snap some photos of the beautiful scenery. But it felt like being in a steam bath…

Sandra Bauknecht Great Wall July 2013

My look: Homiés cotton T-shirticon by Brian Lichtenberg, black stretch pants by Tommy Hilfiger, bangles by Sal y Limon and GOrun ride 2 running shoes by Skechers.

Sandra Bauknecht Great Wall Homies

Great Wall

The impressive Great Wall is the world’s largest military structure and stretches to over 6,700 km (4,160 miles) in total.


Ming Tomb

After my visit to the Great Wall, I went to see the Ming Tombs in Changling and the Shendao (God Street) of 13 mausoleums. The architectures are absolutely magnificent. My favourite were the stone statue groups delicately carved and beautifully shaped that looked in the dence fog absolutely mystically.

Today, I am off to Shanghai… more coming up soon.

LoL, Sandra

Ming Tomb 3

Min Tomb 2

Ming Tomb 4

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht

Most Wanted: Brian Lichtenberg


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LoL, Sandra

Brian_Lichtenberg_HoniésPhotos: Courtesy of Brian Lichtenberg