On a Boat Tour from Guilin to Yangshou

Sandra Bauknecht-Boat Tour_Guilin Yangshou

On Wednesday, I flew over Kunming with Lucky Air to Guilin. From there, I took yesterday morning a boat on the beautiful Lijiang River to Yangshou. The cruise was amazing with a very interesting lunch. Have you ever tried snake wine?

The river reminded me of a jade ribbon winding among thousands of grotesque peaks. The reflections of the hills in the clear and greenish water were like bright and beautiful pictures. And I couldn’t stop taking them. Here are my favourites, enjoy!

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Boat Guilin 1

Selfie Boat Sandra Bauknecht

Boat 6

Aboard the ship!

Sandra Bauknecht Boat Guilin


When the Lijiang river takes a big turn at Xingping, the beautiful scenery on the 20 Yuan note shows up.

Boat 5


In the boat’s fancy outdoor kitchen, the lunch was prepared.

Lunch Boat

Snake Wine

The snake wine is produced by infusing whole snakes, perferably venemous ones, in rice wine or grain alcohol. The drink is considered an important curative and believed to reinvigorate a person according to traditional Chinese medicine.

Yangshou 3

Later, I had dinner while enjoying the beautiful sunset along the river. Another day filled with amazing impressions…

LoL, Sandra

Sunset Yangshou

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht

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LoL, Sandra

Brian_Lichtenberg_HoniésPhotos: Courtesy of Brian Lichtenberg