Estée Lauder x Duro Olowu

«Sometimes you just need to allow inspiration to find you—wherever in the world it may be.» – Duro Olowu

Nigerian-born, London-based fashion designer Duro Olowu, the prince of prints, created his first-ever makeup collection with Estée Lauder, that I don’t want you to miss as I spotted it myself in British Vogue. Beautiful, vibrant and full of life are the six customized make-up products, inspired by his own effortlessly stylish clothing collections, which celebrate freedom of expression, individuality, and the strong, confident woman who wears them.

Being trendy has never been of interest to Duro. He has always been more interested in the culture of style to create pieces that effortlessly stand the test of time. His prints are inspired by his Nigerian, Jamaican, and British backgrounds, as well as his love of art. About his creative process he says: «Fabrics always tell a story, and, when mixed well, exude the kind of joie de vivre and allure I am constantly inspired by.»

In Switzerland, the Estée Lauder x Duro Olowu collection is only available online.
CLICK HERE TO BE TRANSFERED DIRECTLY. Great news is that shipping is free until this Sunday, Aug 4, 2019.

LoL, Sandra

Duro Olowu with me

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht, Courtesy of Estée Lauder, Magazine in Collage: British Vogue

Giorgio Armani – Luxe is More

To celebrate the end-of-year holidays, Giorgio Armani Beauty has chosen to pay tribute to 30’s and 40’s film legends.

Queens of Hollywood Glamour, the enigmatic Marlene Dietrich, platinum bombshell Jean Harlow and flamboyant Rita Hayworth captivated millions of film-goers with their undeniable chic. Typical of the glamour of the era, their sophisticated style fascinates to this day: translucent complexions, radiant eyes highlighted with a subtle dash of eyeliner, and scarlet mouths to complete the look.


Giorgio Armani’s oversized Luxe Is More Face & Eye Palette features ten harmonious eyeshadow shades, a silky compact powder and two shades of cream foundation.
CHF 169.00


The now famous Giorgio Armani Eye Tint is available in three light-infused nude shades. The classic formula for this product has been enriched in ‘Mirage Bright Silver’ pearl particles and pigments to create dashes of silvery light to intensify the gaze:

N°16 Rose Platinum, N°17 Hollywood, N°18 Silver Mirage
CHF 52.00 each

Combined, mix and match-style with the Luxe Is More eyeshadows, the Eye Tint fluid can be used like an eyeliner or layered for a sophisticated look.

More sophisticated than a lip gloss, and more radiant than a matte lipstick, the must-have Lip Maestro lip lacquer is more desirable than ever before with a ‘Fire Spectral’ pearl- enriched formula. Iridescent pearl particles have been added to the classic formula for the first time to enhance the original matte finish with unique luminosity. And let’s not forget the velvety-soft feeling upon contact with the lips, and the unparalleled comfort even after several hours of wear.

N° 405 Orient, N° 406 Sultan, N° 414 Pure Red, N° 507 Boudoir, N° 508 Pearly nude, N° 509 Ruby Nude, CHF 51.00 each

The collection is in stores now. I am absolutely in love with these products!

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Giorgio Armani

MAC x Isabel & Ruben Toledo


Fashion’s most romantic couple, Isabel and Ruben Toledo, are renowned for their award-winning and imaginative work in fashion design and illustration. This unique collaboration with MAC pair’s Isabel’s sensational penchant for colour with Ruben’s vibrant energy in a palette of hues designed to sculpt, paint and transform the face.

Specially designed white packaging features Ruben’s illustrations, an array of graphic lines and red-lipped faces brought to life with his one-of-a-kind aesthetic. In stores now and available online here.


MAC Bellgreens Eye Shadow Palette (CHF66)
Fresh Blade: Pale frosted yellow (Veluxe Pearl)
Gorgeous Gold: Muted yellow gold (Veluxe Pearl)
Savant: Mid-tone mustard lime (Satin)
Vicuña: Light neutral olive (Frost)
Charcoal Brown: Muted taupe brown (Matte)
Sushigreen: Charcoal olive with multidimensional pearl (Velvet)

MAC Violetwink Eye Shadow Palette (CHF66)
Sweet Allure: Soft light pink (Satin)
French Clay: White grey (Frost)
Stars ‘N’ Rockets: Purple with pink pearl (Veluxe Pearl)
Tendersmoke: Muted silver lilac (Frost)
Frizzyplum: Dark violet with multidimensional pearl (Frost)
Overnight: Cool black (Matte)

MAC Moodyblu Eye Shadow Palette (CHF66)
Midnight Snow: Pale silver (Frost)
Idol Eyes: Silver violet with gold (Lustre)
Deep Truth: True dark blue (Frost)
Knight Divine: Black with silver pearl (Veluxe Pearl)
Indigogo: Blackened navy with multidimensional pearl (Veluxe)


MAC Lipstick (CHF31)
Oxblood: Light peachy nude (Matte)
Barbeque: Vivid orange red (Matte)
Victoriana: Mid-tone pink red (Matte) Tenor Voice: True classic red (Matte) Opera: Dark red (Matte)
Sin: Deep blood red (Matte)


MAC Lipglass (CHF29)
Oxblood: Light peachy nude
Barbeque: Vivid orange red
Victoriana: Mid-tone pink red
Tenor Voice: True classic red
: Dark red
Sin: Deep blood red


MAC Blush Ombre (CHF42)
Ripe Peach: Light coral Azalea Blossom: Light cool pink Kindergaren Red: Crimson into pale nude MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner ($17.50) Designer Purple: Iridescent violet Chlorafill: Green line with pearl Petrol Blue: Deep navy with pearl


MAC Modern Twist Lash Mascara (CHF37)
Vynil: Black
Caligrafy: Navy
Tarot: Purple
Chlorafill: Lime


MAC Nail Lacquer (CHF20) 
Faint of Heart: Palest milky nude (Cream)
Venus Red: Clean true red (Cream)
Vixen: Deep burgundy red (Cream)


MAC Isabel and Ruben Toledo 129SE Powder/Blush Brush (CHF57)


MAC Isabel and Ruben Toledo Makeup Bag (CHF38, only available online)

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Chanel Etats Poétiques Makeup Collection

Chanel-Etats Poetiques

This fall, CHANEL launches its new poetic makeup collection ÉTATS POÉTIQUES inspired by passion and emotion with the main focus on eyes.

Eyeshadow aficionados should be all over it – along with a neutral shadow quad, the new releases include six shades of Ombre Essentielle singles. A redesigned eyeliner pen defines a tone of mystery with a sleek felt tip for ultimate precision.


It is an intriguing game of opposites: innocent and stormy, soft and intense. A spectrum of pink shades, a poetic tenderness, balanced with tones of purple, radiant yellow and dramatic grey.

Art of poetry that we love… here is the complete collection:

fall2014_chanel-etats poetiques

Joues Contraste Powder Blush (CHF 60.00)
160 Innocence


Les 4 Ombres (CHF 77.00)
234 Poésie

fall2014_chanel-etats poetiques-ombres

Ombre Essentielle (CHF 43.00)
102 Sensation (ivory pink)
104 Palpitation (soft rose)
106 Hésitation (pink plum)
108 Exaltation (bright pink)
112 Pulsion (deep plum)
114 Admiration (golden yellow)


Ecriture de Chanel Automatic Liquid Eyeliner (CHF 49.00)
10 Noir
20 Brun

fall2014_chanel-etats poetiques-lipsticks

Rouge Coco Shine (CHF 46.00)
93 Intime (soft pink)
94 Confident (intense rosewood)

Rouge Coco Shine Full Colour (CHF 46.00)
95 Viva (raspberry)
96 Aura (plum)

fall2014_chanel-etats poetiques-lips

Lèvres Scintillantes (CHF 41.00)
189 Rose Rêvé (milky pink)
191 Songe (iridescent pearl)

fall2014_chanel-etats poetiques-nails

Le Vernis (CHF 35.00)
625 Secret (nude)
629 Atmosphere (iridescent pearl)
631 Orage (grey blue)

Secret by Chanel

My favorite shade is 625 Secret, it is just the perfect nude tone that suits every skin color.
The collection will hit the stores in Switzerland in the end of August 2014.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Chanel, Julien Claessens et Thomas Deschamps, © Sandra Bauknecht

Dior Iconic Event – The First Photos


The reason for my recent trip to Paris with Dior was the launch of the French house’s newest mascara and mono eyeshadow palettes. I am not allowed to show you all the photos yet as some more exciting things will be coming up. But here are some pics that give you an idea how amazing my shoot for the new Dior Iconic campaign was and of course all details concerning the new eye makeup beauty musts that are in stores now.

Dior_iconic 50


The star of the event: DIORSHOW ICONIC OVERCURL
Spectacular volume and curl professional mascara

Born from the meeting between a high-performance “wave-curved” brush and a “K-Polymers” formula that holds a volume-boosting, shape-defining memory, Diorshow Iconic Overcurl lavishly thickens the lashes in an instant, creating a curl that is naturally more eye-catching from one day to the next. The brush is easy to handle, you can really catch even the tiniest lashes in one stroke. The formula is perfect thanks to a trio of oils and waxes that come with some pretty powerful volumising effects. The mascara rinses away easily with lukewarm water or with a makeup remover.

CHF 48.oo
Available in Over Black/ Over Brown and Over Blue





Long-lasting felt-tip eyeliner

With a calligraphic felt-tip applicator and a deep black gel-like formula (that can be rinsed with warm water), you will be able to create the perfect intense and precise line. I am sure that you will love its professional glide and exceptional hold.

CHF 49.00



Wet & dry backstage eyeshadows

Colour is a question of fashion. On fabrics or eyes, it flies in the face of conventions, picks up new moods and dares to be transformed in a variety of combinations. Irresistible with their embossed “logomania” motif, the mono shades set the tone for a resolutely on-fashion gaze, running the full gamut of bold, fun or sophisticated creation.

These highly desirable colours come in two finishes:
– a very light daywear halo, applied with a dry sponge-tip;
– a vibrant, intense, flat colour with spellbinding reflections, when used with a slightly damp sponge-tip.

CHF 47.00




Et voilà, for your eyes only…
The official Dior Iconic photo of my eyes in which I am wearing DIORSHOW ICONIC OVERCURL mascara in Over Black, DIORSHOW MONO eyeshadows in 386 Blue Denim (base) and 453 Spencer (crease & blend). My eyebrows were kept as natural as possible.

Hope that you will like it!

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Dior and © Sandra Bauknecht

Dior Golden Jungle Fall 2012 Makeup

Dior Golden Jungle Fall 2012

Dior‘s fall 2012 makeup collection GOLDEN JUNGLE could not be more perfect. A mix of gold, khaki, and light earth tones – beautifully combined – comes with some amazing surprises. Have a look below and explore the gorgeous crocodile leather effect on the nails along with the fierce animal pattern on the star product. For the feline goddess in you!

Dior Golden Jungle 17

Dior Golden Jungle 12


Golden Jungle Palette Fall Look 2012 – CHF 110.-
Available in Golden Khakis and Golden Browns

dior golden jungle 8

Dior Golden Jungle 9

Dior Golden Jungle 16


5 Couleurs Eyes in Khaki Design – CHF 90.-

Dior Golden Jungle 10

dior golden jungle 3

Perfect for fall: Glowing skin is combined with a light shimmer right up to the brow-bone, punctuated with a bold, thickly drawn cat’s eye and finished off with lots of mascara.

Dior Golden jungle 13


3 Couleurs Eyes – CHF 68.-
Available in Ivory Glow and Nude Glow

Dior Golden Jungle 21

Dior Golden Jungle 11


Dior Blush – CHF 69.-
Available in Sugar & Spice and Sunkissed Cinnamon

dior golden jungle 20

Dior Golden Jungle 2


Dior Addict Lipstick (One Shots) – CHF 46.- each
Available in Wild, Instinct, Fatale and Daring

dior golden jungle 6



Dangerous right down to your nails, the must-have nail polish is the new Duo Vernis, combining a gold base with a matte olive topcoat. The crackled effect is stunningly reptilian, like the scales of a crocodile.

Dior Golden Jungle Nail Art Duo (One Shot) – CHF 54.-
Dior Vernis (One Shot) – CHF 37.- each in Amazonia and Bengale

Dior Golden Jungle 15


This gorgeous collection will be available in Switzerland from August 15, 2012. I think with your summer tan, these shades will look absolutely divine.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Dior and © Sandra Bauknecht

Shop & Cook MAC for Desperate Housewives

Shop MAC

If you have been to a MAC counter recently and seen all the makeup assistants looking like kitsch Stepford Wives on acid, do not wonder!  
It’s part of their latest super-cute collection, Shop & Cook MAC which is in my opinion one of their best ones yet.


The message is clear! Shop ’til you drop with a tongue-in-cheek collection that elevates the everyday into the extraordinary. Try the delicious, delovely assortment of Eye Shadow x 4, mouthwateringly Kissable Lipcolour and Cremeblend Blush. Check it out! Gotta have it!

Shop MAC


Cook MAC

Gourmet glamour is here. Look delicious while you whip it up! MAC’s recipe for kitchen couture is here in savoury shades for eyes and lips. Dishy Nail Lacquers, too. Bon appétit!

Cook MAC

Hurry, the collection will only be available until the end of April 2012.

LoL, Sandra

IMG_0168Photos: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics and © Sandra Bauknecht

Ombres Matelassées and Chanel N°51


Let me introduce you the Ombres Matelassées, the new eye palette from Peter Philips, Creative Director of Chanel Makeup, that offers a new interpretation of the iconic quilted effect so emblematic of Chanel.

Held in a black rectangular case, the five shades Pear, Pale Gold, Gold, Golden Khaki and Black Night are presented in a harmonious crisscross arrangement. Simply apply as desired to the eyelids, using the double-tipped foam applicators and brush.

Application tips:
– Use the foam applicator to apply the eyeshadows and the brush to gently blend them, for a makeup look that mixes different shades.
– The two darker shades can be used damp as an eyeliner. Simply apply with the tip of a foam applicator, along the base of the lashes.

Available in Switzerland at Chanel boutiques from the beginning of April for CHF 85.-.


In Paris, the Ombres Matelassées palette was pre-released at the re-opening of the Chanel boutique on 51, Avenue Montaigne last week.
This 600m2 boutique houses the unique world of Chanel and all of Karl Lagerfeld’s creations – Ready-to-Wear, handbags, shoes, jewellery and other accessories as well as fine jewellery and watches.


The two floors of the new space were inspired by the finesse of Mademoiselle Chanel’s private apartment at 31 Rue Cambon.


The conception of this new address was entrusted to New York architect Peter Marino, who is responsible for all of the Chanel boutiques across the globe.

LoL, Sandra

Ambiance pictures by Delphine Achard_06

Ambiance pictures by Delphine Achard_10Photos: Courtesy of Chanel

Dior’s Spring Make-up Look: Garden Party

Dior Garden Party

“After women, flowers are the most heavenly creation.” — Christian Dior

Here is your perfect make-up look to complement your new floral outfit. The huge S/S 2012 fashion trend has also come across the world of beauty. Dior‘s “Garden Party” collection is amazing and will be available in Switzerland starting on the 18th of January, 2012.

Karlie Kloss Dior

First of all, let me tell you a little story:

Christian Dior grew up in Granville, on the cliffs of Normandy, in a house buffeted by strong winds, and seemingly unsuited to the creation of a garden. However, the young man’s creative strength and relentless hard work defied nature, and today one can still admire the garden in bloom and in particular, the fantastic rose garden planted with his own hands.

Christian Dior also loved the excitement of parties, and often hosted the aptly named “Grand Balls of the Century” with enchanted beauties from the Normandy coast and Paris alike. The theme of the festive garden is still alive today throughout many Dior creations. The Dior spring colour collection is inspired by Dior’s fantastic garden.”

Dior Garden2


Let me get you started with the stars of the collection and my absolute favourites: The two SCENTED nail polishes in 694 Forget-me-not (light mauve) and 504 Waterlily (soft green) which you can see on my nails below.

DIOR VERNIS “Garden Party” (one-shot): CHF 38 each

The nail polishes come with a rose scent that is only discernible when you hold your nails close to your nose (which started to look weird as I couldn’t stop myself from smelling my yummy finger nails). The scent only starts to appear when the polish dries on your nails. It is amazing, love, love, love it!


Dior eyeshadows Garden


The 5-Couleurs “Garden Edition” Couture Eyeshadows Palette (one-shot): CHF 92 each

841 Garden Roses Soft pinks, Parma violet, silver and purple (see photo above left)
441 Garden Pastels Pale pink, buttercup yellow and luminous greens (see photo below left)

The 3-Couleurs Smoky Palette: CHF 68 each

461 Smoky Garden (one-shot) (see photo below right)
961 Smoky Violet (see photo top right)


Dior Garden 4

Dior Minaudière Garden Party


The “Garden Party” star product is a piece of art, a clutch that was designed with the floral spirit in mind. Featuring a glossy leather-like shell, adorned with a woven pattern and sealed by a beautiful rose clasp, this limited-edition makeup must-have for eyes and lips should be on your shopping list! Inside is a trio of delicate rose-embossed eye shadows, one shade of Dior Ultra-Gloss and one Lip Maximizer. Available in two colour harmonies:

Star Product (one-shot) “Garden Clutch Make-up Palette”, CHF 115 each

001 Milly Garden (see my photos below)
002 Granville Garden (see photo above)



Minaudiêre 2

Rosy Glow


This is an amazing product! This blush enhances your unique cheek colour for an ultra-natural and customized healthy glow effect. Your face looks after the application as if revitalized with a breath of fresh air.

DIORSKIN Rosy Glow Blush 001 Pétale: CHF 69

Rouge 2

Dior garden lipsticks


Rouge Dior, CHF 48 each

363 Rose Corolle/ Corolle Pink
448 Rose Tulipe/ Tulip Pink

Rouge Sérum, CHF 52 each

255 Rosée Sérum
355 Pétale Sérum

DIOR Addict Ultra Gloss, CHF 44 each

152 Rose Mondain/ Socialite Pink
396 Party Lilac
452 Rose Pretty/ Pretty Rose

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Dior and © Sandra Bauknecht

Guerlain Holiday 2011 – Belle de Nuit

Belle de Nuit

Guerlain‘s inspiration behind their beautiful Holiday 2011 makeup look “Belle de Nuit” is truly worth reading it and might leave you intrigued. Enjoy!

“During the 1920’s and 1930’s, pioneers in aviation accomplished unimaginable feats and these brave pilots became instant, worldwide heroes. It was during this revolutionary period, in 1933, that Jacques Guerlain composed the legendary perfume Vol de Nuit, meaning “Night Flight,” as a tribute to the most famous women aviators of his time. Named for the second book written by his close friend Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Guerlain’s creation was a bold oriental fragrance that served as ode to all fearless women. Comprised of woody, vanilla and powdery iris notes, Vol de Nuit was for the woman who laughs in the face of fear, for whom nothing is impossible.


For Guerlain’s Holiday 2011 make-up collection Belle de Nuit, Creative Director Oliver Échaudemaison takes his inspiration from this legendary fragrance. Evoking the changing shades of the night sky, he created daring tones that are both dark and dramatic with mesmerizing iridescent accents. With lacquered and blue-green details, the products are encased within boxes that reveal the blue and black zebra motif found on the original Vol de Nuit box design. Belle de Nuit is a sophisticated and enchanting limited edition collection that is as fleeting as nightfall.”

Let’s take a closer look at those very luxurious limited-edition pieces:


iG041211 - Vol De Nuit - PSD

Vol de Nuit Poudre Iridescente Parfumée – Face & Body – CHF 111.-

The star product is a combination of a luminous powder and a fragrance that wraps the skin with a veil of iridescent shimmer while being deliciously fragranced by the notes of Vol de Nuit. The universal pale pink shade is accentuated with blue-green and silvery hues to leave the face, body and hair sparkling. The bottle reinterprets that of the original Vol de Nuit, which was revolutionary at the time by being the first to combine glass and metal.



G041212 - Meteorites Perles De Nuit - PSD

Météorites Perles de Nuit Poudre Lumière – Eclat Pur – CHF 74.-

The cult favorite is back and reinvented this holiday season. Although the formula remains untouched, Météorites Perles de Nuit leaves the face glowing and radiant with a new tailor-made harmony. Five perfectly smooth pearls correct, illuminate and even out the skin. It is composed of pink pearls to capture light, white to illuminate the complexion, gold to reflect light, orange to boost radiance and silver to add shimmer without whitening the skin.


G041213 - Parure De Nuit - PSD

Parure de Nuit – Poudre Pressée & Blush – CHF 97.-

Parure de Nuit is a face powder and blush in one and uses pale pink, white, deep pink and blue green to harmonise skin tone. It comes with a super-soft brush so you can softly sweep across all the shades for face illumination. So pretty!


G041214 - FAP4 Les Ombres De Nuit - PSD

Ecrin 4 Couleurs N° 10 Les Ombres de Nuit – CHF 80.-

Guerlain has developed a new color harmony made especially for night owls that creates smoky, seductive and spellbinding eyes. An iridescent texture of green, blue and grey pearlescent particles release luminous color with an extremely metallic finish and is combined with an extra-matte black shadow for a precise, intense liner effect.


G041215 - Rouge automatique - Nuit D'amour - PSD

Rouge Automatique – Le Rouge Hydratant Longue Tenue – CHF 54.-

The thirties icon Rouge Automatique is back and is more modern and attractive than ever. The Art Déco inspired case opens and closes at the flick of a hand revealing two new shades for holiday. Seductive, yet innocent, in Rouge Automatique, Guerlain has created a second-skin texture allowing for long-lasting wear.

Two limited edition shades:
169 Flirt d’un Jour: A soft and luminous pink, evocative of passionate kisses.
170 Nuit d’Amour: A surprising black red that reveals an intense plum color on the lips (above).


Opening a Guerlain product feels like opening a present, so have fun indulging yourself in pure luxury. The collection is available now.

My beauty must-have: Vol de Nuit Poudre Iridescente Parfumée that will add the perfect sparkle to every festive outfit.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Guerlain