Those four brushes should be in every woman’s closet. Björn Axén has launched a collection called «Hairdressers’ Favourite»! Blow out, detangling, wet or volume – a brush for every occasion.

Volume Brush
Styling & Detangling

Use this light and convenient hair brush for creating volume at the roots, styling and detangling. Perfect for fine or thin and normal hair.
CHF 39.00

Wet Hair Brush
Detangling & Blowout

This detangling and blowout brush in one is perfect for blow-drying thanks to the vents that help reduce the drying time. It gently detangles wet and towel-dry hair and performs just as well on dry hair. The soft bristles are kind and gentle to your scalp.
CHF 39.00

Blowout Brush
Volume & Curls

This professional round styling brush is especially designed for blowouts. It creates volume, curls or gentle waves. It has strong bristles for rapid styling. The vented metal barrel makes styling easy. The handle is a unique design by Björn Axen to give you the best grip.
CHF 39.00

Detangling Brush
For All Hairtypes

This very effective detangling brush with flexible bristles and soft tips ensures minimum damage and kind and gentle scalp treatment. It is designed for dry or towel-dried hair. Suitable for all hair types.
CHF 39.00

For your new hair accessories to last longer, protect them from dust, dirt and damage by using the bag they come with (see photo above) at home or when travelling.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Björn Axén