Express the Essence of You

Pandora Essence CoverRecently I was invited to explore PANDORA‘s new Essence Collection during an extremely yummy lunch at the Park Hyatt in Zurich.

Pandora -Lunch 2

The contemporary concept is featuring a slender sterling silver bracelet with an accompanying assortment of 24 sterling silver charms, hand-finished from precious metals and symbolic stones, each representing an inner value. It taps into current trends for personal and emotional connection, presenting different women that are each expressing their inner values such as joy, trust, passion, confidence, love, courage, faith and wisdom.

Pandora Essence Collection

The new Pandora Essence Collection is in stores now around the world and a wonderful gift idea for a dear friend, a beloved sibling or your dear mother for Christmas. It is also the perfect way to express the essence of you, something meaningful around your wrist that reminds you every day of the values you care about.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Pandora and © Sandra Bauknecht

Advent Calendar Day 13


Those mini micro bags are cuteness on a whole new level and a perfect way for every girl to own a Miu Miu. It’s easily attachable to your regular sized handbag. Enjoy the attention!

Available in Miu Miu stores now or online.

LoL, Sandra





MM2Photos: Courtesy of Miu Miu

Thomas Sabo Goes Asia for F/W 2011

Pop Now

Yesterday, I was invited to explore the upcoming Thomas Sabo F/W 2011 collection. The presentation was held at the Asian restaurant Tao’s in Zurich and the location couldn’t have been better for the so-called „Exotic Issue – Pop goes Asia“ that draws inspiration from the electrifying nightlife of an Asian megacity, merging the power pop era of the ’80s with the coquettish charm of a ’30s Shanghai.


The new Thomas Sabo collection is dazzling and original, for both women and men. It brings up a kind of holiday feeling, the same you experience entering a foreign and magic world.

TSLB34 Leather Dragon bracelet with onyx, 925 Sterling silver


Enjoy the positive karma of the Buddhist Great Blessing symbols – which promise joy, health, peace and long life, among other things. What a lovely gift to surprise a beloved one!

TS6Left: T0292 Panda pendant with white syn. zirconia and black enamel, T 0300 Fan pendant with black syn. zirconia and red enamel, 925 Sterling silver
Right: T0294 Panda pendant with white syn. zirconia, black enamel and a hand-crafted, white imitation pearl, 925 Sterling silver

TS5Left: PE421 Lantern pendant with black syn. zirconia and red enamel, 925 Sterling silver
Right: H1755 Earrings with black syn. zirconia, 925 Sterling Silver

And not only for modern Geishas and Kung Fu fighters…

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Thomas Sabo and © Debora Zeyrek for Tilllate

A Little Love for Easter

Charms lamb and wolf, starting at € 115 each

Still looking for a little Easter surprise. Here are some suggestions that are perfect for those who want to declare their love within a budget or feel good when helping others.

Earrings starting at € 364

Dodo belongs to famous Italian jewelry brand Pomellato and is definitely their sweetest collection. The dodo pendants are a happy company of animals who speak the language of feelings and emotions. Each dodo reveals a little bit of who we are and what we want to say, sending a wonderful personal message to our loved ones.

Those who look like innocent little lambs and those who pass for big bad wolves often make a perfect couple. Why not giving such a sweet little Easter lamb instead of eating it?!

Charms lamb and wolf  starting at € 115 each, earrings starting at € 364 each pair.

Bracciale Japan highres

Gucci introduces a limited edition charity bracelet to support earthquake relief efforts in Japan.  All proceeds from sales of the bracelet will benefit the Japanese Red Cross Society to support victims of the devastating Higashi Nihon Dai-Shinsai earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in March.

Featuring a white-red-white web that recalls the colors of the Japanese flag, the bracelet carries a medal with a message that reads, “Gucci loves you.” The limited edition bracelet will be available from April 23, for CHF 120. Who doesn’t want to be loved by Gucci?


Vanessa Tugendhaft has also created two bracelets to salute and support the stricken nation: Bracelet Nobless – a diamond for Japan, something to remember.

NOBLESS1The Nobless bracelet is available in two forms at affordable prices for larger mobilisation.
– a white unbreakable thread with a central motif without diamond in rhodium silver and red enamel : CHF 69
(CHF 13 will be donated to the Red Cross)
– a white unbreakable thread with a diamond trimmed central motif in rhodium silver and red enamel : CHF 129
(CHF 26 will be donated to the Red Cross).

Available through Kids and the City, phone +41 79 768 37 23.

Enjoy your Easter weekend and Happy Spring to everyone, it is really here!

LoL, Sandra