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As you know, the new edition of L’Officiel Switzerland that is hitting the newsstands today is dedicated to beauty. When we put the issue together, we wanted to feature Swiss women who influence the world of beauty in our Alpine country. Above you see lovely Patrizia Schlatter (photographed by Robert Bellamy) who brought together with her business partner Marc Winiger a great idea to life: INTHEWHITEROOM, Switzerland’s first beauty walk-in centre located in Basel that combines classic cosmetic and medical aesthestic treatments under one roof, following its slogan walk in and enjoy beauty“.




Massages, a nail studio, a cryosauna, tooth whitening, all is promised to be enjoyed on short notice. Alongside skincare and beauty treatments there is also a range of innovative cosmetic products from exclusive brands such Sisley, Ligne St. Barth, SBT, Butter London, Revitala and Alphasense.

Alphasense Kopie

The latter is also featured in the new L’Officiel magazine. ALPHASENSE SWISS COSMETICS is a great program invented by Tanja Medweth (see photo below) to fight the signs of cellulite. The gorgeous brunette who is also living in the Basel area researched for many years and came up with the help of scientists with a five-step program featuring a body roller to stimulate the circulation, a firming power gel that breaks the vicious cellulite cycle, a basic powder and a herbal tea that both help to eliminate overacidification in your body, along with slimming pants that worn at night emphasize the effect extremely.

Congrats to those two amazing women that help making our world more beautiful! And of course congrats to our Swiss national soccer team for reaching the round of 16!

LoL, Sandra


Photos: Courtesy of inthewhiteroom, Alphasense and © Robert Bellamy/L’Officiel Switzerland