A Day at the Nescens Medical SpaRecently, I was invited to La Réserve in Geneva, one of my favorite hotels in this area, to be pampered in their spa with the amazing products of Nescens. During my stay, I also had the honor to meet Professor Jacques Proust, a pioneer in the biology of aging and anti-aging medicine, who created fifteen years ago a center that is unique in Europe: “Centre de Prévention du Vieillissement” (Nescens Center for Preventive Medicine at the Clinique de Genolier).

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Professor Proust’s passionate vision is pretty simple and easy to understand as every human being deeply aspires to enjoying the best of life for as long as possible and needless to say this is accomplished through the preservation of his or her appearance, physical fitness and health. He created Nescens to help every individual attain this legitimate desire.

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Building on his years of fundamental research in the field of senescence, Professor Jacques Proust developed a deep interest in the therapeutic strategies susceptible of slowing down the effects of aging on the human body. As the largest and most exposed organ of the body, the skin naturally attracted his scientific interest. Based on his knowledge of the biological mechanisms underlying the aging process, Professor Jacques Proust devised the Nescens cosmeceutical range and its product formulas which are all scientifically validated.

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I can absolutely recommend a visit to the Nescens Medical Spa that is located inside the 5-star hotel La Réserve Genève. Being one of the best ones I have seen so far, it boasts 2,000 sq.m dedicated to well-being and the management of your health capital, under the supervision of a team of physicians, nutritionists and osteopaths.

La Reserve Spa

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I was absolutely impressed by this high performance anti-aging treatment program that combines technical prowess and ultimate comfort for long-lasting effectiveness and tailor-made support. The first diagnostic step, based on an in-depth analysis with the help of  dedicated machine, shows you the different aspects to be considered concerning skin aging, from dark spots to wrinkles, from its moisture level to its firmness. You see the now status and how it would develop if you didn’t consider working on its appearance. This enables your therapist to create a customized preventive and corrective treatment.

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The big difference to other treatments is that Nescens delivers cellular regeneration, step by step, from the stratum corneum to the deep structure of the cells. An improvement is visible in just 10 sessions: the skin looks revitalized and rejuvenated; wrinkles appear visibly smoothed and diminished; the complexion is resolutely evened out and clarified. It was very impressive to see what is already possible in one hour, not to be speak of the long-term if you continue working with their products.

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The Nescens range offers a resolutely innovative anti-aging approach based on the understanding of molecular mechanisms involved in the maintenance and repair of skin structures. If you are interested, check out their product range by clicking here.

I am absolutely convinced and can highly recommend the Swiss brand.

LoL, Sandra

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Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht, Product shot: © Nescens