CAPTURE TOTALE – a complete skincare ritual to lastingly triumph over time

Let me get you started on the Dior Capture Totale line with some astonishing facts:
1986 Launch of the first Capture serum
2011 25th anniversary 1 nobel price for the discovered technology
13 international patents for Capture Totale & One Essential
260 scientists have worked on the products

Dior Capture

I have tried all of the revised and new products for almost a month now to give you an honest and detailed report of the results.
Moreover I will explain a little how the ingredients work. Once you understand the strategy, it all makes perfect sense. The official launch date will be January 14, 2011.

25 years of breakthroughs by Dior Science now make it possible for CAPTURE TOTALE to target the very „heart“ of the skin: the stem cells, the source of youth. At the origin of all other cells of the epidermis, they have the power to regenerate the skin’s beauty, day after day.
However, over time, the structures that protect this source of life break down. Cells with high regenerating power are „deactivated“. By targeting the stem cells directly, it allows the skin to recover perfectly.

Question is now: Is your anti-aging 100% effective?

Dior discovered that skin toxins significantly impair cell regeneration and the effectiveness of your skin treatment. Building up by billions every day in the skin, toxins exhaust and suffocate cells. The consequences are that aging celerates, firmess disappears and that anti-aging ingredients cannot deliver their full power to the heart of the cells.

ONE-ESS_50ml Kopie

ONE ESSENTIAL – the first universal anti-aging booster by CAPTURE TOTALE

More than a simple serum, ONE ESSENTIAL goes beyond skin repair. By eliminating skin toxins, it achieves to trigger exceptional cellular regeneration to heighten the youthfulness of the skin. All visible signs of aging (wrinkled, loss of firmness, uneven skin tone) are intensely corrected.

Applied before all other skincare products, it boosts its performance by amplifying the targeted effectiveness of major anti-aging active ingredients for exceptional youthful appearance.

At the heart of ONE ESSENTIAL is Dior’s most powerful anti-aging blend composed of Longoza-Cellular Complex and Dextoxinyle. Longoza is a plant from Madagascar of which blossoms, stems and seeds are used.

I have to say from the first application, my skin was instantly brightened. And even if you prefer other anti-aging products to follow, I recommend using ONE ESSENTIAL as a base because no serum or cream can be 100% effective without skin detoxification. Even that I am not a scientist, this makes perfect sense to me. It is really an amazing product.

Price: 30ml, CHF 128 / 50ml, CHF 179


MULTI-PERFECTION CONCENTRATED SERUM – ultra-concentrated with anti-aging active ingredients, it restores the fine qualtiy and velevty feel of youthful skin and deeply repairs even the most deep-set visible signs of aging.

Price: 30ml, CHF 216 / 50ml, CHF 280



MULTI-PERFECTION CREME (normal to combination skin)
NURTURING RICH CREME (normal to dry skin)

Two textures specially adapted for each skin type in order to fulfill all needs and lastingly correct all visible signs of aging with each application. Intensly nourished, moisturized and strengthened, the skin reveals new youthfulness.

Price: 50ml, CHF 216


The radiance of the complexion comes not only from the skin surface, but also from the very „heart“ of the skin.

Young skin has a structure and surface which give it optical properties of translucency. Light infuses all layers to inundate the complexion with vivid radiance that seems to come from within. However, as time passes, skin becomes less smooth, firm and even. Dior’s Light-Booster Pigments help to get that youthful appearance back. After just 5 minutes, the complexion gains more radiance. No kidding, it is true!

Price: 30ml, CHF 119.50



My opinion is that all products together really work well and give you an energy boost that you might need while it is cold outside and after all the partying during the last weeks.
Even if you are attached to the products you are using, it is truly worth changing sometimes your cosmetic line as it challenges your skin again in a good way.

LoL, Sandra