Taken all-together, the Louis Vuitton Cologne Perfumes form an odyssey of scent inspired by the dramatic landscape, light, and extravagant beauty of America’s Pacific Coast. They reveal impressions of Los Angeles, a phantasmagorical city whose complexities, moods and atmospheres provide constant inspiration for Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, the great composer of fragrance who, with this collection, has built a truly Californian adventure. Characterized by an ethereal, fruity mist and floral depth — each Louis Vuitton Cologne Perfume tells a story about light: from the gentle glow of daytime sun to the sparkling lights of a city at dusk. The newest addition to this collection, Pacific Chill, captures a sense of well-being, vitality and the pleasures that come from the light of a new day warming the skin.

A fragrance with a cool, purifying vibe, inspired by California’s renowned health and wellness culture, Pacific Chill was crafted to rally the senses, uplift the spirit, and to introduce a detox-like effect. It channels the regenerative vigor of the infinite ocean, an energizing force central to both body and spirit in search of a sense of balance and well-being.

«One morning in Los Angeles, while I was chatting with Alex Israel, we both ordered one of those detoxifying smoothies that Californians love. I was inspired by the vitamin-packed juice and said to Alex, ‘I’m going to create a detox Cologne!’ I tried to transcribe, through emotion, the well-being effects of that fruity blend. Blackcurrant has a truly interesting temperament. It’s vibrant, fruity, almost like a raspberry but lighter, and it’s also a concentrate of leaves held aloft by notes of cedrat and lemon. Blackcurrant’s character is fickle, which I amplified with a blend of coriander and ambrette seeds, basil, peppermint and orange essence. Hence the lightning start, like the sensation of foliage brushing against the skin. From the carrot seed I extracted an essence developed in Grasse. That essence of carrot tempers the impact of the blackcurrant’s green tones, which are as frontal as a painting by Gauguin. The carrot has an iridescence, with creamy, velvety accents of apricot, date and fig. It brings a lot of depth; it lends structure. A hint of May Rose offers floral sweetness and seals the alliance.» – Jacques Cavallier Belletrud

California’s West Coast is an unfettered, passionate, wildly creative territory. Its textural, atmospheric fragrances lend themselves perfectly to the Parfums de Cologne form: to combining the spontaneity of Cologne with the sophistication of perfume. As if capturing a moment when the first hours of sunshine chase the exuberance of night into the purity of the morning, Pacific Chill reaches for the horizon. Like a deep breath before a tranquil ocean, it stimulates all five senses and attunes them to the reawakening of life as the city slowly stirs under a crystalline sky.

blackcurrant + carrot seed + aromatic herbs
The newest addition to this collection, Pacific Chill, captures a sense of well-being, vitality and the pleasures that come from the light of a new day warming the skin.

Pacific Chill Parfum de Cologne is accompanied by a Fragrance Trunk and a Travel Case that reprise Israel’s painting on Monogram canvas, – a testament to the Maison’s savoir-faire. Available as of 18th May 2023.

Parfum/Cologne 100ml, CHF 305.-
In-store refill 100ml, CHF 190.-
Parfum/Cologne 200ml, CHF 465.-
In-store refill 200ml, CHF 435.-

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Louis Vuitton
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