This spring has been crazy so far. Snow, rain, sun, we have experienced everything to the extreme so far. Right now, Switzerland is pretty cold, and I feel blessed to be escaping to Barcelona today.

This look has become my all-time favorite travel look. It’s so comfortable and easy to wear, while still looking chic.

My look: Tweed-style cashmere cardigan (Look 10 Pre-collection Summer 2021), green cotton top, and black wide drawstring pants, (Look 33 Pre-collection Summer 2021), green flap pocket bag with colorful strap (Look 5 Pre-collection Summer 2021), round sunglasses (Look 8 Pre-collection Summer 20121) and pearl necklace, all by CHANEL, and New Ace leather-trimmed printed coated-canvas sneakers by Gucciicon.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © David Biedert Photography
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