MOURJJAN is a fashion label launched in 2014 by Michael Muntinga and Roland Rahal. Based in Klosters in the Swiss Alps, they turn their joint passion for nature and fashion into striking luxurious silk pieces that evoke the secret gifts of the wilderness. Both seek inspiration from the mysteries of the Orient and love to travel to Roland’s birthplace, LEBANON, where East meets West.

Enjoy their guide for this fascinating country and its capital BEIRUT, dubbed the “Paris of the Middle East“.


Your favourite city?
BEIRUT because it is a city that never sleeps, a city of contrasts, thousands years of history, yet it is very avant-garde and contemporary.


Your favourite hotel?
in Beirut , beautifully centered in the Middle of Beirut, tastefully decorated with rooms that make you feel home away from home.
Martyrs’ Square, Beirut Central District, Lebanon, Phone: +961 1 971 111


Your favourite restaurant?
MAYRIG in Beirut. Delicious vibrant Armenian dishes that adapt the popular classics of Armenian cuisine, while generously borrowing from Lebanese and other Mediterranean influences, in order to feast guests on a dazzling array of flavors.
Pasteur Street, Beirut, Lebanon, Phone: +961 1 572 121

1210x840_music hall 1

Your favourite bar or nightclub?
HAMRA STREET in Beirut is full of funky bars like WALKMAN. But nothing beats MUSIC HALL – a nightclub with a lovely combination of Lebanese and Western music and shows. The place to go for locals and tourists.
Walkman – The Alleyway, Street 78, Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon, Phone: +961 76 885 887
Music Hall – Omar Daouk, Lebanon, Phone:+961 1 361 236


Your favourite sightseeing spot?
BYBLOS or (JBEIL in Lebanese). A Historical Phoenician city with a beautiful old harbour. It used to be the St-Tropez of the Middle East in the ’60s/’70s. It has kept its charm throughout the years.


Your favourite park?
CEDARS PARK in the north of Lebanon. A place of silence, relaxation. It is also called the «Forest of the Cedars of God» and was added in 1998 to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Lebanon is known for its iconic cedar trees, as they are the emblem of the country and the symbol of the Lebanese flag.
Qadisha Valley, Becharre District, Governorate of North Lebanon


Your favourite beach?
EDDE SANDS. A beautiful sandy beach at the Mediterranean Sea with daily beach parties – so much fun.
Jbeil, Libanon


Your favourite shop?
BEIRUT SOUKS are full of the latest designer collections and unique boutiques with upcoming Lebanese designers. With over 200 shops and a department store, it is one of Beirut’s largest shopping areas and the most dense.
Majidiye, Beirut, Lebanon, Phone :+961 1 980 650

steinbock_web-600x600Capricorn scarf by Mourjjan

Your must-have accessory?
Your latest DESIGNERS’ ACCESSORIES (sunglasses, bags, shoes). Don’t be afraid to stand out – Lebanese people will love you for that!


The best soundtrack for this destination?
THE CHEHADE BROTHERS. Best music to hear while being in Beirut. Keeping clearly their Middle Eastern roots with the help of Arabic musical instruments, their music has lots of ethnic influences.


The best book to read while being on vacation there?
«THE PROPHET» A book of 26 prose poetry essays written by the Lebanese artist, philosopher and writer Kahlil Gibran. It is a masterpiece on life and beyond.

Thank you, Michael and Roland, for sharing your insider scoop on Lebanon with us.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Mourjjan